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Top Construction Management Online Schools with ACCE Accreditation

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Construction has changed rapidly since the beginning of civilization, with new technologies, rules, materials, and methods introduced every year. Therefore, there is a need for educated and informed construction managers. If you are interested in pursuing this career, read on about construction management online schools with ACCE accreditation.

Online programs specializing in construction management may help you obtain the skills needed to compete in today’s industry. Whether you are currently employed in construction or searching for a new career, there are programs to help you succeed.

The best thing is you don’t have to leave your current job or relocate to learn these skills. Instead, you can master the most cutting-edge ideas from anywhere on the globe!

Due to their lack of geo-restrictions, these online construction management degree programs are the most flexible and provide the best education available.

Who Needs Credentials in Construction Management?

Construction management is an excellent occupation for those with technical aptitude, an interest in reading blueprints, and understanding project development steps.

Employers typically seek managers who can organize projects, coordinate construction crews, enforce construction procedures, estimate costs, and ensure deadlines.

Hands-on experience is essential to learning these skills. Therefore, obtaining an online degree may not be enough to get management positions. As a result, many begin as assistants or laborers and work their way up to construction managers.

However, getting certified is always a wise choice for career advancement since certifications are globally recognized.

Credentials that keep your Career Options Open

The following might be a good fit if you’re interested in learning more about construction management but also want to keep your options open:

  • An online construction management certificate,
  • Bachelor’s degree, or a
  • Master’s degree program.

Here, we’ll go through some of the options available to obtain a certificate for the job site and the management office. There are programs available for all levels based on your experience, education, and objectives.

You can quickly pursue a certificate or master’s degree in many construction programs. However, this is only applicable if you already possess an undergraduate degree in the following fields:

The majority of programs allow you to continue working as you learn. These courses can help you advance your skills and knowledge, acquire a new specialty, fill in knowledge gaps, and assist you in climbing the corporate ladder.

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Credentials that Build a Specialized Skillset

If you’re looking for a program to specialize in, consider programs with the most extensive and intensive courses in your specialty.

You may enroll in a master’s or graduate certificate program if your undergraduate degree is in a different field. That is if you have worked in the construction industry. Before you enroll in their programs, most institutions will require you to fulfill specific academic requirements in topics such as mathematics or engineering.

Additionally, some schools will accept applicants without meeting the criteria if they pass equivalency examinations or present proof of prior work experience.

For individuals with an associate’s degree, several programs will help you transfer your college credits into a construction management bachelor’s program. If you know construction management is the field you want to work in, then look for a school with general education and move on to the major for achieving your goals.

Overall, many of the courses in construction management help you sit for one of the qualifying exams. They aim to help you become licensed in a particular area of specialty.

Therefore, it’s best to assess your options based on the licensure you need. Whether you want to work in scheduling, project management, finance, safety, you should always survey your options first.

How Does It Work?

Construction management degrees, like other online programs, are delivered similarly. The majority of your lessons would be asynchronous, meaning you may access your tasks, engage with instructors and pupils on a chat forum, and complete your weekly work at any time.

Synchronous learning may also be included in specific courses, requiring you to be available at a particular time to join a “live” class. Most construction education programs will need you to complete the course within a certain amount of time and participate in a class with your peers.

That’s not all. A few of the programs feature self-paced learning options, allowing you to progress through a course at your pace and availability. Also, many institutions offer a project component, often known as a capstone experience, where you would engage in hands-on activities in your community.

In some cases, a more research-oriented thesis as the last project is accepted. However, these often aren’t required in certificate programs.

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Considerations Before Picking Online Construction Management Programs

Consider what time you have to study, the type of education you prefer, and other factors before applying to any school. When learning online, it is critical to have a lot of self-motivation to stay on track. Most programs include extra help in the form of tutoring and technical assistance if you feel you might need it.

Also, military personnel, trade unions, and others may benefit from tuition reductions at specific institutions. Check with all of your choices to make education more affordable. You might qualify for federal student loans and other financial assistance if you’re enrolled for at least six credits.

What is the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE)?

The ACCE accredits construction-related education programs that meet certain educational criteria. Therefore, this body has specific regulations for programs applying for accreditation.

Once a program decides to seek accreditation, it must submit a comprehensive study of the program. Afterward, qualified educators and industry experts will follow a site visit to ensure the program complies with the educational requirements necessary to prepare people for the workplace.

The following are some of the criteria the ACCE considers in education programs:

  • A firm school structure
  • Educational autonomy
  • Faculty engagement
  • Curriculum quality and applicability
  • Faculty quality and workload
  • Administrative support
  • Physical and financial resources, and
  • Student rules.

The American Council for Construction Education pays close attention to programs with up-to-date knowledge in the construction industry. It is the ACCE’s primary strategy for doing business. In addition, the education supplied must be relevant to the industry, and students must have adequate resources to learn and succeed.

Types of ACCE Accreditation?

Two of the main types of accreditation include:

1. Programmatic Accreditation

Programmatic accreditation ensures the program’s courses and curriculum will adhere to industry standards, resulting in a vital education to advance your career.

2. Regular or Regional Accreditation

The most typical means to get accredited is through a regional or national association. It examines the school’s finances, quality, policies, and administration.

The ACCE accreditation is for distinct construction disciplines and is granted by experts who specialize in these topics.

Why an ACCE Accredited Online Program Matters?

The ACCE recognizes each program on its terms. It is up to each school to make the time and effort necessary to achieve the ACCE. Accredited schools maintain high levels of quality, so students can rest assured their education is aligned with industry standards.

It’s important to know this accreditation does not necessarily mean the program is the best available. However, it does indicate it meets or exceeds expected standards.

Some programs (especially those without the same accreditation standards as an ACCE-accredited construction management program) offer lower fees. However, many employers are searching for applicants who’ve completed reputable ACCE-accredited programs.

Online Construction Management Programs with ACCE Accreditation

Here is a list of online construction management schools with ACCE accreditation. Click on any program to find out more about its offerings.

1. Clemson University

Clemson’s Master of Construction Science and Management (MCSM) is an online degree program with 30-36 credit hours. It features a thesis or a comprehensive exam that may be written as an alternative to a dissertation.

There are two start dates each year, and applicants must have a 3.0 GPA in undergraduate study, the GRE, and one year of qualified experience in the construction industry. Up to 9 credits from another institution with department permission may be applied to this program.

The curriculum allows for adaptability and can be used for self-fulfillment, professional development, greater understanding of construction, or preparation to teach at a university or college.

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2. Eastern Michigan University

If you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and wish to pursue your knowledge in quality management, then Eastern Michigan University is the place for you. The 30-36 credit hour MS in Quality Management program can help you achieve this as well if you only have a bachelor’s degree but want to pursue a master’s,

Both programs require a 2.7 undergraduate GPA and specific technical skills as part of the Engineering Technology school. The programs are accessible in most US states, although they are not available in all of them. International students can take the TOEFL or another examination to show they meet the minimum English proficiency requirements.

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3. Indiana State University

Indiana State University’s BSCM (Bachelor of Science in Construction Management) is a 120-credit hour diploma program where students can transfer up to 90 credits from another institution.

The program features internships available for both full-time or part-time students to complete in four years. All US states and territories, the District of Columbia, and Canada are welcome to apply. However, international students other than those from the United States Military and State Department families and their dependents are not accepted into this program.

Lastly, the following are prerequisites for students who want to participate in the program:

  • Windows computer or a Mac with Windows installed to participate in the program
  • High school GPA of at least 2.5 is required for admission, or
  • 2.5 college GPA for transfer students.
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4. Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College

The Master of Science in Construction Management at Louisiana State University requires 36-credit-hours and 12 seven-week courses to complete the degree program.

It takes only 24 months to complete the whole program. Students who do not have a bachelor’s degree in construction management, architecture, or engineering must take extra courses to finalize the master’s.

Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA (or 2.75 for probationary acceptance) and meet particular GRE requirements. However, this isn’t a requirement for US citizens with three years of managerial construction experience.

With six start dates each year, this institution may accept a 2.5 GPA or higher from applicants with an AIC certification.

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5. University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi has a fully online Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Technology program. Students may complete it from the comfort of their own homes at in-state tuition rates. And, it’s a military-friendly school. It also accepts students with minimal or no prior education.

The program is open to students who want to learn full-time or part-time. And, the Engineering Technology Accreditation of the ABET has accredited this degree.

Estimators, project managers, safety management experts, and schedulers, among others, are all potential careers for students after this program. Furthermore, this university has specific GPAs and test scores for applicants to meet, and transfer students are eligible for admission.

Lastly, the institution permits students to take examinations to pass specific criteria, saving them time and money.

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6. East Carolina University

The ACCE accredits the East Carolina University Construction Management Program. In addition, the university is the most extensive construction management program in the southeastern United States. They offer the Master of Construction Management, a completely online program for students anywhere in the world.

This quality program allows students to take courses similar to those offered by on-campus institutions. A 2.7 undergraduate GPA and the GRE or GMAT are required for applicants. Additionally, those who have completed degrees in engineering, real estate, business administration, architecture, marketing, or accounting training may enroll.

Some prerequisites may be necessary for those with other undergraduate degrees. The course is for mid-career professionals and covers a variety of current ideas, such as risk management, sustainable building, productivity, and other popular topics in the construction industry.

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You may now pursue your goals with a computer and internet connection thanks to online courses offering numerous possibilities for study in construction management.

For these reasons, now is an ideal moment to update your skills, advance your knowledge, and discover a program capable of assisting you in achieving your objectives in the sector!

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