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Accredited Online Science Degrees

Science is the systematic examination of the physical world. Science is shaping the future, and you can be a part of the excitement! However, you can’t do it without the right education. With a degree in science, you’ll be well equipped to contribute to the world-shaping industries that need experts in science! Earning a science degree online will help you master critical thinking skills while developing a research mentality. Many different science degree programs are available online. Some cover focused topics, such as sound and energy (physics), while others are more narrow in subject matter. Enrolling in an online science degree program can be a very practical step toward a great career future. Science offers some of the best entry-level salaries when compared to other online degree majors. reports respectable starting salaries for graduates with science bachelor degrees. 


There are many opportunities you can enter if you choose to major in science. Depending on the specific degree field, you could work in biology, chemistry, geology, or environmental issues. You could have a job as a forensic scientist, a chemical engineer, or a geophysicist. Whether you are interested in the workings of the cosmos or the biology of microscopic lifeforms, there is really no limit to the path you can take when you complete a science degree.

Not only are there many unique opportunities, there are other advantages to studying science as your degree. For example, studying science gives you a strong understanding of the world and makes you a positive contributor to the progress of knowledge that we use everyday. Science also challenges your brain and helps you understand complex problems, making you a strong candidate for jobs in different fields, such as business or manufacturing.

There is also the fact that many science-related careers are growing at a rapid pace, strongly outpacing the national average of 7%. Of course, there are scientific careers that are not growing rapidly, but in general you will find that most science careers are trending upward. To better understand what you can do with a science degree, let’s look closer at two scientific careers you might pursue…

  • Atmospheric Scientist—Working in this profession, you will be responsible for studying the weather and the climate. You’ll examine how atmospheric conditions affect human activity, as well as their impact on the globe in general. Specific duties will include measuring temperatures, looking at atmospheric pressure, gauging wind speed, and more, all with the goal of helping people better protect themselves and plan against atmospheric changes. Considering that only a bachelor’s degree is required, the pay for this career is excellent. You can expect a median salary of $92,070, and if you are at the top 10% of this field, you’ll earn over $138,000 a year. With a job growth of 12%, it’s not only a profitable career, it’s also stable and secure.
  • Biochemist—Biochemists plan and conduct complex projects that involve the chemistry of biology. They may be responsible for managing lab teams, or they could isolate, analyze, and synthesize biological materials, such as proteins and fats. Once their lab work is done, they may also present research findings to colleagues or leaders in the field. This is an exciting career that has a strong median income, and the top 10% of the field stand to earn over $177,000. However, to work in this position, you will likely need a doctorate, which will take many years to complete. If you do enter the field, you’ll enjoy a career that has an expected growth of 11%.


While you need many hard skills to work in science, the most fundamental cha racteristic you will need is curiosity. If you are the type of person that is always looking for answers, and wants to know how certain things work and why certain things are the way they are, you might be a good fit for a science degree. If you enjoy working with ideas, discovering and inventing new ways to think about the world, and creating better ways to live our lives, then a science career might be right for you.


The online biology degree, online chemistry degree and online physics degree represent classic online laboratory science programs. However, online learning programs that focus solely on pure lab science are challenging to find, due to intense lab requirements. Hybrid programs—a mix of online classes and on-campus labs—are more common.

Most science degrees online are offered at the master’s level. Many online programs assume students are already employed in a professional scientific capacity and have access to lab facilities through their employer. If this is not an option for you, consider a hybrid program or internship. 


You can start a successful career in science today! Click on a program below to get more information on tuition, accreditation, and admission requirements. Compare costs carefully against the median cost of an online bachelor’s degree program ($30,000 to $50,000). 

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