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Learn to supervise a hospital with an online healthcare administration degreeBehind the scenes of every healthcare facility there is a complicated web of financial transactions, confidential exchanges of data, and human relations that are essential to making your visit to the doctor as comfortable as possible. Healthcare administrators are the professionals who work to bring you competent, competitive medical services.

Consider an online healthcare administration degree if you are more interested in the business side of medicine than direct patient care. As an administrator at a hospital, doctor's office or care center, you'll devise ways to provide efficient services for both staff and patients. Being in such an influential role pays quite nicely—the BLS reports that the median salary for managers and healthcare administrators as $96,540. Employment in this field is also projected to be favorable, with a 17% job growth rate projected through 2024—more than double the national average of all occupations.


Healthcare administrators are vital in every setting that falls under the scope of healthcare and medical services—from nursing homes to hospitals, these professionals may oversee entire facilities or specific departments. In each setting you will work behind the scenes to ensure that the healthcare facility runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. Other tasks may include ensuring compliance with all medical laws and regulations and preparing and monitoring budgets and spending between healthcare services and departments.

After earning a bachelor's or master's degree, you can seek work in a hospital, private practice, nursing home or other care center. In a large hospital, you may begin as an administrative assistant or assistant department head. In a small hospital or nursing facility, you could start out as an assistant administrator. With enough experience, you may even work your way up to being a top executive in a healthcare organization. 

If you already have a degree, you may want to consider an advanced healthcare administration program to boost your career. Many healthcare administrators develop a specialty in a single care area—such as nursing or medical records—and then obtain a master's in healthcare administration online to advance their career. Related programs include the online public health or health informatics degree.

Some of the most common types of healthcare administrators are:

  • Nursing Home Administrators 
    This very focused profession is the only one among health administrators that requires a license in every state. Nursing home administrators are responsible for the staff, admissions, finances, and residential care of nursing homes.
  • Clinical Managers
    Responsibilities of clinical managers will depend on the type of department that they choose to work in; they play a role in almost every healthcare field imaginable. In everything from surgery to physical therapy, clinical managers provide the oversight to set and carry out policies, goals, and procedures for their departments.
  • Health Information Managers
    Health information managers usually come from a background in health informatics or other healthcare administration experience. They are responsible for maintaining and securing all patient records and data. This profession is becoming increasingly necessary in the healthcare industry in order to ensure that databases are complete and accurate as Electronic Health Records become more popular. Depending on the agency, health information managers may oversee a team of health information technicians (HITs).


Healthcare administrators frequently discuss business and legal terms with a variety of other healthcare professionals, so they must have the communication skills required for those conversations. They must demonstrate the leadership and problem-solving skills required to find creative solutions to administrative issues and model professional competency for colleagues and staff. In addition to these key traits, they must also have the technical skills to stay up to date with advancements in healthcare technology and data analytics.

And, most importantly, rather than interacting directly with patients, healthcare administrators focus their energy and communication on other healthcare professionals in order to coordinate effective services. If you are interested in working to improve the delivery of healthcare services to your community, then you may be a strong candidate for a career in healthcare administration.


Careers in healthcare administration can begin from many different starting points, and can be approached from varying directions. Healthcare administrators have a unique opportunity to mold their career path to suit their goals and their lifestyle. Most careers in healthcare administration develop out of a long-term commitment to the healthcare industry and many healthcare administrators start out with relevant careers as registered nurses, HITs, or administrative assistants. Hands-on experience is the most valuable education possible for professionals seeking administrative positions. 

You'll get your fill of healthcare terminology and business principles with this degree. A bachelor's program will delve into patient care in addition to administration, but a master's will likely focus only on management. Common business-related classes include human resources, operations management, health policies, quality assurance in healthcare and information systems. Your studies should also cover legal issues that you may have to handle as a manager. Ensure any graduate program holds programmatic accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).

If you do not have a background in patient care, earning a bachelor's degree will likely give you the opportunity to learn about patient care. This may give you a fuller understanding of the medical care and services. Typical classes could include coding, billing and record-keeping. You'll also delve into anatomy, biology, pharmacology and global health issues.


An online bachelor's degree in healthcare administration can cost as little as $17,892 or over $100,000. A graduate level master's degree will be slightly more affordable. Our rankings reveal the most affordable is $11,620 while the most expensive is over $50,000.

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List of Accredited Online Degrees

Purdue University Global

Certificate in Medical Office Administration

The Medical Office Administration Certificate is designed to prepare you to be well positioned for a career as part of this professional team. Students will be exceptionally prepared to take advantage of the opportunities in this rewarding field. Th...

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Lander University

Health Care Management Certificate Program

The online Health Care Management Certificate Program provides the general management skills students need to excel in their careers.  Courses may include Principles of Health Care Management; Financial Aspects of Health Care; Legal, Ethical, ...

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University of Management and Technology

Certificate in Health Administration

UMT offers the online Certificate in Health Administration. This certificate is designed for individuals already in the health care industry or those wishing to enter the health care profession. It focuses on enhancing the administrative and manageme...

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University of Cincinnati-Clermont College

Certificate in Physician Practice Management

UC Clermont College offers the online Certificate in Physician Practice Management. This certificate helps prepare students to sit for the Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM®) credential. This credential is a logical next step for those ...

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Gogebic Community College

Occupational Certificate in Medical Office Professional

The online Occupational Certificate in Medical Office Professional program prepares students to perform secretarial duties that support healthcare staff such as scheduling appointments, billing patients, compiling and recording medical charts, report...

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InterCoast Colleges

Certificate in Healthcare Office Specialist

The online Certificate in Healthcare Office Specialist program prepares students to become respected health-care professionals who cooperate effectively with patients and medical-industry personnel in friendly, non-competitive environments.  ...

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Gaston College

Certificate in Medical Office Administration / General

The online Certificate in Medical Office Administration – General program provides the medical office and computer skills necessary for entry-level employment in medical settings.  Students learn the proper use of medical terminology and ...

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College of Health Care Professions-Northwest

Certificate in Medical Office Specialist

The online Certificate in Medical Office Specialist program prepares students to become entry-level employees in a variety of medical facilities as Medical Administrative Assistants, Medical Secretaries, Hospital Admitting Clerks, Medical Office Book...

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Linfield College

Certificate in Health Administration

Linfield College offers the online Certificate in Health Administration. This certificate is ideal for those who want a deeper and current understanding of the basic and pervasive changes that are transforming health and reforming health systems in t...

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Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Healthcare Administration Certificate

The online Healthcare Administration Certificate helps students grow their career opportunities while equipping them to lead.  The curriculum builds knowledge of health care policies and management practices.  Students also learn how to ...

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Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Certificate in Health Administration

Saint Joseph's College of Maine offers the online Certificate in Health Administration. This certificate provides basic education in health care systems, human resource management, financial management and ethical and legal aspects of ...

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Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Advanced Certificate in Health Care Leadership

The online Advanced Certificate in Health Care Leadership prepares students to take the next step in leadership within health care settings.  The curriculum includes budgeting and finance, legal issues in the workplace, working with a diverse ...

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Northland Community and Technical College

Certificate in Patient Access Specialist

The online Patient Access Specialist Certificate program prepares students to be trained specialists who handle patient encounters, patient customer service, and other areas related to the intake and processing of the patient’s healthcare ...

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Northwest Mississippi Community College

Career Certificate in Medical Office Technology

The online Career Certificate in Medical Office Technology program prepares students for business-related positions in office and medical environments by utilizing a combination of technical and academic training.  Graduates find positions in ...

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Cowley County Community College

Certificate in Medical Transcription

The online Certificate in Medical Transcription prepares students to render doctors’ dictated reports and notes into electronic or paper formats, creating files representing the treatment history of patients.  Courses teach students how ...

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Dallas Baptist University

Certificate in Health Care Management

The online Certificate in Health Care Management provides students with the opportunities to learn skills specific to health care management while developing some of the competencies necessary for health care leadership roles.  Courses teach ...

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Dallas County Community College District

Office Assistant Certificate

The online Office Assistant Certificate program from Dallas County Community College District prepares students for entry-level positions requiring basic office skills. Courses cover topics such as: Keyboarding  Records & ...

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Fayetteville Technical Community College

Dental Office Specialist Certificate

The online Dental Office Specialist Certificate program is designed to prepare students for employment in dental offices or other dental healthcare related businesses as they learn the necessary skills required in modern dental offices.  ...

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Ferris State University

Undergraduate Certificate in Lean Healthcare

The online Undergraduate Certificate in Lean Healthcare enhances opportunities for healthcare workers with baccalaureate degrees.  The curriculum prepares students to assume leadership roles in lean systems and six sigma management within ...

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Fremont College

Certificate in Health Administration

The online Certificate in Health Administration program provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue entry-level employment in this field as health information clerks, medical records coordinators, medical coders, medical secre...

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Grantham University

Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate

The online medical administrative assistant training provides coursework in basic medical office functions, financial procedures and risk management for back offices. Successful completion will equip you with training and skills needed to gain entry ...

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Haywood Community College

Certificate in Medical Office Administration

The online Certificate in Medical Office Administration program prepares students for employment as medical administrative personnel in the areas of medical office, medical billing and coding, dental office, patient services, and medical ...

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California Coast University

Certificate in Health Care Administration

The online Certificate in Health Care Administration equips students with the basic knowledge necessary for success in the health care industry.  Students will be given an overview of the nation’s health care system; gain awareness of the...

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Kentucky Community and Technical College System

Certificate in Hospital Admissions Specialist

The online Certificate in Hospital Admissions Specialist prepares students for entry level administrative positions in hospitals.  Courses cover topics such as document formatting and word processing, business communications technology, medical...

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Lenoir Community College

Medical Transcription Certificate

The online Medical Transcription Certificate allows students to gain the important skills to become integral parts of a health care industry, emphasizing the importance of storing information electronically to maintain the most current and modern met...

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