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Online MBA Leadership
It is often said a company’s greatest asset is not its patents, products, or services – but rather, its people. This is the cornerstone of all leadership goals: To empower employees to reach their personal goals as well as contribute tremendous value to their companies.

As the lines between leaders and managers are increasingly blurred, the time is ripe to learn all the elements of strong leadership. Increasingly discriminating and educated consumers worldwide mean new business opportunities and challenges in the 21st Century.

The online MBA leadership degree prepares students for the cultural and logistical challenges of leading teams globally. That means understanding stakeholder needs, negotiating international contracts, and scaling large projects that are on time, and on budget.

Love guiding large, cross-functional teams to successful project outcomes? The MBA leadership major can lead your career – and your company - to new heights.


In this interconnected world, just about every type of enterprise needs international business leaders. Where in the world do successful MBA leadership graduates end up? Everywhere in the world. Many work in banks and financial institutions, hotels and hospitality, marketing firms, telecommunications companies, and more.

Common job titles include:
  • Executive Directors develop and implement strategic plans so their companies run smoothly and on budget. Usually reporting to the chairman of the board, they make departmental decisions, supervise department heads, overhaul systems, and analyze data. Median salary in 2015 was $81,320, and the number of positions is paced to grow 14% through 2014.
  • General Managers find and buy needed items for wholesalers, retailers, or organizations. From interviewing vendors, to visiting manufacturing plants (sometimes overseas), to negotiating supplier contracts, many work in the international business scope. Median salary in 2015 was $108,120.


MBA Leadership candidates usually have a penchant for motivating teammates, problem-solving, understanding other cultures, and aren't intimidated by the idea of scaling large projects.


Admission Requirements

Most schools offering online MBA leadership degrees require an undergraduate degree from an accredited college. Many require GMAT test scores in addition to an essay and transcript. GPA minimums vary, and some schools even use an index formula such as [(GPA x 200) + GMAT], or 1,050 for the last 60 hours of undergraduate work.

Have you worked in a leadership capacity before? Many schools also factor in years of hands-on professional experience such as time in the military, a commitment to volunteering, or previous examples of leading large teams or large projects.


Online MBA leadership coursework is designed to build cultural empathy and teamwork skills along with analytical thinking. Expect to see coursework that includes topics like:

  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Strategies in organizational leadership
  • Non-profit management
  • Fund Development for non-profits
  • Building capacity for non-profits
  • Financial management
  • Project management
  • Organizational leadership
  • Cross cultural business communication

Many online MBA leadership programs also require a capstone project, in which students take the lead in a real-world project or business plan. 


To get the most out of an online MBA leadership degree, ensure the accreditation of the school you choose aligns with your career aspirations. Very competative companies or markets may favor those that graduated from an AACSB accredited business school.


GetEducated’s rankings have revealed the average cost of an online MBA is $25,869. Many factors affect the total cost of an online degree. Pay special attention to:

  • Cost per credit hour (in-state vs. out of state)
  • Estimated degree cost
  • Credit hours to complete

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List of Accredited Online Degrees

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