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Accredited Online General Business Degrees

An online business degree puts you in an excellent career starting positionA business degree is one of the most broad and far-reaching educations you can have. This education allows you to move into a wide variety of careers, including accounting, marketing, human resources, project management, and more. Depending on the nature of the degree, you’ll have the skills to lead people through complex projects, communicate the effectiveness and importance of a certain product, or assess the value of job candidates.

From the sales floor to the corporate offices, a business degree allows you to contribute to companies in virtually limitless ways. The degree can also apply to the public and non-profit sectors, as skills such as financial management and leadership are important in these areas as well. A business degree can help you achieve success in almost any sector or industry. With this degree, you’ll have in-demand skills that help you land a rewarding, challenging, and often well-paying career. 


With a business degree, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits and advantages. Most of all, you can work in virtually any industry you choose. Unlike industry-specific degrees, such as nuclear engineering or a teaching degree, you can take your business education anywhere. People with business degrees are employed in the sports, food, outdoors, fashion, marketing, and entertainment industries, so if you understand the basics of business, you can practically choose what industry you want to work for. 

  • Top Executive—Planning, directing, and coordinating a business or organization is the responsibility of a corporate officer. These well-paid professionals need a deep understanding of business practices, as well as training in leadership, communication, and more. This category can include company president, CEO, CFO, COO, and even mayors and other government leaders. This career area has a strong median income, and the top 10% can earn substantial incomes over $208,000. While most positions can be obtained with as little as a bachelor’s degree, you will need years of experience before you are hired into one of these top-level roles.
  • Human Resources Manager—Successful companies need outstanding team members, and it falls on human resources managers to find the right people, hire them swiftly, and train them accordingly. Duties include coordinating a hiring campaign, interviewing candidates, choosing employees, and conducting training. For larger companies, they often oversee a large human resources staff, and can also be called upon to mitigate disputes between employees and management. The top 10% of all human resources managers are well paid, earning over $197,000 a year. The career is also growing thanks to an increased need to address changing end increasingly-complex employment laws.


As a business-degree graduate, you will have numerous skills that are in high demand from employers, but you still need some basic characteristics to get you through. Most of all, you need a passion for leadership. Most business graduates enter leadership careers, so genuinely wanting to lead people is a great start. You should also enjoy business in general, and have decent organizational skills. You need the ability to work as a team, as business is almost never a solo career. Taking direction for higher-ups, and ethically leading your staff, is important to your career. 


If you are ready for a business degree, make sure you take your time and select the right course. You’ll want to search each program for specifics on the classes, as each program is designed to help you achieve different goals. Make sure the classes line with your goals and you’ll get more from your education. You need to also make sure the program is offered 100% online, if that is what you require. If there are in-person classes, it can make attending the program more complicated, especially if you are a busy working professional. All programs in this database are offered at least 80% online. Many are offered 100% online. 

Finally, check the business program for accreditation. Properly accredited programs give you a better education that has been verified by independent organizations for quality and consistency. A good program will have general accreditation as well as accreditation for the specific business degree, and you should avoid any program that is not properly accredited. All programs in this database are regionally accredited.


You deserve a career backed by an outstanding education. Click on a program below for more information. Start your journey to success with a top-quality business degree today!

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