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Online Bachelor’s Degree Construction Management Programs

online bachelors degree construction management

An online bachelor’s degree construction management can set you apart in a growing and lucrative field. Construction managers are vital professionals who plan, evaluate and oversee development projects. For many young professionals, this field represents an excellent opportunity to work hard and earn money.

Many high-quality online bachelor’s degrees in construction management are available to aspiring professionals. These degrees are accessible, academically rigorous, and great for jumpstarting or advancing in a new profession.

Not sure which degrees to prioritize? Today, let’s look at the best online bachelor’s degrees in construction management one by one.

Top 12 Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Construction Management

There are dozens of different construction management online degrees. The 12 online bachelor’s degrees in construction management below are ideal for their affordability, class options, and other factors.

1. Everglades University

Everglades University is an excellent school providing an online bachelor’s degree in construction management. This program prepares graduates for entry-level management careers. Throughout the program, students learn about:

  • How to practice sustainability with construction programs
  • OSHA standards and adherence protocols
  • Construction estimating

In addition to core coursework, students must complete a 21-credit minor. Fortunately, they get to choose the minor focus.

To date, many students in this program have worked at employers like Lockheed Martin, Adecco, and similar companies. Although this program is online, it also includes a remote orientation program.

Another perk is the College Central software, which the university uses to ensure resource distribution to all students. Overall, it’s an excellent online construction management program from start to finish.

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2. National University

National University is a popular school that offers an online bachelor’s degree construction management program. Students will learn topics such as:

  • Field inspection and safety
  • Surveying
  • Legal elements for engineering

Students can apply their skills and knowledge over a three-part capstone at the end of the program.

A substantial benefit of National University is its career advisors. These professionals help students learn to negotiate high salaries, practice their interview skills, and more. Another benefit is weekly webinars. These provide additional learning resources for young professionals wanting to maximize their opportunities.

All new students must take the ACCUPLACER exam if they don’t have ACT or SAT scores. More importantly, NU will exempt students from taking courses if they can pass challenge exams. Lastly, National University gives special scholarships to students who need financial aid or active-duty military service members.

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3. Indiana State University

Indiana State University offers an online bachelor’s degree in construction management. This degree prepares students for careers as construction superintendents, safety managers, and more. The program curriculum includes topics and courses such as:

  • Environmental control systems
  • Architectural graphics
  • Ethics and construction

At the program’s conclusion, students complete a capstone project. The project simulates running construction companies, bidding for contracts, and other professional tasks.

Notably, undergraduate alumni from Indiana State University have a 95% job placement rate. The school’s excellent career center gives students access to internships, job opportunities, and more.

First-time applicants must have a high school diploma and submit various standardized test scores. The program also includes a GPA cut-off. Students can potentially take advantage of merit-based scholarships for financial aid if they are first-year learners.

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4. Colorado State University-Pueblo

This online construction management degree includes various eight-week courses on topics like:

  • Concrete and steel structure construction
  • Statics and structures
  • Land surveying

Notably, CSU Pueblo rotates its online courses each semester. In this way, full-time students can easily graduate within four years. On the downside, skipping a semester may mean more of a delay here than at other schools.

Each student must complete a senior project, a detailed proposal for a construction management business.

The career center is also excellent. It provides resources like coaching appointments, job search strategy assistance, and resume critiquing. 90% of CSU Pueblo students get a full-time or part-time position within six months of graduating.

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5. Park University

Park University offers an accessible online bachelor’s degree in construction management. It includes 36 credits of business courses in total with 24 credits of construction management courses. In addition, all students can customize their educational experiences by adding three electives. Core courses cover topics such as:

  • Business law
  • Construction project management
  • Financial management

Regardless, Park University provides all students with mock interviews, assistance writing cover letters, and other resources. Virtual workshops to hone professionalism and communication skills. 24/7 virtual services make Park University one of the best online schools for extra amenities.

To apply, remember that Park University accepts online students at three points over the year. All students must have high school and college transcripts. Active-duty military students can get a tuition discount of up to 40%. Thus, this could be a very affordable educational choice for some.

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6. University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi offers an online bachelor’s degree in construction engineering technology. This program prepares students to enter the construction management workforce, especially leadership positions.

Students will study coursework on surveying, construction organization, hydraulics, and surface drainage.

All graduates have refined construction management and technology skills by the program’s end. The program’s course materials emphasize how engineering technology can impact societies around the globe. Thus, it’s an excellent program for future construction managers who want to work for international companies. It may also be a suitable choice for students who wish to focus on environmental sustainability and typical construction management topics.

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7. Tarleton State University

Tarleton State University provides an online Bachelor of Science in Construction Science Management. This program offers unique course materials that emphasize the modern place of construction science. It teaches students how to merge new technologies and design principles with managerial philosophies.

All coursework is very academically rigorous, yet it is flexible and customizable. The asynchronous format allows students to complete the course materials at a pace that works for their needs. Some of the courses include:

  • Engineering mechanics
  • Mechanics of materials
  • Industrial design

Graduates may find jobs in production planning and management, automated manufacturing, and construction project management. Note that the application process can be fairly rigorous. In addition to SAT and or ACT scores, applicants must provide some extra information.

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8. University of Wisconsin Stout

The University of Wisconsin Stout is a public university offering a variety of online bachelor and graduate degrees. The online construction management degree is 100% asynchronous and online, perfect for working adults.

The program requires students to have some experience in the construction industry before entry. Notably, the same educators who teach on-campus teach online courses.

This curriculum covers science in construction management, construction finance principles, and more. Students who already have completed classes in the construction industry or have some experience in construction may qualify for class waivers. In theory, this may allow some students to complete their degrees more quickly.

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9. North Dakota State University

This online Bachelor of Science in Construction Management is an accessible program that enrolls new students every semester, so you don’t need to worry about applying before a specific deadline.

The program covers important construction management topics. But it also includes course materials on business principles, leadership, and construction safety management. Students prepare to run safe worksites that aren’t in danger of breaking OSHA or other standards.

Furthermore, this program has accreditation from the American Council for Construction Education. Accredited programs help students get positions after graduation. Alternatively, students can stay with the same university in progress to an MS in Construction Management afterward. This graduate program can prepare students for future career opportunities after a few years of working in the industry.

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10. University of Minnesota Twin Cities

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities offers an online bachelor’s degree in construction management. In this degree program, all students will learn from the same industry experts and faculty members that teach the in-person program counterparts.

Students complete complex coursework projects that teach current industry technologies and business practices. With a retention rate of 93%, this program covers material such as:

  • Commercial construction
  • Facility management
  • Highway heavy and civil works
  • Residential construction

By the program’s end, all students should have plenty of knowledge in the topics of construction technologies and design. Students can concentrate their learning on results measurement, quality assurance, estimation, and cost analysis. These focuses allow graduates to pursue specific degree pathways or industries depending on their preferences.

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11. Rowan University

Rowan University offers an online BA in Construction Management. This distant education program is a refined bachelor’s journey: perfect for those already in the construction industry. It’s also ideal for apprentices who want to develop leadership skills to acquire more lucrative positions in the future.

All applicants have to submit high school transcripts and credits from undergraduate institutions. Students must also need a cumulative GPA benchmark of 2.0 or more. Students who are part of the North American Building Trades Union must also submit proof of their current union card.
After completing the program, all students should be able to communicate with and manage construction teams capably. Students arm themselves with effective project management techniques, strategies, and philosophies for their future careers.

During the program, students will take on course materials, including:

  • Construction safety and loss prevention
  • Project building systems
  • Construction cost accounting
  • Construction cost estimating and finance
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12. University of Oklahoma Norman

The University of Oklahoma’s Norman campus, founded in 1890, is one of the oldest schools in the country. More importantly, it now offers an undergraduate online bachelor’s program for construction management professionals. Unfortunately, the graduate program in the same major is only available on-campus.

Regardless, this competitive program only accepts a handful of students (typically 50 per year for the fall semester). On the plus side, graduates from this program have a 90% job placement rate after graduating. This nationally recognized program has won 20 national and 60 regional awards over the last decade.

All students take rigorous courses such as construction management principles, construction science, and management financing. All students must also take an Associate Contractor Exam in their senior years. This program proves its value since pass rates for the Exam are higher than the national average in most years.

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What Does an Online Bachelor’s Degree Construction Management Include?

Of course, knowing what to expect from an online bachelor’s degree in construction management is a good idea. Students need to understand what each program includes before they sign up. That way, they can gather the materials or take certain classes beforehand.

Classes in Bachelor’s Programs for Construction Management

Most bachelor’s programs and construction management cover a similar batch of topics. While certain degrees might focus on one area or another of construction management, they should all cover key subjects. The subjects include:

  • Construction materials and methods. These courses may break down different categories of construction materials: properties and typical uses. More importantly, such classes should explain how to sequence materials in a construction project for future managers.
  • Soils in construction. These courses, which may or may not be lab-based, break down different soil types. Soil can affect construction timelines, construction safety limitations, and much more. It’s crucial information for future construction managers.
  • Construction scheduling. These courses teach students how to perform accurate time estimates. That’s very important when planning construction projects, especially for clients with millions of dollars. This class is vital for prospective managers so they know how to schedule workers without anyone burning out.
  • Construction accounting and finance. Such classes train future managers to perform accurate and legal accounting for their businesses. These classes are significant for prospective business owners who want to run their own construction companies.
  • Cost estimating and bidding. Every construction manager eventually needs to bid for different projects. These classes will teach those professionals the skills necessary to estimate costs for components, labor, and more. They should also teach students how to prepare bid sheets so they can send their bids to clients.

How Long Does a Bachelor’s in Construction Management Take?

On average, a bachelor’s program in construction management takes four years to complete. It’s a standard bachelor’s degree that includes two years broadly comprising general education classes. However, the latter two years of a construction management degree should be more focused. These two years should consist of most of the above courses.

That said, some students may be able to complete their degree programs more quickly:

  • Students with credits from a community college may only need two or so years to complete a full bachelor’s program. However, they must still take four years to complete all the material.
  • Students with experience in the construction industry might test out of certain classes. Only some online universities allow students to take advantage of this possibility.

The length of a degree can matter significantly to future construction managers. Generally, online programs are advantageous since they allow students to complete programs on a part-time basis. That is, students don’t have to attend class all week long. Such schedules can be great for students who need to work while finishing their education.

Admission Requirements for Online Bachelor’s in Construction Management

Universities also have different admissions requirements for construction management programs. Generally, the online admission requirements are the same or similar to those for on-campus programs. But it all depends on the school in question.

Most online bachelor’s degrees in construction management begin in the spring or fall. Therefore, students should keep application deadlines in mind when deciding which schools they want to attend.

The following qualifications are usually required to attend an online bachelor’s degree construction management program:

  • A complete application, which includes the student’s personal information and GPA
  • A GPA above a certain range – Usually, this is 2.0 or so. More rigorous universities may require a higher GPA minimum.
  • Test scores from the SAT or ACT. Some schools allow students to avoid standardized testing by taking school-specific exams instead.
  • Letters of recommendation. Just one for most programs, but two letters are even better. The letters can come from teachers at previous schools, direct construction industry supervisors, and similar individuals.
  • An application essay that breaks down a student’s reason for joining the program
  • Official high school or community college transcripts

Career Outlook for Construction Management Graduates

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction managers earn reasonably high salaries. On average, they earn approximately $98,890 per year. However, some construction managers earn over $163,000. Others earn less than $61,000. Salaries depend heavily on experience, state of residence, and the types of jobs one takes.

Perhaps more importantly, construction manager graduates should benefit from an excellent job industry. The field should grow by 11% by 2030, faster than the average measured by the same database.

In other words, graduates who get a degree in construction management should have their fair share of employment opportunities. Students must still get some on-the-job experience to qualify for most positions. Even so, available construction management jobs should increase rather than decrease over the next few years.

Therefore, students who want a career they can work on for years might consider construction management. There’s a lot of potential for career advancement and promotions over one’s life.

Construction Management Online Degrees

Overall, online bachelor’s degrees in construction management can provide excellent professional pathways for many young students. Construction management is an important field that’s likely to become even more critical in the near future. Those with the right credentials can set themselves up for success for years to come.

Luckily, all these online bachelor’s degree construction management programs are available now. For more information on each degree, check out the list of online construction management degrees.

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