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How to Become a CNA

Certified nursing assistants, or “CNAs,” form the bedrock of medical care. While they don’t make medical decisions or diagnose conditions, they are essential to the overall care and wellbeing of patients...Continue reading

Highest Paying Healthcare Careers By Degree Level

Healthcare is one of the most noble yet challenging careers you can pursue. With medical field jobs ranging from entry-level positions to healthcare careers requiring over a decade of training, healthcare has something for anyone who is motivated, passionate, and resilient...Continue reading

How To Choose A Major When You're Going To School Online

Pursuing a college degree is no easy feat for any student?a college degree symbolizes a fork in the road. It is an opportunity that, regardless of a student?s background, may sometimes be intimidating. Most students want to ensure that they get a promising start to their college careers by picking the correct major from the very beginning, a task that is sometimes easier said than done...Continue reading

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