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Accredited Online General Degrees

Online General Studies High School Diploma Sometimes, traditional education just does not work for children and teenagers. Whether parents have a traveling lifestyle driven by careers, or a kid is struggling with a school environment that does not encourage positive learning, online high school diploma programs can often be the solution. Even adults beyond the traditional high school years can utilize these programs, reinvigorating their lives while finally earning the diploma they so desire. If you are considering an online high school diploma for your child (or maybe for yourself!), you need to understand what they are, how they work, and what types of people can truly excel in these programs.


These are simply a replacement for traditional in-person high schools. Instead of traveling to the public or private school every day, students learn online, often attending classes in real time in a virtual setting. While each program can vary, the structure usually includes online high school classes, which can often be completed at a time that fits the student’s schedule.

The learning structure may be different, but the classes themselves are similar to a typical high school. Penn Foster’s diploma program, for example, includes General Math 1 and 2, Earth Science, Basic English, and World History among many others, giving students a well-rounded education and preparing them for college courses. There are also specialized programs that focus on specific careers, such as carpentry, healthcare, or hospitality. .


In reality, anyone who wants to earn their high school diploma can utilize these programs. This means working-age adults who finally want to complete their education are certainly great candidates. But for many young students, these are the perfect option for completing their high school education in a safe, productive, and supportive environment. Parents are choosing these programs for their children for many reasons, including bullying at school, an overly competitive and stressful settings, or difficulty learning in a distracting environment. In some cases, students simply learn better online than they do in traditional classes. A teenager may have trouble focusing on classes when peer pressures and other distractions get in the way, but online high school diploma programs can give them a focused, quiet learning environment.

There are also situations when a parent’s lifestyle or career forces constant travel and relocation. Moving from high school to high school can be disruptive to a child’s education, so parents may choose online learning to provide consistency that moves with the family. And of course, there are also adult learners, people who are ready to finally move into a world-class career and enjoy the benefits of holding a high school diploma, which can bring both financial increases and career stability.


If you are ready to choose an online high school diploma program for your child or yourself, look for these characteristics…

Accreditation: One of the pillars of a quality school is accreditation, which essentially verify’s the school through an independent organization. Online high school programs are accredited by organizations like the Distance Education Accrediting Committee and regional associations like the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Staff Experience & Training: If you are going to trust your child’s education to an online school, make sure you have thoroughly researched the staff, checking for experience and training, as well as licensing and certifications where appropriate.

College Attendance Rates: You likely want your child to transition into college, so choose a school that sends a high percentage of students to post-secondary education. While you’re thinking about college, ask the school staff about college counseling, SAT prep, and admissions assistance.

Curriculum: The specific curriculum can have a profound impact on the quality of learning, as well as someone’s preparation for college classes. Research the school’s curriculum and consider both the basic curriculum and the elective courses. While there are many details to consider (such as pricing), if you research these four aspects, you will likely choose a program that will fit the needs of your young student or your own personal goals.


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Penn Foster

High School Diploma

Penn Foster Career School is offering a High School Diploma for individuals wanting an alternative option to a traditional high school. This program is available…