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The 19 Highest Paying Business Degree Jobs in 2017

Best Business Degree JobsA business degree can be incredibly valuable to your future success.

Versatile, expansive, and comprehensive, the best business degrees help you thrive in the complex world of industry, marketing, finance, and sales.

But what can you do after completing your business education? The short answer is anything, but there are a few business degree jobs that offer excellent pay, often with a bachelor’s degree or less.
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The Skills You Get from a Business Degree

A business major is one of the most broad and wide-ranging degrees you can have. The educational path gives you skills and knowledge that apply to nearly any organization, from the private sector to non-profits to government agencies. It’s also one of the best degrees if you hope to become an entrepreneur.

During a business education, you’ll learn how organizations operate, how they find revenue sources, how negotiations are made, and how or why some businesses succeed while others fail.

You’ll also develop personal skills that are important for business professionals. This will include presentation skills, logistical and analytical thinking, decision making, project management, and more.

A business degree will give you the tools and resources you need to thrive in many different areas of the market. Depending on the specific classes you take and any academic focus you choose, you may learn about marketing, financing, and staff management. All of these skills can be applied to multiple industries and sectors, and the skills are desired by employers all across the country, giving you greater freedom on where, how, and (most importantly) why you work.

Best Jobs for Business Majors: Associate’s Degree

Because business degrees and business jobs aren’t regulated like some other fields, (there’s no bar exam or mandatory state certifications) there are many top-quality positions that require no more than an associate’s degree. In fact, these three lucrative entry-level jobs generally require a high school diploma, but your chances of landing the position are enhanced by an associate degree.
#1 Advertising Sales Agent

Mean Salary: $50,380

As an advertising sales agent, you’ll be responsible for locating and contacting clients and offering your firm’s advertising services. Your clients will be businesses and other organizations that have something to sell, and you may travel or work from your office, depending on the position. The top earners in this field can bring in over $115,000, although advertising sales agent positions are expected to decline by 3% between 2014 and 2024. Newspaper and print advertising is expected to decline, but there will likely be opportunities in the digital market.



#2 Insurance Sales Agent

Mean Salary: $49,990

Insurance can be complex and confusing, but sales agents help people choose the right plans to protect themselves from significant financial loss. Depending on the job, a sales agent may sell auto, home, life, business, or many other forms of specialized insurance.  The job requires listening skills, selling skills, and communication skills, but it’s possible to start the career with only an associate’s degree or less. The top salaries for this position can be around $128,000, making it highly profitable for the top people, and job growth is expected to be roughly 9%.



#3  Real Estate Broker

Mean Salary: $46,410

You can become a real estate broker with only a high school diploma, although an associate’s degree in business or marketing will certainly help you succeed in this career, which requires self-motivation and commitment to service. Real estate brokers in particular earn a sizable income, with the top 10% bringing in over $160,000 a year. Outlook is less than stellar, however, as the position will only grow about 3% by 2024.


Best Jobs for Business Majors: Bachelor’s Degree

#1 Advertising or Marketing Manager

Mean Salary: $127,560

For business majors, transitioning into advertising and promotions is a profitable decision. Managers in this field coordinate advertising plans, monitor team progress, negotiate contracts, and evaluate marketing efforts. A business degree with a focus on marketing and management can help you succeed in this position. The top earners in this category command an average salary of over $200,000 a year, and the job outlook is expected to grow by 9% by 2024.



#2  Financial Manager

Mean Salary: $121,750

With a large average salary, this is one of the top business degree jobs you can find. Financial managers will prepare statements, monitor details, supervise financial employees, and analyze market trends. Although you’ll need accounting education, a business degree helps you thrive in this management position. Many companies also prefer hiring candidates with master’s degree level educations. Top financial managers command an average salary of $208,000, and job growth is expected to be steady, at roughly the same rate as the national average, which is 7%.

#TRENDING: Capella University.

#3 Sales Manager

Mean Salary: $117,960

Sales managers are typically responsible for organizing and monitoring the efforts of sales staffs. A business major will help you thrive in this position, providing the skills you need to keep the sales goals moving forward. Sales managers can work in many different areas and industries, but the top 10% in this position typically earn about $208,000. Good sales managers are always in demand, although outlook is merely decent, at 5% growth between 2014 and 2024.

#TRENDING: Purdue University Global.

The Highest Paying Business Degree Jobs

There are, of course, many jobs in the business sector with a wide variety of titles. However, there are some positions, as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that give you an excellent income. These jobs give you plenty of opportunities to put your business major to good use…

 Purchasing Manager Average salary: $111,590
Organizations need materials. For large companies, the simple act of ordering these materials is a full-time job. Purchasing managers plan, direct, and manage the buying of essential materials, working to get the right items to the right place at the best price. A good purchasing manager is invaluable to a thriving company. But the value can be defined, and in this case it’s an average salary of $111,590, with the top 10% earning more than $177,000. Unfortunately, job growth is expected to be roughly 1%, making the position lucrative but dwindling.
 Training & Development Manager Average salary: $105,830
The quality of staff in a company is directly related to that organization’s success. In simpler terms, people matter. Training and development managers coordinate training efforts to enhance the skills of people in every industry. They often work in large offices and spend most of their time with people. The position is directly tied to job growth, so outlook for this position is steady, right along with the national average at 7%. There is plenty of opportunity for advancement, as the top 10% earn about $184,000 a year.
 Corporate Executive Average salary: $103,950
A quality corporate executive helps organize and strategize a company, helping meet specific goals and coordinating activities from operations to marketing. They can have many duties, including the management of general activities to directly overseeing budgets. The top executives average a little over $103,000 a year, while the top 10% earns a sizable income of $208,000. Expected job growth is relatively the same as the national average.
 Production Manager Average salary: $97,140
Called “industrial production managers” by the BLS, these business professionals oversee the daily operations of manufacturing and plant production across many different products and materials. They work in areas such as automotive, computer, or even paper manufacturing, but their overall position is closely tied to management and organizational skills. The position earns a significant income, and the top 10% command an average salary of $165,000. Unfortunately, demand will drop 4% between 2014 and 2024, limiting opportunities for this business degree job.
 Medical & Health Services  Manager Average salary: $96,540
In this position, you will plan and coordinate healthcare and health services. Medical and health service managers work in offices inside healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes. To start in this career, one of the best business majors you can have is business administration, although there are health administration and other degrees that are also effective. The pay for this career is substantial, and the top 10% can earn roughly $172,000 in a year. The job outlook is also one of the highest. The career opportunities are expected to grow 17%, due to the expected increase in national healthcare needs.
 Administrative Services Manager Average salary: $90,050
This position may have one of the broadest-ranging set of responsibilities in any organization. Administrative services managers will plan and direct support services for various organizations, maintaining facilities and supervising activities. They can buy supplies, supervise clerical staff, manage records, or recommend operational changes. Essentially, they are responsible for keeping the office moving in the right direction. This position often commands salaries over $100,000, and the top 10% actually earn over $159,000. Outlook is strong and the position is expected to remain consistent with the job market, growing 7% between 2014 and 2024.
 Financial Analyst Average salary: $81,760
Financial analysts can work with both individuals and businesses, making recommendations for investments and providing information on stocks, bonds, and other types of investment opportunities. The are trained to evaluate financial data, study economic trends, and prepare written reports, all with the goal of steadily increasing the value of an investment portfolio. The most successful financial analysts earn over $165,000, and job growth is expected to be 12%, making it both a lucrative and in-demand job for business majors. A bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is helpful for landing this job, and many of the top analysts have MBA degrees.
Management Analyst Average salary: $81,330
These are the people that work to improve a company’s efficiency and operations. They may advise managers, gather information, interview personnel, or develop solutions, depending on the specific need of the business they work for. About one in five management analysts are self-employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top management analysts earn an average of $149,720 a year, and job growth is expected to rise by 14%, roughly double the national average. This position offers the opportunity to work with many different industries across numerous regions, making it one of the most versatile and engaging careers in business.
 Logistician Average salary: $74,170
A supply chain is the system through which products are moved from a producer to the final customer. A logistician is the professional who oversees the supply chain, ensuring the products reach the right place in an efficient and accurate manner. They may monitor the life cycle of a product, direct material, develop relationships with suppliers, and look for ways to improve the entire system. Being a logistician is one of the most complex careers in business, so while this job can be obtained with an associate’s degree, many have bachelor’s degrees in business, management, or systems engineering. The top 10% earn an average of $117,000, but job growth is expected to be only 2%.
 Securities, Commodities, &  Financial Service Sales Agent Average salary: $67,310
In the financial sector, you essentially have two parties: buyers and sellers. In this position, the task is to connect the two. The job will include contacting potential clients, offering advice on securities and commodities, and analyzing potential profits, as well as the costs and revenues of upcoming agreements. While the average annual salary is less than $70,000, the top agents in this field can earn a significant income. The top 10% actually earns roughly $208,000, so if you excel, expect to have a top income. Outlook is expected to be 7%, giving the job relative stability as well.
 Loan Officer Average salary: $67,310
Loan officers typically use advanced software and algorithms (mostly credit scores) to gauge whether or not an institution should lend money to an individual or company. While a lot of the work involves interpreting hard data, there is a certain level of one-on-one customer service required for the job. Pay for this position is relatively high, and the top 10% can expect a salary of $132,290 a year. Expected job growth for this position is also good. At 8%, it is slightly above the national average.
 Market Research Analyst Average salary: $63,650
Working in this position, you will monitor and forecast the market to help companies understand exactly what consumers want. This can involve monitoring sales trends, analyzing marketing plans, gathering data, and breaking down information into understandable graphs and charts. A degree in business administration supported by studies in statistics, research, and marketing is an effective path for these careers in business. The top 10% for this position will earn over $121,000 a year, and the expected job growth is 19%, giving the position both high pay and long-term stability.
 Human Resource Specialist Average salary: $59,180
Companies need high-quality people to recruit, interview, and train staff, and they call on human resource specialists to meet this need. HR specialists will also help with employee relations, compensation plans, and benefits. Typically an HR specialist will have a degree in business or human resources, and certifications are available through private organizations. Certifications build skills and make HR staff more appealing to employers. The top human resources specialists will earn over $100,000 a year, but job growth is only expected to be 5%. The relative drop in positions will largely be fueled by increased use of online recruiting and training.


Selling Your Business Skills Outside the Traditional Job Market

So what happens if you decide to apply for a job outside of the traditional business market? How can you make your skills and knowledge attractive to employers in government institutions or non-profit organizations? There are actually many ways that your education will benefit these organizations, but you have to know how to sell your skills.

Always remember that many of the skills learned in business school directly apply outside of the private sector. For example, government agencies are always looking for people who can organize projects and manage people while maintaining efficiency and financial responsibility. Non-profit organizations need marketing and advertising skills for their fundraising efforts, so if you have a background in marketing, you’ll be able to sell yourself to these groups.

Continuing Education Ideas for Business Majors

While you won’t need to re-certify or renew any professional licensing, it is always a good idea to continue your education as a business major. One of the most common paths is an MBA, or Master’s in Business Administration, which is available in-person or online from many high-quality institutions.

However, you don’t have to enroll in a master’s program. There are plenty of seminars, training courses, and industry publications that help you stay up-to-date in the business world.

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