Garden City, NY

School Details

Adelphi University of Garden City, New York provides an array of online programs spanning master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees.  With focus on personalized education styles, AU offers traditional, blended and completely online programs ranging from 30% to 100% online coursework matching each student’s lifestyle.  Faculty is specially trained to adhere to online learning standards, guaranteeing equality in coursework and individual attention on any platform.

Personalized education through:

  • Small class sizes, capping off at 25 students/class
  • Faculty up-to-date on best online teaching strategies
  • State-of-the-art online course management systems 
  • Extensive and accessible online student resources

AU specializes in health, education and management, offering several master of arts and science, as well as bachelor of science degrees.  Certification in numerous avenues is also available online to students in management and languages. 

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