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Accredited Online Environmental Science Degrees

An online environmental science degree graduate outsideIf you are looking for a rewarding, challenging, and important career, you might consider a degree in environmental science. An online environmental science degree is perfect for anyone interested in natural resources management. Environmental studies is an eclectic degree major that merges the study of ecology and biology with private and public land management practices.

Earning an environmental studies degree online is a great goal for anyone who wants to master natural resources management. Environmentalists study air and water and mineral deposits. Some work for the government safeguarding public lands and resources. Some work for corporations developing resources management plans in response to government regulations. This is a great major for political activists or lobbyists concerned about pollution and the ecosystem.


There are many excellent careers that you can pursue if you have a degree in environmental science. It gives you a strong scientific and analytical background, which makes you the ideal candidate for careers that are directly related to the environment, as well as scientific disciplines that many be more broad. For example, you could work as an environmental consultant, environmental manager, or a marine biologist. Controlling the amount of waste our society produces is a major issue, and with a degree in environmental science, you could work as a recycling officer or waste-management officer. If you are interested in a career that may not be directly tied to the environment, you could work as a landscape architect, town planner, or transport planner.

Having an education in the environment brings all sorts of benefits. It teaches you to connect with the world around you, and to think of both natural and artificial environments. It makes you a deep thinker, focusing on how one thing affects another, which in turn impacts another and another. It also helps your awareness of issues that impact the environment around you, which is important even if you choose a career outside of environmental issues. Of course, you will also learn about the numerous scientific principles, including research and experimentation, which makes you useful in many scientific fields that have little to do with the environment.

As an online environmental studies program graduate, you might pursue many career paths. Jobs are available in both the private and public sectors. You may pursue a position outdoors testing resources or managing resource field. You may work in an office or science lab analyzing soil, air and water composites. Careers range from environmental testing technician, to lobbyist, to land or ranch management.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree, you might specialize in environmental law or regulatory practices. Many environmental studies majors work for the government collecting data and research findings for public health studies. Many fields are open to specialists who choose to earn an online environmental science degree. Here are a couple career titles that you could hold with a degree in environmental science…

  • Environmental Scientist—These scientists are focused primarily on using their knowledge for the benefit of the environment, although they are often focused on human health as well. These professionals will offer advice to policy makers, collect environmental data, analyze information, and prepare technical reports, all with the goal of benefiting the environment. Science-related careers often have solid pay, and this career is no different. An environmental scientist has a median salary of $69,400, but if you are at the top 10% of the field, you can expect to earn over $122,000. With a career growth of 11%, this is also a field that will have excellent growth, so there should be plenty of opportunities.
  • Geoscientist—If you want an outstanding career in environmental science, this is one of the best. As a geoscientist, you will be responsible for studying and evaluating the physical attributes of the earth, which is important to the environment as a whole. You would likely work both indoors and in labs and offices, giving you a nice balance between field work and lab studies. With only a bachelor’s degree, this job has a median income of $89,850. The top 10% of the career can expect over $184,000, so this job certainly brings financial rewards. Add in the fact that growth is expected to be 14%, and you have one of the best careers related to environmental science.


If you are considering a degree in environmental science, you need to make sure you are the right type of person for this career. First of all, you need to have a commitment to caring for the environment, and you need to agree that caring for the environment is important to all people. Without this belief, you’ll likely struggle in your career, as the challenges that come your way won’t seem essential. However, if you do feel that the environment is important, you’ll have the internal resolve to keep up the difficult, confusing, and often frustrating (but almost always rewarding) work.
Next, you need to have an aptitude for math, numbers, and the hard sciences themselves. Environmental science involves many complicated mathematical principles, as well as detailed scientific disciplines that can be very complicated. If you have enjoyed and thrived in both math and science in the past, you may thrive in environmental science. 


Expect any online environmental science degree program to include courses in biology, ecology, chemistry, public administration, management, natural resources stewardship, pollution control, wildlife management and the management of toxic and hazardous materials or locations. Classes may also include historical studies and anthropology. Other topics covered may include water resources, energy production, sustainability and green space in the context of public law and regulatory compliance.

Concentrations for this online degree major may include global politics, economic development and international communications. Related online majors include the online biology degree and online chemistry degree. 


Click through on a program below for more information on accreditation, tuition, and admission requirements. Compare costs before deciding. The average cost of an online bachelor’s degree is between $30,000 and $50,000, however more affordable programs do exist!

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