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100 Cheapest Online Nursing Schools with CCNE Accreditation

Graduate of an online nursing school with CCNE accreditationIf you want to become a nurse, or even upgrade your nursing credentials, but you don’t have time to go to school, what do you do? Online nursing schools seem like the perfect answer, but how do you choose a program? Can an online program teach you what you need to know? Is an online degree as good as one where you attend classes on a campus? 

If you are planning on attending an online nursing school, you have many more choices than you would if you pick a school within driving distance of your home. You could enroll in a program that is offered by a school all the way across the country if it has the courses, scheduling, and costs that work for you. But, and this is a big but, check to make sure that your degree will be recognized by your state nursing board.

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What is CCNE Accreditation?

The Commission on Collegiate Nursing and Education (CCNE) is the accrediting agency for nursing educational programs in the United States, including programs with a distance-learning component. CCNE serves the public good by assessing and identifying effective educational programs. It is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, and is an autonomous arm of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), a member organization for nursing schools. 
The value of obtaining your degree from a CCNE accredited programs is the oversite and attention to program quality: both in education and in outcomes. The CCNE requires a rigorous initial screening for programs, including a site visit and extensive documentation. Schools are then required to submit yearly updates, and are re-accredited at least once every 10 years—sooner if there are any issues with the yearly reports. Because the CCNE is closely looking at standards and practices in nursing education, you can be assured that a program with full CCNE accreditation has jumped through many hoops and will offer a quality product.
The expense and trouble of getting a CCNE certification will mean that a program should be well-organized, well-staffed and adhere to educational mandates approved by the commission. Universities and programs voluntarily seek CCNE accreditation, but are not required to do so. Programs with CCNE accreditation should be accountable to students, the public, the medical profession, and be constantly looking for ways to improve education.
CCNE is an extra bit of quality assurance, and when you are specifically looking at online education, it can be difficult to assess the institutions and programs yourself. That does not mean that all these programs are the same—the CCNE recognizes the diversity of institutions, goals and opinions within the nursing community—so you still must look at the programs to see if they meet your individual preferences and goals. Programs can offer very good basic nursing education while having different emphases, communities, and missions. So you need to compare programs for your needs—you should not be comparing apples to oranges with CCNE accredited schools, but Gala Apples to Granny Smith, for instance. 

State Requirements for Nursing Programs

Each state licenses nursing and not all programs may be acceptable to the student’s state of residence or employment. As you finalize your nursing program options, make one last check to make sure the program you wish to attend will allow you to get the licensure and certification in your location that will advance your career. 

Accreditations for Nursing Programs

Many programs will have regional accreditation by the US Dept of Education’s approved regional accrediting board for the state the school is located in. Regionally accredited schools’ credit usually transfer more easily to future further education. So just national accreditation may not be sufficient. Always check to make sure that the school program you are considering is recognized by your state’s nursing board, and, especially if you might want to further your education later, make sure that your credits will transfer to a Certificate, Master’s, or Doctoral program. 
But the CCNE is a level of extra scrutiny that programs will voluntarily undergo, and this gives you confidence that the nursing program of your choice is very well-planned and executed. It is important to note that even if one program at a given school has CCNE accreditation, the school may offer other programs that are not CCNE accredited. Don’t assume that all your chosen school’s programs carry the same level of accreditation. Check. Yes, it’s complicated, but your future self will thank your current self for checking to make sure you are in the right program for your goals!

Why are CCNE Programs Better?

There are clear standards that CCNE accredited programs must meet, so as a student, you can expect that these standards will be met. 

CCNE accredited programs will:

  • Have missions, goals, and expected outcomes that are consistent with the host institution and the nursing profession and will follow through in all procedures with fairness and transparency.
  • Have adequate financial, faculty, administrative, and student support resources to carry out a successful program.
  • Have relevant, current and complete curriculum to meet the needs of the students and the profession of nursing. This includes:
    • Clinical experiences, which are often completed in the student’s home locale with the use of preceptors
    • Logically structured curriculum with teaching and learning practices that support student achievement
    • Reflects clear statements of expected student outcomes, consistent with the programs goals and the position the program prepares students for.
  • Determine program effectiveness by evaluating outcomes regularly, including:
    • License and certificate pass rates
    • Program completion rates
    • Employment rates of graduates
There are specific curriculum requirements for each level of program, so that even though programs will vary, they will meet the requirements for future employment in that role or specialty. It is complicated enough learning all the information you need to become a competent and effective nurse—you shouldn’t also have to fully investigate each potential nursing school. This is why the CCNE accreditation does much of that work for you. Nursing school faculty and nursing professionals will perform site visits and evaluate each program so that you know the program you are paying for will have a base level of integrity and value.

RN to BSN Degrees

These programs are offered online by the institution, but most have the practical portion allowed in the student’s area of residence by a qualified preceptor. Many programs are 100% online, but all will require transcripts and a current nursing license. GPA’s for admission vary from a low of about 2.5 to 3.0 for admission to different programs. Checking carefully with both the school’s admissions counselors and your state nursing board is recommended before enrolling in any online program in nursing.
The Institute of Medicine recommends increasing the number of nurses with a BSN from the current 50% to 80% by the end of this decade. That means that your employment status may depend on getting continuing education to complete a BSN. 
A few programs have offerings for RN’s who happen to have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. This can allow for a quicker route to a BSN for those who qualify. 

MSN Programs

Master of Science in Nursing degrees come in different specialty areas. Most common are Nurse Education, Nurse Practice, and Nursing Administrator. Other specialties can include Gerontology, Family/Across the Lifespan, Midwifery, and Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing. 
Another Master’s program option is an MBA in Nursing Administration. Some programs offer dual MSN/MBA tracks, and for those who seek management training, this is a welcome option.

Graduate Certificate Programs

For nurses with a BSN or an MSN, there are certificate programs that can add a specialty to your license. Most of the programs are for post-Masters certificates, and areas of specialty are similar to those available in MSN programs in general. 

Doctorate Programs for Nursing

Most programs offer a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. Many will have 2 or more days of campus residency required, while most of the program is online. Some DNP programs are open to nurses with various Masters degrees, such as Master in Public Health, Social Work, or even an MBA.
Some programs offer accelerated options, so you can work on both an MSN and DNP degree simultaneously. 
A few programs offer a PhD in Nursing, which is a more research-oriented track. For those who want to help advance medical science, a PhD is a clear path to a career in research. 

100 Most Affordable Online Nursing Schoools with CCNE Accreditation

Each of the following schools offers nursing programs offered at least 80% online. Check with your state nursing board before enrolling in any program to ensure your degree meets licensing requirements.

1. Winston-Salem State University

Tuition: $114.90 – $449.19 per credit hour

The online RN-BSN has full and part time cohorts starting in the fall, with admission requiring a 2.0 GPA. The MSN with Advanced Nurse Educator focus is 39 credits, totally online, can be completed in 2 years, and requires a practicum.

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2. St Petersburg College

Tuition: $118.90 – $421.79 per credit hour

Complete your BSN in four semesters, with practical hours completed in your local area. The program is 100% online and requires a 2.0 GPA for admission. Residents of Massachusetts, Minnesota and Nevada may not enroll at this time.

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3. University of Wyoming

Tuition: $129 – $516 per credit hour

This RN-BSN asynchronous program is 100% online and can be completed within one year. They emphasize diversity and academic rigor in their admission policy. In-state tuition is shockingly affordable, while out-of-state tuition is quite reasonable.

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4. Western Carolina University

Tuition: $154.26 – 505.37 per credit hour

The RN-BSN admits students two times a year, and all 32 credits can be taken within two years. Entry requires a 2.5 GPA, and the program includes synchronous and asynchronous elements. The Nurse Leadership MSN is a 2-year program of 40-41 credits; it is 100% online, with clinicals arranged in your area. The NE post-master’s certificate program is 18 credit hours and can be completed online in four semesters. Both graduate programs require a 3.0 GPA for admission.

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5. University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Tuition: $157.65 – $611.65 per credit hour

The RN-BSN program is 100% online, very affordable, and can be completed in 12 months. Applicants need a 2.0 GPA for admission, and the program starts in the fall, spring, or summer. The accelerated RN-MSN program features Community Public Health, NE, and NA specialties. The MSN program has very low tuition fees and offers the same concentrations as the RN-MSN track. Programs range from 36-39 credits. Non-resident tuition is substantially higher.

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6. University of West Georgia

Tuition: $159 per credit hour

The 100% online RN-BSN program is asynchronous and has 17 credits of nursing courses to be completed in the fall and spring semesters. The program starts in the fall and requires a 2.5 GPA for admission.

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7. Appalachian State University

Tuition: $160 – $660 per credit hour

Appalachian State allows you to complete your program within one year. They do require you to take supportive classes including anatomy & physiology, microbiology, statistics, and psychology courses at another institution.

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8. University of North Carolina Wilmington

Tuition: $167.81 – $636.73 per credit hour

Students can complete the RN-BSN 100% online in 12 months, with at least 31 credits taken at UNC Wilmington. The MSN-NE can be completed fully online in 14 months. Both programs are very affordable to state residents, and much higher for out-of-state students.

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9. Texas A & M University – Central Texas

Tuition: $176.43 – $636.73 per credit hour

This flexible online RN-BSN can be started one semester before you take your NCLEX. Students can come to campus to meet with faculty if they choose. Admission requires a 2.0 GPA.

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10. University of Central Florida

Tuition: $179.12 – $327.32 per credit hour

The RN-BSN is fully online, has reduced tuition, and can be taken full or part time. Admission requires a 2.8 GPA, comprises 30 credits and the program has three starts per year. The MSN has ED, Nursing & Healthcare Simulation, and Leadership & Management concentrations. The online post-MSN to DNP program has APN and Executive tracks. The PhD requires 60 credits of work post-masters, including a dissertation, and requires the GRE for admission.

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11. University of the Cumberlands

Tuition: $199 per credit hour

This religious school has an RN-BSN degree that can be completed 100% online in as little as 12 months. A GPA of at least 2.0 is required for admission and tuition is very affordable.

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12. Nevada State College

Tuition: $203 – 247 per credit hour

Grounded in the principles of Dr. Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring, the RN-BSN program offers multiple start dates, 7-week classes, and flexible full or part time enrollment. The in-state tuition is very affordable, while the out-of-state tuition is only a bit higher. A s.0 GPA is required for admission.

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13. Georgia Southern University

Tuition: $204 per credit hour

Affordable and 100% online, Georgia Southern University’s RN-BSN and MSN courses require a minimum GPA of 3.0 (2.70 for provisional admission) and a GA nursing license, even for out-of-state students. The DNP program accepts international applicants and offers an accelerated option.

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14. Fort Hays State University

Tuition: $213 per credit hour

Complete your BSN 100% online in as little as three semesters at Fort Hays State University and requires a minimum 2.5 GPA. The MSN offers Educator and Administration concentrations, and offers 12 credit PG certificates in the same two areas. The program is not accepting applicants from Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming, or Alabama.

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15. Frostburg State University

Tuition: $215 – $660 per credit hour

Frostburg State University offers the online RN-BSN and MSN programs to students who will complete their clinical hours in the following states: MD, PA, WV, VA, OH, & AZ. Both programs are 100% online and the BSN can be completed in as little as 16 months, the MSN in 24 months.

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16. Texas Woman’s University

Tuition: $220.10 per credit hour

The RN-BSN program has three start dates per year, in 100% online, and requires a 2.0 GPA, plus at least a “C” grade in anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and microbiology including all labs. The program is not available to F-1 and J-1 visa holders.

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17. New Mexico State University

Tuition: $221.80 – $828.50 per credit hour

The MSN in Nursing Administration requires students to come to campus for a three or four day program once a year. The DNP program offers four specialties, but not all are offered every year: FNP, AGNP, FPHNP, and Public/community Health Nursing. The post-master’s certificate is offered in FPHNP and FNP specialties and requires 18 credit hours of coursework. With a GPA of less than 3.0, students will need to submit a GRE score taken within the past five years with application. A face-to-face interview on campus is required for admission to the DNP program.

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18. University of Maine at Fort Kent

Tuition: $233 – $373 per credit hour

This program requires a 2.5 GPA, and offers the opportunity to do challenge exams for some subjects. Students can study full or part time and most students take about two years to complete.

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19. Ohio University

Tuition: $237 per credit hour

The affordable distance RN-BSN program is available to residents of Ohio, California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia with a 2.0 GPA. Out-of-state students pay only $3 above the low in-state tuition rates. The fully online MSN offers Educator and FNP tracks and only accept residents of Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, California, Michigan, or Indiana. Both programs offer liberal transfer credit policies.

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20. Minnesota State University at Moorhead

Tuition: $239 – $373 per credit hour

Applications for the RN-BSN program are evaluated holistically, though most applicants have GPA’s of 2.75 or higher, and transfer credits are appraised individually. The RN-BSN has 2 applications per year and boasts 100% employment of their graduates. The online MSN has 3 application deadlines per year, requires a 3.0 GPA for admission, and has tracks in Nurse Educator and Nursing Administration & Organizational Leadership. Both programs are also available as post-baccalaureate certificates. Out of state tuition is double that for in-state students.

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21. California State University – Dominguez Hills

Tuition: $239 – $635 per credit hour

At California State University – Dominguez Hills, courses must be completed within the semester, but study times are flexible. The MSN can be taken by RN’s with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree . MSN specialties include: Nurse Educator, Nurse Administrator, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Family Nurse Practitioner.

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22. Touro University Nevada

Tuition: $250 per credit hour

The Touro University Nevada RN-BSN program is open only to Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Nevada, New York, or Texas residents. They have three start dates per year, competitive tuition, 100% online curriculum and the program can be completed in one year.

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23. The University of Texas Medical Branch

Tuition: $251.33 – $669.09 per credit hour

If all prerequisites are done, the RN-BSN can be completed in eight months; entrance requires a 2.5 GPA and clinicals are completed in the Houston area. The MSN areas are: FNP, AGACNP, AGPCNP, Neonatal NP, CNL, Executive NL, and Nurse Educator (ED). These programs require 3-4 days on campus each semester. The DNP is a 42 hour part time program with 2-3 day campus visits required each semester; the normal schedule is eight semesters long and admission requires a 3.0 GPA. The PhD is offered full or part time, requires only one 5-day on campus visit, and involves synchronous and asynchronous portions.

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24. Western New Mexico University

Tuition: $252.75 – $313.14 per credit hour

This RN-BSN degree is offered 100% online with 96 hours of clinicals arranged in your locale. A 2.75 GPA is needed for admission.

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25. University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Tuition: $255.83 – $928.28 per credit hour

The UNC Greensboro online MSN is available to students in all 50 states, and comes in NE and NA concentrations. At 37 or 38 hours of credit, this program boasts job placement rates over 90%.

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26. University of North Florida

Tuition: $256.50 – $285 per credit hour

The RN-BSN program can be completed in 12 months, has low tuition for both all students, and requires a 2.8 GPA for admission. The online DNP or DNP with a PMH focus is designed for students with an MSN and a GPA of 3.3 or higher. The programs are fully online, though the PMH requires on-campus visits once a semester. The generic DNP can be completed within 24 months and consists of 48 credits.

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27. Colorado Technical University

Tuition: $260 per credit hour

With eight different start dates and completion in 9 months possible, Colorado Technical University has lots of flexibility. The program’s most recent reported employment rate of 73% sounds low, but may be due to the self-reporting nature of these statistics. This program currently can’t accept applicants from the states of Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia.

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28. Rasmussen College

Tuition: $260 per credit hour

Rasmussen College’s RN-BSN program is 100% online, and allows some optional self-assessments to make it more flexible and affordable. This for-profit private college is also a Public Benefit Corporation.

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29. McNeese State University

Tuition: $264 – $431 per credit hour

McNeese State University’s RN-BSN program requires a grade of “C” or better in all courses that apply towards the degree, and transfer credits will be made on a case by case basis.

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30. The University of Texas at Tyler

Tuition: $265 per credit hour

The fully online RN-BSN can be completed in one year full time or taken part time. There are three yearly start dates, and minimal clinical time is required for practicing nurses. The post-master’s certificates in ED and Admin are affordable nine-credit hour programs that can be completed part time within a year.

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31. American Public University

Tuition: $270 per credit hour

An online-only university, degrees are offered in many subjects. The RN-BSN is currently not available to students in Washington state.

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32. Southeast Missouri State University

Tuition: $275.25 per credit hour

The RN-BSN degree is fully online, flexible, and allow for clinical experiences to be arranged in your geographic area. Admission is open to residents of Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, or Arkansas with a minimum GPA of 2.8.

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33. University of Central Missouri

Tuition: $272.45 per credit hour

The online RN-BSN can be completed in one year and prerequisites must be met before enrolling. The online MSN-ED requires a 3.0 GPA for admission and a minimum of one year of nursing practice post baccalaureate.

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34. East Carolina University

Tuition: $275 – $825 per credit hour

The RN-BSN program at East Carolina University takes 4 semesters and requires summer courses. Course lengths vary from 5.5 to 7 weeks and are structured sequentially. The MSN areas include: AG, Neonatal Clinical or Practitioner, Anesthesia, Midwifery, Education, Leadership, and Psychiatric. Most of these specialties are also available as PG Certificates, and the DNP online program offers a focus on rural, underserved populations. The DNP does require campus visits, but does not require the GRE if you have a GPA above 3.4.

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35. Indiana University Online

Tuition: $275 – $958 per credit hour

Programs include RN-BSN, MSN with 9 tracks (37 credit hours), DNP (42 credit hours), and PhD (90 credit hours). Students can combine programs to fast track their education, but out-of-state tuition is significantly higher than in-state tuition. Some Midwestern states participate in an exchange which brings the price down.

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36. Mississippi University for Women

Tuition: $275.59 – $756.47 per credit hour

Now a coeducational institution, Mississippi University for Women has an RN-BSN online program with a recommended on-campus orientation. The program can also be completed as a hybrid online and classroom program. There are many of the usual prerequisites and the program starts each year in the fall, but tuition is quite reasonable.

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37. University of North Alabama

Tuition: $277 per credit hour

Full time students can complete the RN-BSN in one year, and the program has flexible schedules and affordable tuition with non-resident fees waived for nursing students. The post-baccalaureate MSN has Teaching-Learning Environments or Leadership in Organizational Environments concentrations. Both programs require a 3.0 GPA for admission. The MSN can be completed in five semesters, with clinical hours required.

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38. SUNY College of Technology at Alfred

Tuition: $278 – $333 per credit hour

The 100% online RN-BSN program at SUNY Alfred is designed as a two-year program, and requires a 2.0 GPA for admission. The program’s graduates are 91% employed, with the other 9% pursuing further education. Graduation requires a minimum of 28 credits of graduate nursing and 60 credits of liberal arts and science.

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39. Delta State University

Tuition: $281 per credit hour

The RN-BSN program accepts application year round for fall enrollment and you can complete the nursing courses in 2 semesters, though part time options are available. The MSN program offers nurse administrator, nurse educator and family nurse practitioner concentrations. Delta State University’s DNP program offers the degree from RN in 4.5 years, from BSN in 3.5 years, and from an FNP degree in 1.5 years. All programs allow clinical hours in your geographical location.

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40. The University of West Florida

Tuition: $282.13 per credit hour

100% online and offered six starts per year, The University of West Florida’s RN-BSN can be completed in 12 months. Admission requires a 2.75 GPA and boasts affordable tuition.

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41. University of Akron

Tuition: $282.58 – $346.08 per credit hour

Requiring a 2.75 GPA for admission, University of Akron’s RN-BSN is 100% online, affordable, and can be taken full time in one year or part time in two years.

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42. Missouri State University

Tuition: $285 per credit hour

The RN-BSN program requires a 2.75 GPA, though lower scores will be considered individually. With three start dates per year, low tuition for resident and out-of-state students, and a 100% first time pass rate on the licensing exam, this is a solid program. Their MSN is being redesigned, so is not currently accepting new students. They do offer the post-master’s Educator certificate in a three semester program.

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43. East Tennessee State University

Tuition: $287 – $431 per credit hour

Available full or part time, East Tennessee State University’s RN-BSN program gives in-state tuition pricing to students in border counties to Tennessee in North Carolina and Virginia.

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44. University of Maryland – University College

Tuition: $289 – $499 per credit hour

The RN-BSN accepts up to 90 transfer credits, and is online, with practical experience required. The tuition in-state is very low, and reasonable for out-of-state, and they offer help to finance and budget.

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45. University of Arkansas

Tuition: $290.94 per credit hour

The RN-BSN is only 29 credits, 100% online and asynchronous, and can be completed in three semesters. There are fall and spring enrollment cycles and tuition is affordable. The 100% online MSN-ED can be completed in as little as four semesters full time, has a summer start date, and requires the GRE for admission. The DNP in FNP or AGACNP have online coursework and minimal campus visits required, no GRE required for the MSN-DNP (but GRE is required for the BSN-DNP track).

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46. Columbus State University

Tuition: $290 per credit hour

The RN-BSN program boasts 100% employment rates, and is 12 months long, with coursework 100% online while clinical experience can be completed in your area of residence. The MSN in FNP takes 2 years of ft study online, with 765 clinical hours done in your locale. The joint MSN program with Georgia Southwestern University has 3 possible concentrations: Education, Leadership, or Informatics. For the Nursing Educator Certificate Program, nurses with an MSN and a minimum GPA of 3.0 (or 2.75 for provisional enrollment) can learn this specialty, which includes instructional design and learning evaluation.

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47. Eastern Illinois University

Tuition: $292 – $365 per credit hour

Eastern Illinois University’s RN-BSN program has a identifies concepts of person, environment and health to frame nursing practice. This affordable, accessible program requires a GPA of 2.5 for admission.

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48. Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville

Tuition: $292.40 per credit hour

The very affordable RN-BSN program is offered in flexible 8-week courses and can be completed in one year (three semesters) depending on prior credits and requires a 2.0 GPA for admission.

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49. Bluefield College

Tuition: $293 per credit hour

Describing itself as a Christ-centered learning community, Bluefield College’s programs are designed for nurses in Virginia and beyond.

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50. Wichita State University

Tuition: $294.57 – $723.46 per credit hour

The 100% online RN-BSN can be completed in one year, and has practicum requirements that can be completed in your area. Up to 30 hours of previous nursing courses can be credited toward the degree. Students who meet the requirements–a 2.5 GPA and 2.0 GPA on prerequisites–will be accepted to the program. The online MSN-DNP has AGCNS, AGACNP, FNP, and PMHNP concentrations and has vry low tuition. Most students finish in 2-3 years and a 3.25 GPA is needed to apply.

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51. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Tuition: $297.07 per credit hour

This 100% online RN-BSN program has 8-week course schedules, multiple start dates, reasonable tuition, and can be completed in as little as one year.

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52. University of Southern Indiana

Tuition: $297 per credit hour

The online RN-BSN can be completed in 14 months, is quite affordable, and comprises 30 credit hours. There are four start dates per year.

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53. Mississippi College

Tuition: $298.33 per credit hour

100% online, Mississippi College’s RN-BSN program is flexible, affordable, and can be completed in one year. Multiple start dates, 7 week courses, pay-as-you-go low tuition, a 2.0 GPA minimum, and a focus on Christian caring make this an attractive option for online nursing education.

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55. Colorado Mesa University

Tuition: $300 – $325 per credit hour

For a program of 40 credit hours that can be completed in 18 months, Colorado Mesa University’s online program is rigorous and has the same curriculum as the on-campus degree program.

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56. Ball State University

Tuition: $300 – $500 per credit hour

Blending nursing with liberal arts, Ball State University emphasizes the community setting with women and children. These highly awarded programs and faculty offer online advisors and lots of other online support.

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57. Kentucky Christian University

Tuition: $300 per credit hour

Kentucky Christian University’s RN-BSN is fully online and offers high quality education with a Christian focus. It is asynchronous and affordable.

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58. The University of Texas at El Paso

Tuition: $300 per credit hour

Admission to the RN-BSN program requires a 2.0 GPA, and this fully online program allows yout to complete in as little as two and a half semesters.

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59. Auburn University at Montgomery

Tuition: $305 – $324 per credit hour

Auburn University at Montgomery has a number of special features. This program lets students take courses totally online or as hybrid with partnership hospitals. Online program can be completed in one year—with tutoring offered. If you are not in Alabama, out of state tuition is only $19 more per credit than in-state tuition.

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60. Columbia College

Tuition: $305 per credit hour

Columbia College’s RN-BSN online program has six start dates per year, and each session lasts eight weeks. Most students complete the program in about 2 years, and the coursework is designed to be applied in your current nursing practice as your work toward your BSN. The program is not open to residents of District of Columbia and in the States of Idaho, Minnesota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Washington.

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61. Fitchburg State University

Tuition: $311 per credit hour

Curriculum at Fitchburg State University’s RN-BSN program emphasizes social justice and introduces forensic nursing. The MSN and PG Certificate offer the specialty in Forensic nursing, and all programs are 100% online.

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62. Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Tuition: $213 – $415 per credit hour

Clarion University of Pennsylvania has classes in a convenient 7-week or 15-week formats, allowing extra flexibility around work and family.

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63. Colorado Christian University

Tuition: $315 – $415 per credit hour

Colorado Christian University’s program boasts that the nursing component can be completed online in one year. They are an Interdenominational Christian liberal arts college.

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64. Northwest Nazarene University

Tuition: $315 per credit hour

Northwest Nazarene University’s RN-BSN degree features small classes, accessible faculty, is asynchronous and can be completed in five semesters. The online MSN courses are five to six weeks long, and most students take one class at a time. With FNP and Leadership & Education tracks, the program also accepts students with their Associates degree who wish to pursue a Master’s.

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65. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Tuition: $316.66 per credit hour

A highly affordable RN-BSN from University of Louisiana at Lafayette can be completed in 12 months. Admission requires a 2.5 GPA, and there are four start dates per year.

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66. University of Rhode Island

Tuition: $318 per credit hour

The URI RN-BSN is fully online, has 7-week courses, three start dates per year, and can be completed in 15 months. To graduate, you must have a 2.2 GPA for your full 120 credits, including transferred credits.

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67. Southern New Hampshire University

Tuition: $320 per credit hour

Southern New Hampshire University’s RN-MSN program is a fast track option for those with a 3.5 GPA. The MSN program offers general, CNL, Education, and Patient Safety & Quality options for those with a BSN and a GPA of 3.0. Acceptance is on a rolling basis and there are five start dates per year; students can finish in as little as 20 months on the MSN track. There is also a post-graduate certificate in Patient Safety & Quality, which is a 12-credit program requiring the same admission standards as the MSN programs. These programs have some of the lowest tuition in the country and flexible online courses.

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68. University of Mary

Tuition: $320 per credit hour

The programs are infused with Christian, Catholic, Benedictine values. The RN-BSN requires a 2.75 GPA with 2.0 in nursing courses. The MSN program has concentrations in Leadership & Management, which can be taken from Associate’s degree, and Informatics. Both programs require a 2.75 GPA for admission.

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69. Lewis-Clark State College

Tuition: $324 per credit hour

Lewis-Clark State College’s RN-BSN online program requires students to get a “C” or above in all their nursing courses for graduation and allows a transfer of 55 credits from previous work, with 65 credits required to be taken through their program.

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70. Loyola University New Orleans

Tuition: $325 – $818 per credit hour

Loyola University New Orleans is a Jesuit university, with multiple nursing options. With competitive tuition and up to 90 credits transferrable, the RN-BSN program is also available as a bridge program for those with a non-nursing Bachelor’s degree, or students can go straight through from RN-MSN. MSN concentrations are FNP, Leadership, and Educator. The Post Master’s to DNP options are Nurse Practitioner and Executive Leader tracks. The RN-BSN program can be completed in three semesters, in 100% online and asynchronous. Master’s options include AGCSN with oncology focus, Population-Based Infection Prevention, and Health Systems Management. MSN’s require a 3.0 GPA and accept international applicants.

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71. Northwestern College Iowa

Tuition: $325 per credit hour

The RN-BSN at Northwestern College Iowa is 100% online, mostly asynchronous, has three start dates per year, and was designed as a part time program. Classes are meant to be taken one at a time, in eight week sessions, and most students finish in about two years. Clinicals can be completed in your local area. This Christian-based program requires a 2.70 GPA for admission.

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72. Tennessee Wesleyan University

Tuition: $325 per credit hour

Complete the RN-BSN in as little as three semesters full time or five if enrolled part time, and choose fully online of hybrid courses. The Tennessee Wesleyan University program has very low tuition for this particular program.

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73. United States University

Tuition: $325 per credit hour

This for-profit school offers the RN-BSN that can be completed in one year with clinicals done in your local area. The program is 100% online and statistics are not yet available, as fewer than 10 students enrolled in the program.

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74. University of Kansas

Tuition: $327.25 – $852.55 per credit hour

The online RN-BSN has three start dates per year and can be completed in one year. There are a number of prerequisites and a minimum 2.5 is required for admission. The online MSN has Informatics, Organizational Leadership, and Public Health specialties, with 37-39 credits. Full time students usually finish in two years, and part time students in three-four years. The MSN requires a 3.0 GPA for admission.

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75. Eastern Michigan University

Tuition: $328 per credit hour

Fully online or hybrid options are available for Eastern Michigan University’s RN-BSN program, with online-only classes being 7.5 weeks long. Admission requires at least a 2.5 GPA.

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76. Carson-Newman University

Tuition: $330 per credit hour

Highly ranked and awarded, Carson-Newman University’s Christian liberal art curriculum lets you complete the program in 18 months and is 100% online excluding clinical experience.

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77. King University

Tuition: $330 per credit hour

The RN-BSN program from King University takes 16 months—it is quick and affordable. Passing a general education test in your last semester is a requirement for the degree. The MSN offers Educator and Administrator tracks, and takes about 20-32 months to complete. Courses are 15 weeks long and taught in cohort form, so students stay with the same group through the program, encouraging more interaction.

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78. Lees-McRae College

Tuition: $330 per credit hour

This Presbyterian-affiliated college has an RN-BSN program with the general education requirements built into the schedule. The program takes about 2 years to complete and is on the affordable side.

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79. University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Tuition: $332 per credit hour

The online RN-BSN is 31 credits, has a generous transfer policy and offers free online or in-person tutoring. Residents of AL, AR, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, NV, NM, MN, NC, TX, WA & WV can enroll. The completely online MSN offers Nursing & Healthcare ED and Global Public Health concentrations. The program is asynchronous, requires an undergraduate 3.0 GPA, and comprises 39 credits.

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80. Radford University

Tuition: $333 – $818 per credit hour

Admission to this RN-BSN program is in the fall and spring, and the program requires a 2.5 GPA with 2.8 on the last 24 credits attempted. It is 100% online and allows full or part time options for study. Out of State tuition is higher.

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81. University at Buffalo

Tuition: $333 per credit hour

The RN-BSN is offered in a one or two year cohort format, asynchronous and designed for working nurses. The DNP is offered as a BSN-DNP (requires 3.0 GPA) program, or post-master’s(requires 3.25 GPA plus GRE if GPA is under 3.5) program. The BSN-DNP program has FNP, AGNP, PMHNP, and anesthetist tracks, while the MSN-DNP has all of those, plus Child Health NP and Women’s Health NP. The BSN-DNP is three years full time for the anesthetist specialty, and flexible for the other areas, but all require some campus visits. The MSN-DNP is not designed to give nurses a new specialty–they must already know the area they wish to further study–and it can be completed in five or seven semesters part time and asynchronously. The BSN- PhD is recommended as a full time program and outside work, even part time, is discouraged. The MSN-PhD program is part or full time, with courses scheduled on just two days per week to accommodate working nurses.

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82. Old Dominion University

Tuition: $335 – $369 per credit hour

The RN-BSN program requires that 30 credits be completed in the program. The MSN offers these specialties: AGCNS/A, AGCNS/E, FNP, Neonatal NP, Neonatal CNS, Administrator, Midwifery (with Shenandoah University), Pediatric CNS, and Pediatric NP. The MSN programs require some short visits to campus, and range in credit hours from 36-52. DNP specialties available are Nurse Executive and Advanced Practice and are 36 credit hours, with one required weekend on campus each semester. Graduate certificate programs are 11-12 hours and are offered in Educator and Executive tracks. ODU has grants available for nurses continuing their education from rural areas of Virginia, and none of the programs are available to Washington residents. Out-of-state tuition is slightly higher than in-state.

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83. University of Toledo

Tuition: $335.49 per credit hour

This RN-BSN can be completed in one to four years and requires a 2.5 GPA for admission. It is offered in consortium with Bowling Green State University.

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84. South Dakota State University

Tuition: $335 per credit hour

This RN-BSN can be completed in three or five semesters and allows up to 90 transfer credits. Admission requires a 2.5 GPA.

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85. University of South Dakota

Tuition: $335 per credit hour

The RN-BSN has three options for the speed to progress through the program; full time can complete in two semesters, part time can complete in four semesters, or very part time could take longer. Admission requires at least a “C” grade in nursing and support classes.

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86. Walden University

Tuition: $335 per credit hour

Walden University is a for-profit inline university. The RN-BSN program allows you to transfer in up to 135 of the 181 quarter credits required for the degree. The online MSN offers AGACNP, AGPCNP, FNP, NE, PMHNP, Public Health Nursing, Informatics, Leadership & Management, and generalist tracks. All of the MSN faculty hold Doctorate degrees. The post-master’s certificate is available in NE, Informatics, and Leadership & Management. The DNP program has liberal transfer policies, but most students take more than 2 years to complete the program. Many of the programs have clinicals that can be completed with preceptors in your local area.

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87. Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

Tuition: $345 per credit hour

The RN-BSN program is 100% online and students can transfer up to 90 credits. Admission requires a 2.5 minimum GPA, and for those with a 3.0 GPA, the RN-MSN accelerated program is available. The 100% online MSN program has four start dates per year and offers specialties in Education, Administration, and Family/Individual Across the Lifespan NP. There is also a post-master’s certificate in FNP, which requires a 3.5 GPA for admission and covers 28 credits of course work.

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88. University of Missouri at Kansas City

Tuition: $346.23 per credit hour

This 100% online RN-BSN offers in-state tuition pricing to students from any state that the program is authorized to operate. The program requires a 2.5 GPA for admission and can be completed in five semesters full time. There is also a post-master’s NE certificate of 12 credits with one on-campus visit.

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89. Capella University

Tuition: $347 – $402 per credit hour

Capella University offers nurses with a non-nursing master’s degree a bridge program to prepare for the DNP program. Students enjoy shorter 10-week quarter’s while taking 1-3 classes per quarter. Some scholarships are available. With many start dates and possible specialties, Capella’s versatile programs also offer the option of flexible or preplanned path through the programs.

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90. Boise State University

Tuition: $350 per credit hour

Boise State University has graduated over 1,000 online RN-BSN students and boasts some scholarships for working professionals. Their Adult Gerontology MNP has 100% pass rate on national board exams and their DNP program accepts nurses with MBA, MPH, MHA and social work degrees.

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91. Dakota Wesleyan University

Tuition: $350 per credit hour

Dakota Wesleyan University’s RN-BSN program is 100% online, takes 14 months and classes are eight weeks long. They follow core values of learning, leadership, faith and service, and will accept students with a minimum 2.5 GPA (2.25 for provisional acceptance), but they require a background check, current CPR certification, and medical information in addition to an unencumbered RN license.

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92. Jefferson College of Health Sciences

Tuition: $350 per credit hour

Jefferson College of Health Sciences offers a fast track RN-BSN in 3 semesters, and costs $350 per credit hour. Boasting small class sizes, no on-campus requirements, and flexible scheduling, this is a convenient option.

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93. Ohio Christian University

Tuition: $350 per credit hour

Ohio Christian University’s RN-BSN program is flexible and affordable, and has a holistic Christian care focus.

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94. The University of Texas at Arlington

Tuition: $350 per credit hour

Most online nursing courses are offered in 5-week sessions, while other courses follow 8 or 15 week formats. A 2.5 GPS is required for admission to the RN-BSN program, which can be finished in nine months, while a 3.0 GPA is needed to enroll in the RN-MSN which usually takes 36 months to complete. Administrator and ED tracks are available, and accelerated formats too. Tuition is very affordable, with additional discount to help towards the overall cost of the degree.

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95. Texas A & M University at Corpus Christi

Tuition: $354.34 – $758.98 per credit hour

The RN-BSN program has competitive admission, and has a number of prerequisites. There are three start dates per year, and a 2.5 GPA is required for admission. The MSN specialties in ED and AD are both 37 credit hours, have three start dates per year, and take about two and a half years to complete. The FNP programs is 47 hours, is part time, takes three years, and only admits students in the fall. Transfer credits must have grades of “B” or above.

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96. The University of Alabama

Tuition: $355 per credit hour

Three start dates per year, and three semesters to complete: the RN-BSN online is flexible for those who wish to go at a slower pace. The RN-MSN is an available option too. The MSN areas of concentration are CNL or Case Management. Admission requires a 3.0 GPA (2.5 for provisional admission) and the programs require students to identify a clinical site for their practical work. The DNP starts every fall, and has FNP and PMHNP areas of specialization. The undergraduate tuition costs are very affordable, and the graduate tuition rate is extraordinarily low.

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97. Minnesota State University at Mankato

Tuition: $357.93 per credit hour

Admission to the RN-BSN program requires a minimum 2.8 GPA and “C” on all previous courses. The 100% online and asynchronous program has course lengths of 8 and 16 weeks in the fall and spring, and 10 weeks in the summer. Full time completion in one year is possible, and 4-5 semesters part time, and non-resident students pay in-state or reciprocity rates. The MSN FNP can be completed in three years and the Educator specialty allows completion in 2-1/2 years. Both of these programs are available as post-master’s certificates and take about 1-1/2 years to complete.

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98. Jacksonville State University

Tuition: $359 per credit hour

Jacksonville State University’s RN-BSN program is a GetEducated Best Buy, as it can be completed in less than a year at a great price—even their graduate online degrees have reasonable costs. The PG Certificate courses are available to BSN’s and the 2 programs—Education and Emergency Preparedness—take 12-15 credit hours. Their MSN in Population Health requires 38 credit hours.

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99. Notre Dame College

Tuition: $360 per credit hour

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and courses are in an eight-week accelerated format. Students can complete the RN-BSN in 16-18 months, and admission requires a 2.75 GPA.

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100. Wilmington University

Tuition: $360 per credit hour

The 100% online RN-BSN classes are in semester and 7-week formats. The MSN in Nursing Leadership has NE, Executive, or Legal Nurse Consultant specialties. To complete the MSN, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the 36 credit hours of the program. The DNP is offered only online, and has an Advanced Practice track for NPs, CRNAs, CNMs, and CNSs. For others with an MSN, there is a Leadership track. The DNP can be completed in 28 months, starts three times a year, and requires a 3.0 GPA to graduate.

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Prestigious Online Nursing Schools

Online nursing schools that hold CCNE accreditation are some of the most prestigious nursing education available. Continue your nursing education with one of the above programs ensures you are recieving a high quality degree while not paying more than you need to. 

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