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Business and Management Studies


Click HereThe most common degree subject, business and management is designed to make students think like a business. Every degree curriculum in the field has at least three things in common: teaching how a particular business functions, how it is managed and what strategies work best within it. These three lessons stretch across and connect a large variety of different business and management degrees. 
Individual business and management degrees emphasize different areas in the field. A student majoring in retail and one in international business will have very different course loads. However, each will be focused around the same three underlying principles. The most popular business degrees are in finance, marketing and human resource management. Ethics is growing increasingly common in business courses. Students are expected to understand the underlying moral ethics and risks attached to everyday business decision making. 


Business students are best suited to lecture halls, a place where they can grow comfortable and familiar with being under a spotlight.  How a business works and is managed has a lot to do with persuasion. Any evidence presented in the right fashion can carry the sound of opportunity. Business majors are taught the right words to use, when to use them and how to present them. This means lots of interaction and group work. 
By their senior year, business students are most comfortable in a crowded room and at home with all eyes on them. They are used to arguing for or against an opinion. Working with other students to create something successful gives them the confidence and experience necessary for running a retail team or marketing a product. 
Many students assume the major is mostly numbers. However, in the long run, managing money is just one of the many skills business degree majors are equipped with. They must also manage people.
The business graduate tool belt is a heavy one. They carry with them the knowledge of different business policies and strategies. Business majors understand business operations and the factors that influence them. These factors are a combination of people and money. Each must be placed and used effectively to ensure success.
It takes an education in both to understand markets and information systems. Employee production is not independent of finances. The two are directly connected. People must be understood before they can be persuaded or led to produce results. 
An understanding of people serves a very prominent purpose within a company. It also serves one outside of the office. Managing employees or a team is the act of managing people. This act cannot be done without being able to relate to the lives and needs of others. By determining the needs of a specific population, these skills develop successful marketing campaigns and results. 
Business graduates usually put their skills to good use within a comfortable office of a government agency or business. Entry-level positions may focus on a business graduate’s skills equally or a position may focus on a specific skill set. Secretaries often manage people more than numbers, whereas, accountants rarely need to look past the numbers. 
Managing people is literally a secretary’s job description. Acting as a support system for other staff members, secretaries lay out employee schedules and communication. They make appointments, take phone calls and draft emails to be sent. All of which require an expertise in people management or ability to recognize motivations, desires and needs. 

Business Office

An accountant does not need to worry about such things. They are busy counting money and adding figures. Ultimately, accountants use company money to produce reports. These reports are used by company managers to determine the quality of production and by the government to determine company taxes. 
A business graduate’s skill set finds middle ground in retail. This industry is based on learning what people need and satisfying it for a price. Retail associates use their people skills to predict, determine and locate what a person or population wants. In the act of satisfying that want, retail associates exercise their knowledge in numbers. They procure an item for a price, which must be less than what the item can be resold for. 
In a perfect world, the personality of a business major functions like the interior operations of a business. Perfection is possible. Many in the major operate as human-versions of organizations before ever enrolling in a program. 
Efficiency comes to business majors naturally. 

Business Personality

They organize their life this way. Their time and space is structured in a design suitable to personal goals. Time will not be wasted on activities with no end goal or reason. Business majors are driven people. Problems are met with excitement and goals are happily chased. Successful businesses feed off of this natural energy to succeed. 
Operating efficiently requires the knowledge of two subjects. Business majors are naturally born time managers. They are also naturally good at managing people.  These extroverted creatures thrive off of human interaction. Most can understand another person’s feelings at any given moment and even predict them. Business majors are naturally born mind readers with organization skills. 
Confidence is another quality that comes naturally to business majors. These individuals function primarily on exterior subjects. They also have a natural gift for managing and understanding them. However, understanding is different from empathy. Understanding is rational and logical. It protects business majors with an armor of reason. They have nothing to fear and it shows in the speeches that fuel their accomplishments.