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Top 6 Online MBA Real Estate Under $45,000

Top online MBA real estate programs

Real estate is big business, and if you want to earn some big bucks in real estate, you will likely want to complete an online MBA real estate program. To compete for top positions in this huge industry, a master’s in real estate online can allow you to keep working while you upgrade your skills and credentials to qualify for your dream job. Whether you work in real estate already, or want to switch careers, check out our list of top real estate master’s programs that come with an affordable price tag.

Why Get an MBA Real Estate Online?

There are many jobs you can get in real estate without a master’s degree, but there are a whole range of more interesting and bigger jobs you can get with a master’s degree. You could work as a commercial property development manager, lending asset manager, a commercial and investment banker, a mortgage broker, investment analyst, and many other emerging areas of subjects in the complex world of real estate. You need some serious knowledge to work in one of these specialties, and a masters in real estate online is a great way to get this qualification while you continue in your regular life, including your work and family commitments.

One question you may have is: should I get an MBA in real estate or another type of master’s degree? There are programs that give you an MBA with a specialization in real estate, and these will give you solid business education that will apply to the real estate business, but will also have courses in the concentration to delve a bit deeper. In an MBA program, just a small fraction of the other students will be focusing on real estate, and this can be a great way to network with a wide range of peers outside of real estate. An online MBA real estate program is also a great way to give yourself broad knowledge of business practices and skills, and could allow you to have more flexibility in your career to work in all types of industries in the future.

There are other real estate degree programs that you should consider as well. Master of Science or Master of Public Administration programs can be specialized to focus on real estate, and these degrees tend to go deeper into the subject at hand: applying skills and practices in the real estate industry. For certain types of complex jobs, these specialized programs may be a better fit for your career goals. If you want to specialize in land use management, real estate investment, or construction or development management, a stronger focus on the real estate industry could put you one step ahead.

The choice between an MBA real estate online vs. a different type of masters in real estate online comes down to where you are in your career path, what experience you have, and what your goals are. If you are switching careers and don’t have an undergraduate business degree, you may want the MBA to give you that solid core of business fundamentals that will help you achieve in the real estate world. However, if you already have business basics well in hand, either from education or extensive professional experience, you may want one of the online master’s real estate degrees that have more courses in the concentration. But ultimately, it is an individual choice based on what you think will best serve you in your career. Both types of masters in real estate degrees will broaden your job opportunities and give you advanced training to help you achieve some of the most important positions in the industry.

MBA Real Estate Program Costs

The format and length of MBA real estate online programs can vary from under one year to two years or more. The same goes for other masters in real estate degrees. You can find programs that will let you flexibly choose how many courses to register for each semester, or those who put you through on the track and schedule you choose at the beginning of the program. Depending on your own schedule, you may wish to do a part time program that allows you to continue a busy work and personal life. Or you may opt to get the degree done quickly so you can make your next career move with the master’s credential to boost your success. Consider your own needs and compare it to some of the best real estate masters programs with affordable tuition so you can prepare for more complex and responsible positions in the industry.

Tuition costs for an online real estate degree can vary from just over $20k for some of the most cost-effective programs, to over $40k for slightly more expensive yet still affordable programs. More expensive programs can run well over $120k in tuition for an online MBA real estate. But the quality programs on our list will cost you well south of $50k, and even less depending on possible discounts. Many schools offer special tuition rates for military students, in-state residents, and even first responders. Financial aid and corporate tuition programs can also make it easier to get your degree for less. Investigate all your options before you spend more than you need on your way to making a good living in advanced real estate specialties.

Careers with a Master’s in Real Estate

Getting your online master’s real estate can lead to many types of interesting career possibilities, many of them with above average compensation. For instance, Property, Real Estate, and Community Association Managers earn an average annual salary of $128,870, while Administrative Services and Facilities Managers earn a mean of $116,830. Positions that deal with real estate investment and valuation can pay even higher compensation. Real estate sales agents and mortgage loan officers may earn less, but there is a wider range of salary for those with the high-level knowledge that you gain in a masters program. The bottom line is that there are many lucrative careers for people with in-depth and specialized knowledge in real estate, and compensation follows the big numbers you will see in this industry.

Top 6 Online MBA Real Estate Programs

We have compiled a list of the best affordable masters in real estate online degree programs that you can get no matter where you live. Here are those schools:

  1. Longwood University – Master of Business Administration / Real Estate

    Total Cost (In-State): $21,816
    Total Cost (Out of State): $44,676

    Affordable tuition and the choice of an accelerated program are just two of the features that make the online MBA in Real Estate from Longwood University one of the best real estate master’s programs for working professionals. This program is 31 credits long, and can be completed 100% online in as little as ten months. There are six different start dates per year, and are in a convenient 7-week format. You can apply up until a couple of weeks before the courses start, so once you make your decision, you can get going right away. With this flexible and innovative master’s degree, you will learn about economics, development of local and global projects, marketing and market demand, and much more. Students will do a capstone project to integrate all their knowledge into a functional management perspective near the end of the program.

    The cost of Longwood’s degree is one of the great features: out-of-state students pay just $10 more per credit than Virginia residents, making this very affordable for students located anywhere. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, and should also have one of the following combinations of grades and experience: a minimum 3.0 GPA, a 2.75-2.99 GPA plus 3 years of professional experience, a 2.50-2.74 GPA plus 5 years of professional experience, 8 years of work experience past the bachelor’s, or a GPA below 2.50 and the GMAT with a minimum score of 400. Most applicants will not need to take the GMAT, which can save some time and money. The innovative admission criteria takes into account the fact that professional work experience can really contribute to a person’s readiness for the MBA, which makes sense.

    Longwood University’s master’s in real estate online is a cost-effective and quick degree program that provides a broad range of skills to budding real estate professionals. For those with lower GPA’s but some work experience, this program offers a fair admissions process.

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  2. Liberty University – Master of Business Administration / Real Estate Development

    Total Cost (In-State & Out-of-State): $26,520

    Courses for Liberty University’s online MBA in Real Estate Development are eight weeks long, and there are eight start dates per year, making this program easy to fit into a busy life. The curriculum at Liberty includes not just real estate related courses, but a strong foundation in core business competencies to make the degree broadly applicable to the job market. The program is great for people switching careers, or for students who are already working professionally in real estate. With 100% online classes, you can study for your degree no matter where you live.

    Liberty University has long experience with providing distance education and the format for distance courses in this program are well thought-out. The 45-credit program can typically be completed in about two years, but there is flexibility to accommodate scheduling needs of students.

    Tuition is very affordable, and Liberty can help you arrange federal financial aid, military benefits, corporate tuition reimbursement, or payment plans to make your education easy to pay for. Another fine feature is that Liberty will accept up to 50% of the degree in transfer credits, so if you have previous related graduate coursework, you can save money and time. Liberty University also has unique discount programs, such as a 25% discount for students who are first responders, and a discount for small business owners or employees during the pandemic downturn in the economy. With all of these tuition programs, you can stack the benefits to get more off the already-low tuition costs.

    The combination of affordability, flexibility, and a strong educational program make Liberty University’s degree program one of the top real estate master’s programs. For students who qualify for extra discounts, or for those who have many graduate credits to transfer, this is an especially appealing choice.

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  3. Florida International University – Master of Science in International Real Estate

    Total Cost (In-State): $30,428
    Total Cost (Out of State): $31,600

    For an immersive online real estate degree, you can’t go wrong with the online Master of Science in International Real Estate from Florida International University. The classes are live-streamed in the evenings, with an on-demand option for flexibility if you can’t be online at that time. The whole program can take 10 months if you start in the fall, or 12 months if you choose a spring semester start. For a complete focus on real estate topics, this degree includes courses that are specific to real estate in markets, finance, investments and valuation, law, development, market analysis, and management. Students have the opportunity to master the latest technology in real estate, including ARGUS, Costar, and GIS. The program also helps prepare students for a number of certifications or designation in real estate.

    Not only is there career development and mentoring through this program, but your peer students will be other varied real estate professionals, giving you a vast network for your own professional needs. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA and minimum scores on the GRE or GMAT. Test waivers are available for people with 4 years of real-estate related business experience, an undergraduate degree in a related area with a minimum GPA of 3.25, or a graduate degree with a GPA over 3.0.

    For this terrific program in real estate, out-of-state students will pay just slightly more than Florida residents, making it affordable to all. With fast completion times, professional peers, and a strong real estate focus, the MS from Florida International University makes a terrific choice for those who are already immersed in real estate or a related field.

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  4. Florida State University – Master of Business Administration / Real Estate

    Total Cost (In-State): $30,427
    Total Cost (Out of State): $31,599

    The Florida State University online MBA with Real Estate Specialization is designed as a part time program and requires no campus visits at all. The program is 39 credits and can be completed in seven semesters. For both working professionals with extensive experience and people with proven academic success, the program provides strong core courses in business topics like financial reporting, legal and ethical issues, marketing strategy, organizational behavior, operations, IT management, and more. The real estate specialization has 12 credits of classwork that include valuation, real estate finance, real estate investment, and one elective.

    There are no prerequisite courses for the program, but people without experience or education in economics and accounting are recommended to do some preparatory coursework. Admission is highly competitive and applicants are required to submit GRE scores, although those with graduate degrees, high GPA scores from business school, or extensive work experience may qualify to have the requirement waived Students can apply to begin in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. All students pay the same price for this cost-effective degree, so students from anywhere can benefit from this top-notch program.

    The FSU MBA real estate online is a great program for students who want a solid business education along with their concentration, an affordable tuition price, and a part time distance education.

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  5. Georgetown University – Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate

    Total Cost (In-State & Out-of-State): $41,679

    For many options of format and scheduling, the online Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate from Georgetown University is a great choice. Students can choose to study full time or part time, with up to five years to complete the degree. For those who live in the region, they can opt to take some classes online and some in person, as the two programs offer the same curriculum. Another nice feature of this program is the option of concentrations within the real estate curriculum, with choices including development, global, finance or construction management. Classes are all asynchronous, so require no specific time to sign on, and there is no requirement for visits to campus.

    The basic curriculum in this program includes coursework in law, finance, markets, accounting, ethics, and a capstone project. Students chose their electives to design their concentration, with a total of 33 credits and 11 courses to finish the degree. Applicants from all U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are welcome, as are international students from most countries. There are no graduate exam scores required to apply, and once in the program, students can access all the same resources as on-campus students, including the academic resource center, writing center, library, psychological counseling, veteran’s services, and more.

    For students who seek an intensive real estate curriculum from an internationally known university, with flexible scheduling and many support services, Georgetown’s MPS is a great way to go.

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  6. Florida International University – Professional Master of Business Administration / Real Estate

    Total Cost (In-State & Out-of-State): $42,000

    With the online Professional MBA with a concentration in Real Estate, you have the choice to complete the degree in 18, 21, or 33 months and to choose one of five different start dates per year. Classes are 100% online and are 8 weeks long. Real estate courses are offered every spring, and another boon is that MBA real estate online students can choose more than one concentration, so could add an extra specialty to their real estate expertise. Though not required of students, there is a 2-day residency in Miami offered where students can meet peers and faculty to network and take workshops.

    Core parts of the curriculum include business topics including financial reporting and analysis, accounting, marketing management in a global environment, organizational behavior, and legal issues, among others. The two courses for the concentration are Real Estate Markets, Institutions, and Practices, and Advanced Real Estate Investment Valuation. Another feature of the curriculum is a series of professional development seminars that are completed during the first term of the program, with topics of work preference assessment, presentation skills, and business career management.

    The program has reasonable tuition that is the same no matter where you reside, and there are veteran’s benefits and some scholarships are available in addition to the normal financial aid options. Other metrics about this program are that 50% of students are women and the average student has over seven years of work experience. Working with professional peers within the MBA program creates terrific networking opportunities. Admission can be competitive, but it is possible to waive the GRE requirement with work experience and previous successful academic achievement. However, applications are considered holistically, so many factors will go into the admission decisions. FIU’s real estate degree makes an excellent choice for students who want a broad-based business education along with their concentration, and who desire the flexibility to fit study around a busy life.

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