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Top 15 ABET Accredited Online Schools

ABET accredited online schools prepare students for engineering jobsWe talk about accreditation a lot at—making sure your online education is legitimate should be a top priority for all prospective students. But once you ensure a school is regionally accredited, how should you evaluate supplementary accreditations? Does ABET accreditation really matter?

In short, the answer to that question depends on what you hope to gain from your online degree. In this article, we’ll take a look at some online degree programs with ABET accreditation and why that might be an important factor for you when deciding whether to pursue an online degree.
The ABET, or Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc., is made up of 35 member societies in fields of applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology. The organization accredits individual programs based on criteria such as completion of a capstone project or design class and at least one year of natural or physical sciences and mathematics.
Even though getting a program accredited by ABET is a thorough process for a school, ABET accredited programs are not necessarily better than non-ABET programs. Because of ABET’s accreditation criteria, ABET programs are fairly similar to each other. This means you know what you’re getting, but you may have less flexibility in pursuing a course of study tailored to your own goals.
While an ABET degree is required to become a licensed Professional Engineer in some states, it is not required in all states. Furthermore, not all engineering jobs require you to be licensed. Consider the type of jobs you’d like to work towards after graduation, and check to see if they require an ABET degree or a Professional Engineer license.
Even if you’re not sure you need an ABET degree, browsing this list of ABET accredited schools available to complete online might help give you a sense of whether or not an this type of program is right for you. We profile the 15 best ABET accredited online schools in alphabetical order below.

List of the top ABET accredited schools


1. Air Force Institute of Technology

All Accreditations: Higher Learning Commission, ABET
Applicable degree(s): Master of Science in Systems Engineering
Tuition: $370 per credit hour


The Air Force Institute of Technology is the graduate counterpart to the US Air Force Academy, and is geared towards providing specialized education to military officers. While military personnel make up the majority of the student body, the school also accepts civilian (U.S. Citizens) applications for certain degrees, including the online master of science in systems engineering.


The school, which is located on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, also benefits from its close proximity to the Air Force Research Laboratory and the National Air and Space Intelligence Center. These institutions work with the school to provide experiential learning opportunities to students.


2. Capella University

All Accreditations: The Higher Learning Commission, ABET, CACREP, COAMFTE, NCATE, CCNE, Project Management Institute
Applicable degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics, Bachelor of Science in Data Management, Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management: IT, Bachelor of Science in Information Assurance and Security, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Network Technology: Cisco, Bachelor of Science in Network Technology: Microsoft, Bachelor of Science in Project Management: IT, Bachelor of Science in System Development: Mobile, Bachelor of Science in System Development: Web Application
Tuition: $525–$925 per credit hour


Capella University has two online-learning formats. The “Flexpath” is self-paced and allows you to pay for each session, while the “Guidepath” has students follow the lead of instructors and pay per credit or per course. Keep in mind that “Flexpath” is not available if you choose to enroll in a program with special accreditation like ABET. Throughout both programs, the system is fully supported by Capella’s helpful team of expert faculty.


Capella has nine different programs that are certified by the ABET. This includes programs focused on data (Analytics or Management), information technology, and network technology. You can also seek an ABET online degree in System Development, including Web Applications and Mobile.


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3. Daytona State College

All Accreditations: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, ABET, NATEF, CJSTE, CODA, CAAHEP, Bureau of Fire Standards and Training at Florida State Fire College, CAHIIM, AAMA, ACEN, Florida Board of Nursing, ACOTE, CoAEMSP, CAPTE, JRCERT, CoARC
Applicable degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology
Tuition: $102.38–$623.96 per credit hour

With a 2+2 model, where the student completes a two year associate degree followed by a two year bachelor’s degree, Daytona State College draws on its roots as a community college and is a great choice for those who cannot reasonably commit to a full four year degree upfront.

Their two ABET degrees offer a broad approach to engineering basics, through the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, and a more narrow foundation in electrical engineering, through a concentration option. Unfortunately, their programs are not open to residents of all states, so make sure to check their website to make sure they are authorized to educate students in your state.

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4. East Carolina University

All Accreditations: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, ABET, AACSB, AACME
Tuition: $249.26–$893.82 per credit hour


East Carolina University’s master of science in occupational safety provides students with the tools to develop and implement large-scale safety systems in the workplace. The program focuses on researching and analyzing occupational programs and developing communication, problem solving, and decision-making techniques.


The university treats its online programs as versions of on campus programs with increased flexibility. Classes are taught by the same professors, students are expected to interact and complete the comparable assignments, and assessments are taken seriously.

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5. Eastern Kentucky University

All Accreditations: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, ABET
Tuition: $409 per credit hour
EKU’s online program allows you to take the same courses from the same professors in an online environment. They offer six starting dates and the opportunity to meet with advisors throughout the online degree program.
Eastern Kentucky’s Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection & Safety Engineering Technology gives students the training and knowledge needed to provide safer environments for everyone. Students learn the advanced math and science behind fire, while gaining a knowledge for the best methods to prevent and fight a fire and mitigate its impact.

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6. Excelsior College

All Accreditations: Middle States Commission on Higher Education, ABET, New York State Education Department, ACEN, IACBE, AGLSP, COE, College Credit Recommendation Service
Tuition: $250 per credit hour
Excelsior College is a regionally-accredited institution that strives to make college education more convenient and affordable. They offer various for-credit options, including credits for military training, past courses, IT certifications, and prior learning.
Excelsior College offers two degrees that are ABET accredited. The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology is available with three specialties: Electronics, Nanotechnology, and Power System. The Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology is available with specialties in Nuclear Cybersecurity and Nuclear Leadership.

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7. Grantham University

All Accreditations: DEAC, ABET, The National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements, IACBE, ACEN, Society for Human Resource Management, GSA, The National Association of Institutions for Military Education Services
Tuition: $265 per credit hour
Grantham is an educational institution that was founded in 1951 for the specific purpose of helping veterans receive a post-war education. It now functions entirely online, providing a wide range of degrees with the intent of making an education as convenient, accessible, and effective as possible.
The Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology develops advanced skills in circuit theory and design, digital electronics, microprocessors, and more. From control systems to power systems, this degree prepares students for a long-term career in technology engineering.

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8. Middle Georgia State University

All Accreditations: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, ABET, ACEN, ACOTE, CoARC, Georgia Professional Standards Commission
Tuition: $159–$199 per credit hour
Middle Georgia State University first hosted classes in 1887. Although it has changed names multiple times throughout the years, it continues to offer an education based on leadership and community engagement, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
The online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology offered by Middle Georgia State University is ABET accredited. The entire program can be completed online or through a combination of online and in-person courses. It takes 120 credit hours and can be completed for less than $19,000.

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9. Regis University

All Accreditations: The Higher Learning Commission, ABET, ACPE, CACREP, CAHIM, CAPTE, CCNE, COAMFTE, American Chemical Society Commission of Professional Training, Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs
Tuition: $750 per credit hour
Regis University is based is based in Denver, Colorado. It was founded as a Jesuit Catholic institution and provides a faith-based education to students from all walks of life. The institution dates back to 1877 but has become one of the leaders in modern education.
The school offers three ABET online bachelor degrees—Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Regis is one of only eight other institutions to offer these programs as fully-accredited, fully online options. Students in these programs will be given full institutional support and have the guidance of industry professionals.

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10. Stony Brook University

All Accreditations: The Middle States Commission on Higher Education
Tuition: $207–$536 per credit hour
Stony Brook University is located in the state of New York. As a center of academic learning, it is continually ranked in the top 1% for all institutions and in the top 35 for best values among public colleges. It has an online learning program that provides a technology-driven education combining resources, administrative support, and the opportunity for students to interact with an online community.
The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering is ABET accredited. This degree provides a flexible and convenient way for students to take classes covering a wide range of electrical engineering topics. The program is made for working professionals and qualified students who want to advance their knowledge in electrical engineering and enhance their current careers.

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11. The Johns Hopkins University

All Accreditations: Middle States Commission on Higher Education, ABET, CCNE, Liaison Committee on Medical Education, CAEP, AACSB, CEPH
Tuition: $1,704 per credit hour
Johns Hopkins is one of the most respected institutions in the country. They not only have a full in-person academic system, they also offer online programs that give working adults a convenient source for education advancement. Instructors in Johns Hopkins’ online courses are industry professionals with cutting edge knowledge.
The Master of Science in Systems Engineering program gives students an education in topics that include system security, human systems engineering, software systems engineering, and biomedical systems engineering.

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12. Thomas Edison State University

All Accreditations: Middle States Commission on Higher Education, ABET, CCNE, New Jersey Board of Nursing, TEAC, CAAHEP
Tuition: $396–$525 per credit hour
TESU, which is one of New Jersey’s 11 senior public institutions of higher learning, provides flexible, collegiate learning with degree programs in more than 100 different areas of study. The institution makes enrollment and studies convenient through online courses, prior learning assessments, credit transfers, and professional certificates.
Two programs from the Thomas Edison State University are ABET accredited. This includes the Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology, which applies practical principles to nuclear power generation, and the Bachelor of Science in Electronics Systems & Engineering Technology, which prepares students for careers in computer hardware, avionics, communications, and more.

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13. Trinidad State Junior College

All Accreditations: The Higher Learning Commission, ABET, Division of Professions and Occupations, Criminal Justice Section-Colorado Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, Office of Massage Therapy Registration, Colorado State Board for Nursing, NCCER
Tuition: $170.04–$266.44 per credit hour
Trinidad State Junior College is the first community college in Colorado. It holds two campuses in Colorado and offers many different degrees that include areas such as nursing, welding, massage therapy, and theater. The tuition rates are routinely 40% less than most of the state’s public schools, making them a significantly affordable option.
The Associate of Applied Science in Occupational Safety & Health Technology is the only degree from Trinidad State that is accredited by the ABET. The degree program is available completely online and provides a high-quality education that prepares students to perform basic occupational safety and health functions.

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14. University of Southern Mississippi

All Accreditations: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, ABET, ACEND, ACEJMC, ABA, American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training, ACCE, APA, AACSB, CAAHEP, CAATE, COAMFTE, CCNE, COA, CAA, AAFCS, AANA, COARPT, CED, CEPH, CIDA, CSWE, NAACLS, NASP, NASAD, NASD, NASM, NAST, NCACE, CAEP
Tuition: $315–$446.29 per credit hour
The University of Southern Mississippi dates back to 1910, when it opened as a small teachers college. It now has over 15,000 students from over 70 different countries, making it a diverse and well-respected academic institution. It has campuses in Hattiesburg and Long Beach, Mississippi, as well as a full offering of online courses.
The USM Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology teaches students to analyze industry needs, develop logistics, and use current and emerging tools to reach industrial engineering solutions.

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15. Walden University

All Accreditations: The Higher Learning Commission, ABET, NCATE, CSWE, CACREP, CCNE, Project Management Institute Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs
Tuition: $605–$960 per credit hour
Walden offers online educations at many different levels, ranging from certificate programs to doctorate-level degrees. The online programs combine nationally-recognized experts, a dedicated faculty, and leadership that creates a world-class education.
Walden’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is accredited by ABET. This program applies mathematical and computing concepts to support programming logic and functions. It teaches students to analyze problems and define computing solutions to various issues.

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Should You Opt for ABET Accreditation?

ABET is an important part of many engineering and technology educations. The accreditation ensures you are getting a top-quality degree. Accreditation is voluntary and achieved through a peer-review process, and it shows that the accredited program meets a high educational standards.
In many cases, you will find that non-ABET accredited degrees do not qualify students for application on specific certifications or licenses. If you would like to hold certain positions in the engineering field, especially for state and federal governments, you will likely need a degree that is ABET accredited so you can become fully licensed.
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