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Online MBA Human Resources Graduates
Since the dawn of capitalism, businesses used human capital and labor to grow. All businesses need compensation packages to recruit top talent, and that’s where human resource managers come in. HR managers take the guesswork out of details like tax breaks, retirement benefits, and compliance.

In the age of talent wars, being well-versed in constantly evolving workplace regulations can be a huge asset to many companies. A strong human resources department is a win-win—delivering the compensation that talented workers need, while helping to meet business goals.

As hiring practices, tax codes, and compensation practices change through the 21st Century, the online MBA human resources specialization prepares students for the challenges of managing both new and long-time hires.


As new companies, products, and services are born every day, human resources leaders provide structure and support.

Successful human resources MBA graduates end up in just about any company with a significant amount of workers including investment banks, gaming companies, insurance firms, software companies, and even healthcare and non-profit companies.

Their titles include:
  • Training and Development Managers ensure that employees keep their skills up-to-date for the competitive and fast-changing marketplace. The field is predicted to enjoy a 7% growth through 2024, and median annual pay hit $102,640 in 2015.
  • Human Resource Managers recrute, interview, hire, and manage retention details that keep the lifeblood of the company strong. As more companies expand, this field is growing at a 9% clip with a $104,440 median pay in 2015.


Candidates attracted to an online MBA human resources degree usually have a strong desire to be leaders who drive the decision-making process for hiring, training, and retaining workers.


Admission Requirements

GPA minimums vary from 2.0 to 3.5 for online business schools. AACSB accredited business schools usually require higher GPAs and, sometimes, GMAT test scores.

Got a limited academic background, but work in an area like compliance, compensation and benefits, or administration? Many schools also factor in hands-on professional experience when considering your admission to an online human resource MBA program.


Althought online MBA human resources program curricula varies, here are some examples of coursework topics that are usually covered:

  • Employment law
  • Industry safety standards
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Health care, retirement plans, and family leave laws
  • Training and development
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Management information systems
  • Organizational architecture and ethics

Many HR MBA programs also require a capstone project, in which students solve real-world business problems with a human resources focus.


To get the most out of an online MBA human resources degree, ensure that the school and programatic accreditation lines up with your career goals. AACSB accredited online MBA programs are the most competitive and prestigious. Also, check to see that the curriculum content meets the standards of Society for Human Resources Management.


Earning an online MBA in human resources means investing in your total lifetime earning potential. Compare the cost of the HR MBA programs you’re considering with GetEducated’s MBA rankings. The average cost of an online MBA is $25,869. Tuition variables that affect total degree cost include:

  • Cost per credit hour (in-state, out of state)
  • Credit hours to complete

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List of Accredited Online Degrees

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