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Accredited Online Specialized Degrees

Online high school diploma with career trainingFor many hardworking Americans across the country, the lack of a high school diploma has become a significant anchor on their earning potential, job security, and overall quality of life. While you may be bright, intelligent, experienced, and perfectly capable of handling numerous jobs, the lack of a high school diploma can cause you to be overlooked in the job market. But it’s never too late to reinvigorate your life by finally earning your diploma. In fact, there is not better time, as online high school diploma programs, including those with a career specialization, can be completed on your own time to fit your own schedule. If you are a working adult or a busy parent (or both!), these programs are perfect for you. Even if you are a parent of a high school student or a high school student yourself, these programs are beneficial, as they can be the perfect replacement for a traditional high school while giving students the required skills to move into a specific career.


When you think of a high school education, you usually don’t think of specialization; you don’t imagine training in a specific career or industry, but instead consider learning broad topics from math and literature, history and science. Focused training in say, a healthcare job or construction, is not part of the typical high school curriculum. Sure, there are industrial arts and some vocational courses, but focused studies towards a specific career are usually not part of the plan. But that’s exactly what happens with a specialized high school diploma. With a specialized degree, you can not only earn your high school diploma, you can complete training in a career field that fits your personal abilities, characteristics, and goals. Numerous industries and positions are represented, including:

  • Carpentry
  • Child care
  • Commercial driving
  • Education
  • Food services
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Retail

For example, you may enroll in a high school diploma program with a certificate in food and hospitality. In this online education, you’ll likely complete courses related to general education, courses that would be taken by any high school student. This can include, for example, courses such as algebra, biology, and American history. But there will also be course that specifically prepare you for working in food services, restaurants, and hospitality. In this example, courses might include food safety regulations, communication skills, customer service, and management strategies.


The ideal candidate for these programs is generally someone who, for whatever reason, was unable to finish their high school diploma when they were younger. You may have faced a variety of setbacks, from social issues to mental challenges to family obligations, any of which kept you from completing high school. But now you are motivated, focused, and are ready to make a change for the benefit of yourself and your family. Many people enter these program when they need a high school diploma to advance in an industry. Perhaps you have worked menial construction jobs and are ready to advance into a leadership role. Gaining your high school diploma and a construction-specific education at the same time would be perfect. Of course, the programs are also ideal for high-school-aged student who need a new educational setting, and desire to learn in a flexible, consistent, and stable fashion.


When looking for an online high school diploma program to fit your needs, be sure to research many aspects, especially…

Coursework: If you are going to work in a specific industry and want to fill certain positions, you need to make sure the coursework will fit your goals. For example, you may want a specialization in retail that teaches you management and group strategies.

Accreditation: To ensure your education meets the highest standard, only choose an online school that is properly accredited. Online schools are accredited through national programs like the Distance Education Accrediting Committee and AdvanceED, as well as regional accrediting groups. There should also be accrediting that is specific to the program.

Learning Format: Busy adults, as well as on-the-go high school students, must understand the details of the program and how the education is delivered. Do you need to be in the virtual classroom at a specific time, or can you attend at your convenience? This is especially important if you are a working adult or parent, but it also applies to traditional students.


Learning has never been more accessible and convenient. With our resources and information, you can find the right online program to fit your specific needs. Click on a program below to access tuition and admission information.

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