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Top 33 Online Business Schools with ACBSP Accreditation

Top ACBSP Online Business Schools by Cost Online business school is a great way to upgrade your skills, get a new degree, and open up your job possibilities. But how do you choose an online business Master’s, Associate’s, or Bachelor’s program that is accredited, respected, and will give you a great education? The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) carefully vets each program that it grants accreditation, so you can trust that a school with the ACBSP seal will provide a good—and often great—education.

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Accreditation 101

There are different types of accreditation: regional, national, or programmatic. Many countries offer national accreditation. In the US, regional accreditation by one of six area-specific boards is a higher bar to clear, while nationally accredited US institutions also offer good programs. US schools with regional accreditation are more likely to have their credits recognized by other institutions. Nationally accredited programs in the US often offer more specific career education, but credits may not always transfer when pursuing further education. In other countries, there may be only national accreditation, and students should investigate whether the program they wish to attend will be recognized in the country they plan to work or further their education.

Business School Accreditation: ACBSP vs AACSB

Programmatic accreditation is specific to a subject area: the ACBSP is one of two programmatic accreditation bodies for business schools internationally. For schools in the US, ACBSP only accredits schools which have regional accreditation as their overall accreditation. The ACBSP then looks at the specific business and accounting programs to make sure they meet high standards. They also accredit programs worldwide, as long as the schools also have appropriate accreditation in their country or area. The other programmatic body accrediting business education internationally is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). They only accredit bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and they place more emphasis on scholarly research.

Both accrediting bodies require extensive evaluation, peer reviews, and strong educational components. The ACBSP’s accreditation is more focused on excellent teaching and learning outcomes. Both accreditations are well respected and thorough, but if your focus is more academic and less applied, then AACSB schools may serve you better. However, if you are looking for high-quality, relevant, and effective learning, the well-respected ACBSP schools may be more for you. If you want to start your online education at the Associate’s degree level, then you will need to look at ACBSP accredited school to begin your journey.

Both programmatic accreditation types for MBA and business degree-granting departments require extensive peer review. This review will assure you that the program you enroll in will have strong faculty, appropriate curriculum, high student satisfaction, and sound administrative policies and procedures. When you choose a school with ACBSP or AACSB accreditation, you are assured of a recognized, respected, and valuable degree. The peer review panels have vetted the program and have decided that this program meets standards for the industry and specialty that you will study. 

Choosing an Online Business School

The advantages of online business education are many: it is often less expensive, you can pursue a degree while continuing to work, and the schedule and pacing are often flexible. You save time by not commuting to get to class, and you might be able to get your employer to cover some of the costs of upgrading your credentials. The degrees granted by accredited institutions usually do not state that you obtained your degree online, and the regular campus faculty of the business school is often part of your teaching team.

Online business school requires a lot of focus, determination, and a willingness to work hard. These programs are not easier than going to an on-campus program—they are just more flexible. You can pursue your degree from almost anywhere—getting a high-quality education from a distant but prestigious school. One important part of business school is the networking opportunities, and many of the online programs focus on expanding your contacts within your peer group and with alumni. In the digital age, those LinkedIn connections can be every bit as powerful for your career as having sat across the classroom from someone you never talked to. 

Online business degree schools vary quite a bit in the pricing, the timing, and the intensity of the programs. Some have a specific order of courses, while others let you go in the order and pacing that you choose. You can finish in as little as 12 months with some, while others will take about three years to complete. If you have a particular specialty you are looking for, that may narrow your search to school that offers your focus, like Supply Chain Management or Cybersecurity. If you are looking for a general business or accounting degree, or a common specialty like Human Resource Management or Marketing, you have many choices. Investigate the program or programs that you are considering carefully, taking into account your learning preferences, your work and family commitments, and the pros and cons of each program. If you want to advance your career, earn more money, and get an MBA or other business degree, there is an ACBSP accredited online program out there for you!

Top 33 Online Business Schools with ACBSP Accreditation

We compiled this list by first gathering our favorite ACBSP accredited online business schools. Next, we ranked the list of schools by affordability. Want more information? Simply click on the green button to see more details. Tuition cost is for the 2017-2018 school year. Make sure to confirm tuition information with your chosen school before enrolling. 

Best Online Business Schools with ACBSP Accreditation

1. Gateway Technical College

All Accreditations: ACBSP, HLC
Applicable Degree(s): AAS Business Management, AAS Accounting, AAS Administrative Professional, AAS Graphic Communications, AAS IT/Network Specialist, AAS IT/Software Developer, AAS Marketing, AAS Professional Communications, AAS Supervisory Management
Tuition: $132 – $198 per credit hour

Gateway Technical College offers the Associate of Applied Science in Business Management, Accounting, Graphic Communications, Administrative Professional, IT-Network Specialist, IT-Web Developer, IT-Software Development, Supervisory Management, Professional Communications, and Marketing. The Supervisory Management program includes four national certificates, and an additional four certificates are optional during the program. Students eliminate commuting time and can adapt the programs to their own schedules with on-demand scheduling.

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2. Chadron State College

All Accreditations: ACBSP, CSWE, HLC, NAEYC, NASM, NCATE
Applicable Degree(s): BA General Business, MBA
Tuition: $172 – $430 per credit hour

Flexible schedules and the option to complete your degree 100% online make Chadron State College an attractive option. Some courses are offered in an 8-week accelerated format. Students can transfer up to 50% of their credits towards the BA in General Business. The online MBA requires a bachelor’s degree and a 2.75 GPA for admission, though applicants with lower GPAs may be provisionally admitted. Tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students, and is quite affordable.

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3. Eastern New Mexico University

Applicable Degree(s): BBA Accounting, BBA Applied Economics & Finance, BBA Management, BBA Marketing, MBA
Tuition: $177 – $299 per credit hour

The fully online BBA degree at Eastern New Mexico University is offered in Accounting, Applied Economics and Finance, Management, or Marketing. With incredibly low in-state tuitions rates, and very reasonable out-of-state rates, these programs can be very affordable. There are services for distance education students including writing and tutoring services. The MBA program can be taken 100% online in an asynchronous format for most classes, with some video conferencing required for some courses. The MBA has prerequisite requirements in common business subjects and admission requires a 3.0 GPA and a minimum of 450 on the GMAT exam. Students can transfer up to nine graduate credits toward the degree, and graduate tuition is the same for in- and out-of-state tuition, and at very low rates.

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4. Missouri Southern State University

Applicable Degree(s): BSBA Accounting, BSBA General Business, BSBA HR Management, BSBA International Business, BSBA Management, BSBA Accounting & Marketing
Tuition: $183 – $375 per credit hour

For a range of Bachelor of Science degrees, Missouri Southern State University offers accredited online options in Accounting, General Business, Marketing, International Business, Management, and HR Management. MSSU offers affordable in-state tuition to all states touching Missouri’s borders, and out-of-state tuition for online students is also quite reasonable.

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5. Florida State College at Jacksonville

Applicable Degree(s): AS Business Administration, AS Accounting Technology
Tuition: $245 – $389 per credit hour

Monroe College offers the AAS and BSBA degrees in Accounting or in Business Administration. Monroe is a for-profit institution, so statistics for on-time completion and other factors are available online. Many students continue on to an MBA program after these programs, or continue on into business careers. The online programs have very affordable tuition as compared to on-campus learning, and support for online learning is emphasized.

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6. Monroe College

All Accreditations: ACBSP, MSCHE
Applicable Degree(s): AAS Accounting, AAS Business Administration, BBA Business Management, BBA Accounting, MBA
Tuition: $258 – $389 per credit hour

Monroe College offers the AAS and BSBA degrees in Accounting or in Business Administration. Monroe is a for-profit institution, so statistics for on-time completion and other factors are available online. Many students continue on to an MBA program after these programs, or continue on into business careers. The online programs have very affordable tuition as compared to on-campus learning, and support for online learning is emphasized.

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7. University of Northwestern Ohio

Applicable Degree(s): BSBA, BSBA Marketing, BSBA Automotive Management, BSBA Agribusiness Management, MBA
Tuition: $275 – $400 per credit hour

The University of Northwestern Ohio offers the BSBA in general business or marketing, and in two hard-to-find specialties: Agribusiness Management and Automotive Management. The MBA program is 100% online, has flexible scheduling, and can be completed in as little as 18 months. There are four start dates per year for the MBA, and a 3.0 undergraduate GPA will grant applicants admission, while a GPA between 2.5 and 2.99 will give conditional admittance to the program.

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8. The University of West Alabama

All Accreditations: ACBSP, CAEP, NCATE, SACSCOC
Applicable Degree(s): BBA, BBA Accounting, BBA Management, BBA Marketing, MBA
Tuition: $325 – $429 per credit hour

The University of West Alabama offers the BBA fully online, with eight-week classes, multiple start dates, and reasonable tuition. Specialties include Marketing, Accounting, and Management, and the program usually takes 3-4 years to complete. The MBA is also 100% online, usually take one year to complete and offers General Business or Finance concentrations. They offer flexible schedules, a generous transfer policy, and support throughout the programs.

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9. Colorado Technical University

All Accreditations: ABET, ACBSP, CCNE, GAC, HLC
Applicable Degree(s): AS Accounting, AS Business Administration, BS Accounting, BSBA General, BSBA Finance, BSBA Healthcare Management, BSBA HR Management, BSBA Information Technology, BSBA International Business, BSBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management, BSBA Management, BSBA Marketing, BSBA Project Management, BSBA Organizational Behavior, BSBA Business Development, BS Project Management, MBA General, MBA Accounting, MBA Finance, MBA Healthcare Management, MBA HR Management, MBA Logistics Management, MBA Operations & Supply Chain Management, MBA Marketing, MBA Project Management, MBA Technology Management, MBA EntrepreneurshipMBA Global LeadershipMS Accounting
Tuition: $325 – $585 per credit hour

Colorado Technical University’s programs range from associate’s degrees in accounting and business administration, to many options for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Liberal transfer credit policies and the option to take Fast track tests to earn credit for things you already know are appealing features. At least 25% of credits for a degree must be taken at CTU, and with 13 available accredited master’s degrees and 14 for a bachelor’s degree, there are many options for whatever level of education you are seeking. Depending on your previous education and your actual knowledge, these programs may allow you to limit both the time and money you spend earning your degree. With the flexibility to progress slowly or at an accelerated pace, and many start dates per year, CTU makes it easy to launch your next business move.

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10. American InterContinental University

All Accreditations: ACBSP, HLC, TEAC
Applicable Degree(s): AA Business Administration, Bachelor of Accounting, Bachelor of Business Administration, MBA
Tuition: $325 – $611 per credit hour

American InterContinental University can take you from AA to MBA in its ACBSP accredited programs, so if you are starting from scratch, you can start here. The Associate of Arts in Business Administration is 90 credits, and gives a good foundation in liberal arts and business, appropriate to enter many fields in business. The Bachelor of Accounting will teach you all the basic skills needed to work in accounting, including preparing financial statements, tax principles, and designing and managing accounting for a small to mid-sized business. The Bachelor of Business Management allows you to take a generalist track, or specialize in Hospitality, Human Resources, Healthcare, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Technology Management, Management, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, or Operations Management. The MBA areas of specialization are Marketing, Project Management, Technology Management, Operations Management, Accounting, Finance, Management, HR, or Healthcare. Advantages of all of these programs are generous transfer credits of up to 75% of the degree requirements for previous study, work experience, or military experience. All the programs are available 100% online, part time or full time, and can be arranged around your other life commitments.

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11. Walden University

Applicable Degree(s): BSBA, BS Accounting, MS Accounting, MBA, DBA, Doctor of Philosophy in Management 
Tuition: $325 – $980 per credit hour

The BS in Accounting and the BSBA at Walden allow you to transfer up to 135 credits. The MS in Accounting has embedded certificates, and allows up to 15 transfer credits. The online MBA allows up to 18 transfer credits and offers the choice of a competency-based or course-based format, allowing you to set your own pace, benefit from your prior learning, and giving lots of flexibility. For advanced studies, Walden offers a Doctor of Business Administration or a PhD in Management, and both help you speed up your degree by granting credit for previous coursework or credentials. Walden University is a Public Benefit Corporation, which is an interesting business structure in itself.

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12. Dakota State University

All Accreditations: ACBSP, CAHIIM, CoARC, HLC, NCATE
Applicable Degree(s): AS Business Management, BBA, BBA Accounting, BBA Management, BBA Finance, BBA Marketing, BS Professional Accountancy, Bachelor of Business Studies, Master of Arts in Management, MBA
Tuition: $335 – $444 per credit hour

At Dakota State, you can earn your Associate of Science in Business Administration to start a career or your Bachelor of Science in Professional Accountancy to work toward taking your CPA exam. You can also get your Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Management, Marketing, or Finance. DSU has been operating as a school since 1881, and the same faculty teach online courses as the on-campus programs. Class sizes are small and there are fall and spring semesters of 16 weeks each, plus 2 or more shorter terms in the summer. 

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13. Colorado State University – Global Campus

All Accreditations: ACBSP, GAC, HLC
Applicable Degree(s): BS Accounting, BS Business Management, MS Management, MS International Management
Tuition: $350 – $500 per credit hour

With a BS in Business Management from Colorado State, you have 21 options for specialization, from Criminal Justice to Strategic Communications and more. The BS in Accounting gives you 20 options. Both programs are fully online, and benefit from the liberal transfer credit policy, low tuition cost, and online experience of this university. A non-profit university, Colorado State is not a diploma mill, but constantly reevaluates their programs for quality. The MS in Management allows for over 10 specializations, but gives a broad grounding in business management principles. The Master’s in International Management allows students to choose an area of concentration while learning how to manage a global workforce. All the programs are flexible to accommodate working professionals, with courses offered all year long.

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14. Saint Leo University

All Accreditations: ACBSP, CEA, IACBE, SACSCOC
Applicable Degree(s): AA Business AdministrationBA Accounting, BA Business Administration / Logistics, BA Business Administration / ManagementBA Business Administration / MarketingBA Business Administration / Project ManagementBS Computer Information Systems, BS Computer Science / Information Assurance, BS Cybersecurity, BS Health Care Management, BA HR Management, MBA, MBA Accounting, MBA Data Analytics, MBA Health Care Management, MBA HR Management, MBA Information Security Management, MBA Marketing, MBA Marketing Research & Social Media Analytics, MBA Project Management, MBA Sports Business, MBA Supply Chain Management, MS Cybersecurity, Master of Accounting
Tuition: $360 – $745 per credit hour

Saint Leo University creates a community to feed the mind, body, and spirit of adult learners of all faiths. To start, there is an AA in Business Administration. They offer a BA in Accounting or HR Management, or a BA in Business Administration with Logistics, Project Management, Marketing, or Management tracks. The Bachelor of Science degree is awarded in Health Care Management, Cybersecurity, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science-Information Assurance. The MBA has many specialty areas, including Sport Management, Supply Chain Global Integration, Social Media Marketing, and Data Analytics. Saint Leo University also has an MS in Cybersecurity and a Master of Accounting available. Applications are processed on a rolling basis, and there are six start dates per year. Credit is awarded for coursework, training, experience, and testing, and different programs may require different tests as prerequisites.

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15. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide

All Accreditations: AABI, ABET, ACBSP, GAC, SACSCOC
Applicable Degree(s): BS Aviation Business Administration, BS Technical Management, MBA Aviation, MS Management
Tuition: $375 – $640 per credit hour

The BS in Aviation Business Management is offered 100% online or at one of their many worldwide locations. Transfer credits can be awarded for previous coursework, experience, or through CLEP testing. There is also a BS in Technical Management that offers concentrations in aviation, project, HR, information systems, information security, occupational safety, and engineering science. The MBA in Aviation Management (33 credits) and the MS in Management (30 credits) both offer different concentrations and flexible schedules for working professionals. Embry Riddle has a special relationship with the military, and it offers special programs to help active or former military members complete their degrees. Most students use some form of financial aid to complete their studies.

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16. Norwich University

All Accreditations: ACBSP, CCNE, NEASC
Applicable Degree(s): BS Management Studies, MBA
Tuition: $375 – $792 per credit hour

Before applying to the Bachelor of Science in Management Studies, students should have at least 30 credits of college coursework or the military training equivalent. The concentration areas are HR or leadership and all courses are online. In addition, students can transfer up to another 60 credits toward their degree. The MBA program at Norwich University allows students to take a generalist track or specialize in project, construction, or energy management; finance, organizational leadership, or supply chain management and logistics. The MBA has four start dates per year, simply requires a bachelor’s degree, and allows up to 12 transfer credits.

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17. City University of Seattle

All Accreditations: ACBSP, NWCCU
Applicable Degree(s): BSBA, BA Management, MBA, MS Project Management
Tuition: $378 – $688 per credit hour

For a BA in Management (complete in as little as one year) or a BS in Business Administration (complete in as little as three years), City University of Seattle offers completely online, or mixed-mode degrees, with some classes taken on site and some online. The online or mixed-mode MBA has small class sizes, and it is a well-established MBA program with many graduates. On-site class options include weekday courses or weekend intensives. The MS in Project Management can help you work towards your PMP® certification, and also offers mixed mode or fully online formats.

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18. Regent University

Applicable Degree(s): MBA Accounting, MBA Economics, MBA Entrepreneurship, MBA Finance & Investing, MBA General Management, MBA Healthcare Management, MBA HR Management, MBA Innovation Management, MBA Kingdom Business, MBA Leadership, MBA Marketing, MBA Non-Profit Management, MBA Servant Management, MBA Small Business Data Analytics, MBA Small Business IT
Tuition: $395 – $650 per credit hour

The extensive options for MBA program areas of concentration at Regent University make this Christian school an attractive choice for an online MBA. In addition to Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Healthcare, HR, Finance & Investing, Entrepreneurship, and Not-for-Profit Management, this program has unique programs for Kingdom Business, Servant Management, and Small Business Analytics or IT. Admission requires an undergraduate degree and a resume. International students are welcome.

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19. Mount Vernon Nazarene University

All Accreditations: ACBSP, CCNE, CSWE, HLC, NASM, NCATE
Applicable Degree(s): BBA Finance, BBA HR Management, BBA Marketing, MBA Finance, MBA HR Management, MBA Ministry Leadership, MBA Organizational Management, MBA Human & Social Services Leadership, MBA Healthcare Administration, MS Management
Tuition: $398 – $498 per credit hour

A Christian liberal arts university, Mount Vernon Nazarene University offers online business education designed for ambitious adults with personal and professional commitments to work around. The BBA can be completed in 15 months and has four possible concentrations: Finance, Management, HR Management, and Marketing. Admission requires 56 transferrable undergraduate credits with a 2.0 GPA (though students with lower GPAs may be provisionally admitted). The MBA program is designed to be completed in 20-24 months, with a fast-track option to complete the degree in 11-13 months. The MBA areas of concentration are Finance, HR Management, Ministry Leadership, Organizational Management, Healthcare Administration, and Human and Social Services Leadership. There is also an option for a Master of Science in Management, which normally takes about 20 months to complete.

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20. Park University

All Accreditations: ACBSP, ACEN, CSWE, HLC, NCATE
Applicable Degree(s): AS Accounting, AS Management, AS Logistics, BS Accounting, BS Management, BS Management / Computer Information Systems, BS Management / Health Care Management, BS Management / Logistics, BS Management / Marketing, Bachelor of Public Administration, MBA, MBA Finance, MBA HR Management, MBA International Business, MBA Mangement Information Systems, MBA Accounting, MBA Project Management, MBA Quality Management, Master of Healthcare Administration, MPA
Tuition: $399 – $549 per credit hour

With multiple offerings, Park University has an extensive business school with online offerings for many specialties at all levels. The Associate of Science degree is offered in Accounting, Management, or Logistics. If you seek a BS in Business Administration, Park has seven options for specialization. The BS in Management also has many optional areas of concentration, including Computer Information Systems, Health Care, Logistics, Marketing, and International Business. The Park University MBA program offers Finance, HR, International, Information Systems, Accounting, Project, and Quality Management specialties. In addition, there is a Master of Healthcare Administration and a Master of Public Administration available online. Students in the undergraduate programs must maintain a 2.0 GPA to graduate, while admission to the master’s level programs requires the bachelor’s degree with a 2.75 GPA, though students with lower GPAs may be provisionally admitted. The online programs have small classes, are in accelerated eight-week course blocks, and tuition is reasonable, with discounts for military families and federal employees. The MBA can be completed in one year online.

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21. Northern Arizona University

Applicable Degree(s): BBA Entrepreneurship & Small Business, BBA Global Business, BBA HR Management, BBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management, BBA Management, BBA Marketing
Tuition: $425 per credit hour

The six concentrations available for a BBA at Northern Arizona are Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Global Business, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management, or Marketing. The online degree requires a total of 120 credits, 30 of which must be taken at NAU, and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. There are some course requirements that must be fulfilled before being accepted into this challenging professional program, but there are transfer credits awarded for other training, passing exams, or for experience.

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22. Limestone College

Applicable Degree(s): AA Business Administration, BBA Accounting, BBA Computer Science Programming, BBA Computer Information Systems Security, BBA Finance, BBA General Business, BBA Management, BBA Marketing
Tuition: $441 per credit hour

The AA in Business Administration at Limestone College offers a fully online program, and has partnerships with a number of corporations to provide grants to students. The Bachelor of Science degree is available in these special areas:  Marketing, Management, General Business, Finance, Computer and Information System Security, Computer Science Programming, and Accounting. A Military-Friendly College, Limestone offers many programs to help service members complete their education. 

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23. DeSales University

All Accreditations: ACBSP, ARC-PA, CAPTE, CCNE, MSCHE
Applicable Degree(s): BABA, BS Accounting, BS Finance, BA HR Management, BA Management, BS Marketing, BS Pharmaceutical Marketing, BS Management Information Technology, MBA
Tuition: $474 – $840 per credit hour

DeSales University offers undergraduate degrees in business administration, accounting, finance, HR management, management, marketing, and pharmaceutical marketing 100% online. The BS in Management of Information Technology is offered in a hybrid format, with on-campus portions scheduled evening hours at one of three campuses. DeSales also offers a fully online, part time MBA program, with multiple start dates and lots of course options for maximum flexibility. Transfer credits for previous coursework, professional or military experience, and taking the CLEP tests are awarded for up to 75 credits. The bachelor’s degree programs have 11 start dates per year, six or eight week courses, and all online programs have high standards and can accommodate many schedules.

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24. Strayer University – Online

All Accreditations: ACBSP, MSCHE, TEAC
Applicable Degree(s): AA Accounting, AA Contract Management, AA Business Administration, AA Information Systems, AA Information Technology, AA Marketing, BS Accounting, BBA, BBA Accounting, BBA Contract Management, BBA Entrepreneurship, BBA Finance, BBA Health Services Administration, BBA Hospitality & Tourism Management, BBA HR Management, BBA Management, BBA Marketing, BBA Project Management, BBA Retail Management, BBA Social Media Marketing, MS Corporate Accounting, MS Forensic Accounting, MS Interntional Accounting, MS Public Accounting, MS Accounting & Taxation, MBA, MBA Accounting, MBA Acquisition, MBA Business Data, MBA Digital Entrepreneurship, MBA Finance, MBA Global Management, MBA Health Services Administration, MBA HR Management, MBA IT Security Management, MBA Management, MBA Marketing, MBA Professional Studies, MBA Project Management, MBA Public Administration, MBA Sales, MS Leadership, MS Marketing Management, MS Project Management, MS Health Services Administration, MS HR Management, MS Organizational Development, Executive MBA
Tuition: $483 – $980 per credit hour

A private, for-profit university, Strayer started out as Strayer’s Business College, so it has lots of experience in business education. With six different accredited AA degrees, Strayer offers a choice of concentration in Marketing, Information Systems, Information Technology, Business Administration, Acquisition and Contract Management, or Accounting. There is a BS in Accounting, and the BBA degree with many options for specialization, including Hospitality & Tourism, Social Media Marketing, and Retail Management. The MS in Accounting offers Corporate, Forensic, International, Public, and Taxation concentrations. Additional graduate degrees include the MS in Management, the MS in HR Management, and the MS in Health Services Administration. Strayer’s online MBA has 15 different specializations available and there is also an Executive MBA program. Admission to the graduate programs require a 2.5 GPA on undergraduate work. Many ways to earn credits–including transfer, work experience, testing, and military experience—help students complete their programs in a shorter time. Flexible schedules, many options, and an experienced online school make Strayer an attractive choice for many.

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25. Southeastern University

All Accreditations: AACSB, ACBSP, CSWE, MSCHE
Applicable Degree(s): MBA
Tuition: $525 per credit hour

The MBA at Southeastern University can be completed in 12-24 months entirely online. The program is taught from a Christian perspective, and offers areas of concentration in Executive Leadership, Missional Leadership, and Sport Management.

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26. Oklahoma Christian University

Applicable Degree(s): MBA, MBA Accounting, MBA Finance, MBA Health Services Management, MBA HR, MBA International Business, MBA Leadership & Organizational Development, MBA Marketing, MBA Nonprofit Organization Management, MBA Project Management
Tuition: $555 – $585 per credit hour

Oklahoma Christian University’s MBA program allows for a general focus, or targeted focus in Accounting, Finance, Health Services Management, HR, International Business, Leadership and Organizational Development, Marketing, Nonprofit Organization Management, or Project Management. The program is offered 100% online or hybrid, and can be completed in 1-2 years. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than business may need to take some preparatory classes. Admission requires a 3.0 GPA, or 2.5 for provisional admission, and a GMAT score above 450 or a GRE above 285, though the tests can be waived for applicants with above a 3.25 GPA, five years of professional experience, or 9 credits of graduate coursework from another program. For a graduate program, the tuition is reasonable for US students, and only slightly higher for international students.

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27. Post University

All Accreditations: ACBSP, NEASC
Applicable Degree(s): BS Accounting, BSBA, BS Finance, BS International Business Administration, BS Management, BS Marketing, BS Sports Management, MBA, MS Accounting
Tuition: $570 – $730 per credit hour

The BS in Accounting at Post University is designed to meet the requirements for taking the CPA in most states, and like the other programs, can be taken fully online or with a mixture of online and on-campus classes. The BS in Business Administration gives students eleven options for concentration, including Sport Management. MBA program students can choose to specialize in Finance, Corporate Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare System Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Leadership, or a custom combination of these areas. The MS in Accounting offers a general or CPA track, with special study labs for the CPA program. All the online courses are in convenient eight-week sections and Post University offers 24/7 support for online students. Applicants for the undergraduate programs should have a 2.0 GPA, and for the graduate programs, a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Additional prerequisites are required for some programs.

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28. Lasell College

Applicable Degree(s): MS Management, MS Hospitality & Event Management, MS HR Management, MS Marketing, MS Project Management
Tuition: $600 per credit hour

The Master of Science in Management programs at Lasell College can be completed in 12-24 months, with small classes, reasonable tuition, and no GRE/GMAT required for admission. The degree options include areas of concentration in Management, Hospitality & Event Management, HR Management, Marketing, and Project Management. For admission, a GPA of 3.0 is recommended for applicants who have less than three years of professional experience. Support and mentoring is available for online students.

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29. Peirce College

All Accreditations: ABA, ACBSP, CAHIIM, MSCHE
Applicable Degree(s): BS Accounting, BSBA Management, BSBA Marketing, BSBA Small Business Management, BS HR Management, BS Integrated Leadership, BS Technology Management
Tuition: $600 – $772 per credit hour

Peirce College offers the BS in Accounting, or many options to focus a BS in Business Administration, including Management, Marketing, HR, Small Business, Organizational Leadership, or Technology Management. Transfer credits are accepted, and students may test out of some required classes. The business programs are completely online, or students have the options to mix face-to-face classes with online learning if they choose. 

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30. California Baptist University

Applicable Degree(s): BABA, BS Accounting, BS Marketing, MS Accounting, MBA Accounting, MBA
Tuition: $662 – $1,171 per credit hour

By completing the online BS in Accounting, students often go on to take licensure exams (CPA or CMA), entering in-demand fields like auditing, tax accounting, or other areas. The BS in Marketing prepares students for jobs like market research analyst, advertising sales, sales or marketing manager, and many others. The BA is offered in Business Administration-Management or Business Administration-Operations & Logistics. The BS in Accounting takes an average of 36 months to complete, while all the other Bachelor’s degrees take an average of 16 months to complete. Admissions for the Bachelor’s level programs prefer a 2.0 GPA and a high school diploma or 24 transfer credits. For the MBA in Accounting, the MBA in General Management, or the MS in Accounting, average completion is 12 months, and a bachelor’s degree and a GPA of 2.5 are required for admission. Work and management experience is considered in admissions as well. The programs are designed for working students, flexible, and allow students to complete the degrees more quickly than traditional on-campus programs—this saves both time and money and lets students upgrade their employment options sooner. Transfer credits can also decrease costs and time to a degree at California Baptist.

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31. Webster University

Applicable Degree(s): MBA, MA Business & Organizational Security Management, MA HR Development, MA HR Management, MA IT Management, MA Management & Leadership, MA Acquisitions Management, MS Space System Operations Management, MS Finance, MBA, Dual MBA & MS Finance, Dual MBA & MS Leadership, MPA
Tuition: $780 per credit hour

With a wide variety of Master’s programs, Webster gives advanced students many options. The MBA program has 15 different specialties offered, including Media Communications, Business and Organizational Security Management, Environmental Management, Gerontology, HR Development, and many more. The program can be completed in one year, and a 3.0 GPA is required for admission. Master of Arts programs include Business and Organizational Security Management, HR Development, HR Management, Information Technology Management, Management and Leadership, and Procurement and Acquisitions Management. The Master of Science degree is available in Space Systems Operations Management or Finance. In addition, there are two dual degree options: MBA/MS in Finance and the MBA/MS in Science Management and Leadership. Plus, there is a Master of Public Administration degree. General graduate admissions requirements are a 2.5 undergraduate GPA and some programs have prerequisites. Online programs are 100% asynchronous and no campus visits are required, although students who wish to take some courses face-to-face can do so. Courses are 8, 9 or 16 weeks long and there are substantial tuition discounts for military students.

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32. Dallas Baptist University

All Accreditations: ACBSP, CAEP, CEA, SACSCOC
Applicable Degree(s): BBA, BBS, MA Management, MBA
Tuition: $886 – $906 per credit hour

Dallas Baptist University promises a Christ-centered experience. The BBA program offers Management, Information Systems, and Marketing concentrations. The Bachelor of Business Studies offers Business Administration, Finance, Management, Information Systems, and Marketing specializations. To graduate, students must have a GPA of 2.0 or above. The Master of Arts in Management program requires applicants to have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0, evidence of sound moral character, and scores from the MAT or GRE exams. Specialty areas include Conflict Resolution Management, General Management, Healthcare, Human Resources, Performance Management, Organizational Communication, and Professional Sales and Management Optimization. The MBA program offers 13 possible areas of concentration, including International Business, Project Management, and Leading the Nonprofit Organization, among others. The MBA requires the undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and sound moral character, and also looks for a GMAT score above 425, or five years leadership experience, or 12 credits of graduate coursework with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

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33. Our Lady of the Lake University – San Antonio

All Accreditations: ACBSP, APA, CSWE, SACSCOC
Applicable Degree(s): MBA Finance, MBA Healthcare Management, MBA Management, MS Information Systems & Security, MS Nonprofit Management
Tuition: $889 per credit hour

The online MBA program has specialties available in healthcare management or management, and no GREs or GMATs are required for admission. Application requires a 2.5 GPA on undergraduate work, plus prerequisites in accounting, economics, statistics, business law, management and finance. Most students complete this 36-credit hour program in about two years. There is also the MS in Information Systems and Security which can be completed in about one year and requires a GPA of 3.0 and a satisfactory score on the GRE or GMAT for admission. For those who are interested in management but for the nonprofit sector, the MS in Nonprofit Management has only 12 courses that can be completed in four semesters.

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The Benefits of ACBSP Accreditation

It can be overwhelming to research all your options for online MBA or online Accounting degree programs. But think of this investment as a business decision—what will be the wisest choice you can make? Make a plan for business school, and then follow through. Once you have your degree, you will have many skills to help you evaluate your future business decisions, so make the first decision a good one!

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