Addison, IL

School Details

Chamberlain University is a for-profit institution solely dedicated to healthcare. Chamberlain University first experimented with online classrooms over twenty years ago. As such, they have a proven track record with distance learning, and understand how fundamental the paradigm shift is from in-person to online education. Additionally, Chamberlain University has campuses across the United States, allowing you to tap into resources that might be near to you. 

Chamberlain University offers a preceptor matching service. A dedicated team will help you find nearby practicum sites. This team coaches you on how to perform your practica professionally. By choosing a variety of preceptors, you gain a variety of experience across a variety of settings. 

Benefits of Chamberlain University:

  • Limited online class sizes
  • Responsive faculty cater to your needs even in the evening or on weekends
  • Weekly check-in sessions make sure you’re kept on track
  • Dedicated digital space to connect with peers and instructors
  • Visual medical simulations through a program called i-Human Patients, replicating in-person experience

Accreditation & Licensing

Chamberlain University is accredited by:

Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

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