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University of Alabama OnlineThe University of Alabama is dedicated to building excellence in the workplace in Alabama and across the nation through their award winning online business programs and services.


Does Alabama Offer an AACSB Accredited Online Business Program?


Yes. The University of Alabama’s online Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Business Administration (BSCBA) is fully accredited by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).


AACSB accreditation is considered the highest mark of quality that can be achieved by a business school. Less than five percent of university programs worldwide earn this distinction. Many large corporations require or prefer job applicants with AACSB accredited business degrees.


The program is 100% online and accepts applicants nationwide as well as in the military forces.


What Types of Careers Do Your Online Students Pursue?

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Dakota State University LogoHow would you like to earn an online degree from a respected university without touching a computer? You can, using Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software through a special adaptive learning program offered by Dakota State University online.


The Larson Foundation in Brookings, South Dakota, has awarded a generous grant to Assistant Professor Chris Olson (who is a quadriplegic) allowing him to develop a series of voice-narrated tutorial videos for the online college course CSC-105-D31 (01467) Introduction to Computers. This online college course, targeted at students with access issues or disabilities and their counselors, will be offered through Dakota State University in the summer of 2014 (May 19 through August 8, 2014).


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American University Offers Digital Media Certificate Online
Posted on  by Rachel Wang

American University School of Communications LogoIndeed.com rates “digital media” among the top 10 high demand careers based on job ads placed from 2009 to the present. The message: get educated in digital and social media and get hired. The problem: finding a reputable university for digital and social media education education online.


By enrolling in American University’s program, students can tap the power and prestige of one of America’s top residential communication schools to earn a 15-credit graduate digital media certificate online.


Professionals concerned about reputation will find no better place to master digital media online than American University. Founded in 1891 and accredited by the Middle States, AU is an established university with a record of excellence in communication and media studies.


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 Best Online High Schools | Virtual High Schools | Nerd at whiteboard



Earning a high school diploma through distance learning used to be a low prestige undertaking. Not any more. These days America’s top universities — think Stanford and Indiana University — are in  a race to build the best online high schools for gifted students. Moreover, the global appetite for a system of elite virtual high schools appears unlimited. An estimated 275,000 students enrolled in online high schools in 2011 and forecasters predict double digit growth as the decade progresses.


Online learning is 100% portable. Famous online learning alumni who have taken advantage of learning on the go include tennis pro Venus Williams and basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal. Virtual high schools are perfect for youth who travel, such as Olympiads and pro athletes. And the classes can be easily tweaked to support any special needs curriculum, including Advanced Placement (AP) and college prep. Both gifted youth — the Brains — and professional athletes on the go  — the Jocks — are swarming virtual high school quads.


According to the Speak Up Survey from Project Tomorrow, 27 percent of high school youth opted for an online course in  2011.  In 2010, only 13 percent made this same choice. High school students, whose social lives increasingly radiate from digital networks, are in love with virtual learning.


If you’re searching for the best accredited online high schools, the Get Educated editors recommend the following virtual high school programs. All hold regional accreditation — the most widely accepted form of academic accreditation — and all enjoy national reputations as top choices for AP, honors, and college prep online courses.


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Top Online Colleges for the Socially Progressive from Get Educated Awarded to Goddard College, Burlington College, Warren Wilson College, Antioch University, Union Institute & University, The New School

Attending college in search of truth, that’s like so 1960s. So old hippie. So not what today’s top online colleges are all about. Or is it?


Old hippies and new hipsters, take heart. All online colleges are not alike. If you crave an online education that feeds your social beast, get grooving with the official Get Educated list of top progressive colleges online.


If your educational goal is to make the world a better place — and yourself a better citizen — try college online at one of our editor’s Six Sisters of Intellectual Hope for social progressives.


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Top Online Music Colleges seal

I woke up my new iPad last week and several top online music schools and colleges flicked across my lap as I munched on a breakfast bagel. And by top, I mean like Juilliard.


The Juilliard School, prima ballerina of American music colleges, will begin offering online music courses this year. Juilliard elearning will be targeted to K-12 kids and their music teachers.


Juilliard has virtual “master classes” in the works too. Rumor has it these new top online courses will be marketed to aspiring master musicians who can’t make it to Manhattan.



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