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Online college scholarship and grant programs are plentiful, but many are hiding. The trick to winning a distance learning college scholarship or grant is to know they exist. has compiled a list of the best free online education grant and scholarship programs to help you get closer to an affordable online degree. In fact, we even sponsor our own online college scholarship program which makes $1,000 grants to distance learning students for college and continuing education online. Whether you are searching for financial aid scholarships or grants for women, the military, or to cut the cost of your bachelors or masters degree consult's online school financial aid advice center to find the best advice on scholarships and grants.


Scholarships for Adults & Non Traditional Students: How to Find & Win
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Scholarship for Non Traditional Students

Scour through any database of college grants, and you’ll find an explosion of oddball, “niche” scholarships: Awards for left-handed people, for twins, for duct tape artists, and for those who play the digeridoo. Just like “there’s an app for that” applies to seemingly everything nowadays, so too is there a scholarship for seemingly every type of student.

Increasingly, mainstream scholarship awards include (either expressly stated or not) for adults and non-traditional students returning to college either for the first, second, or even third time. That’s because colleges and universities are undergoing an evolution in the 21st century, and responding to new marketplace demands for upgraded skillsets.

It is now a priority to educate a fast-growing new student demographic: Adults and “non-traditional” students. With student profiles changing along with industries and occupational fields, millions of scholarships are now tailored towards highly capable adults who have already acquired quite a bit of life experience.

Luckily, there’s also no shortage of scholarships available for students whose Expected Family Contribution no longer depend on their parents’ salary. A divorce (or even your own children heading to college) is a much more dominant factor in a non-traditional student’s financial aid options.


Non Traditional Student Grants to Go Back to School
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Grants for Back to School

As the economy changes, so does the profile of a college student. As industries and occupational fields undergo massive shifts, millions of highly capable adults are looking into higher education to get back on a winning career track for the first, second, or even third time. Usually anyone over the age of 24 while attending an institution of higher learning are called non-traditional students.

While a traditional student may look for back to school sales after a summer break, a non-traditional student looks for back to school grants. Some have never been to college before, and some are picking up where they left off.

Gone are the days when your Expected Family Contribution depended on your parent(s) salary. As a non-traditional student, it's much more likely that a divorce (or even your own children heading to college) will play a role in your financial aid options. Scour through any database of college grants, and it may initially seem as if most are tailored for the “traditional” student. But rest assured, there is an uptick in grants for adults returning to college and grants for non-traditional students.


Actress Wins Online College Scholarship for Theatre Degree
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Online Scholarship  Winner

When you think of an online degree program, the first major that pops up in your mind is probably not acting. Kelly Fandry, however, is using the $1,000 GetEducated Scholarship to continue an MA degree in that exact field and loving every minute of it. She is currently in her second semester in the online master in theatre program at Regent University. This Toledo, Ohio resident expects to graduate in May 2018.

“Online education, while a serious commitment, also provides a lot of flexibility that offers a very unique and amazing experience,” Kelly says. “Pursuing my MA this way was the perfect fit for me; I am able to continue work full-time and school full-time.”

Kelly says that her schedule is crazy but she would not have it any other way. She just wrapped up a short film in New York City, she acts in local commercials, and performs in repertory and regional theatre. As if that wasn’t enough she is also currently employed as a teacher at the Toledo Repertoire Theatre. 


Veteran & Dog Trainer Wins Scholarship for Online Doctorate
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Veteran and Dog Trainer Scholarship Winner
Samantha Schinder, a former member of the U.S. Air Force, is our latest $1,000 GetEducated online college scholarship winner. She is using the award money to pursue an online Doctorate in Public Safety Leadership, Homeland Security concentration with an emphasis in counterterrorism.
A current 4.0 student, Schinder is a powerhouse of talents, with an impressive LinkedIn resume. She speaks Italian, English, as well as Farsi, due to her background in Middle Eastern cultural analysis. 
While a Senior Intelligence Analyst analyzing Iran for USCENTCOM (United States Central Command), Schinder began working on her doctorate in 2012.
The GetEducated scholarship will help towards financing her last colloquium (an experiential learning curricular consisting of tracks) towards an anticipated end-of-May completion, as well as her next steps: The comprehensive exam, and the year or two it takes to complete her dissertation.

Active-Duty Military Member Stationed in Rural Base Wins Online College Scholarship

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Active Duty Military Member Awarded Scholarship
Travis Rogers may just be the poster child for why online learning exists.
Lives in a rural area? Check.
Irregular work hours? Check.
Highly motivated? Check.
Good time management skills? Check.
Travis, a 23-year-old member of the U.S. Air Force, is the latest $1,000 Get Educated online college scholarship winner. He is using his award money to continue pursuing his online Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering at North Carolina State University.
Travis' unique career provides him with the time and motivation he needs to earn his master's. He serves as an intercontinental ballistic missile combat crew member in Minot, N.D., a position that is viewed as a "miniature deploy," he says.

Heavy Metal Drummer Uses Online College Scholarship to Earn Finance Degree
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By Rachel Wang   
Heavy Metal Musician Alex Dondre is a Get Educated Online Scholarship WinnerAlex Dontre
Alex Dontre loves his dual life: finance degree student by day, heavy metal drummer by night.
The 28-year-old musician never expected to go back to school. But online learning made it possible for him to pursue his career while going to school.
And with the help of a $1,000 online college scholarship from Get Educated, he’s on his way to earning his first degree.
Ten years ago, Alex was ready to escape his high school’s negative environment. He was so eager to leave that he even went to summer school to earn enough credits for early graduation.
“I grew up in Phoenix and graduated from high school in 2002 as a junior,” he says. “Honestly, I just hated high school.”
His focus was—and still is—music. He began drumming at age 12 and quickly realized he wanted to pursue it as a career.
Alex answered a local newspaper ad for a heavy metal drummer and joined the band Psychostick “when I was 15—still had braces,” he says. 

Bosnian Refugee Wins Online College Scholarship for Psychology Degree
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By Rachel Wang   
Bosnian Refugee Emina Dedic, Online College Scholarship Winner, Will Use Award for Psychology DegreeEmina Dedic
Emina Dedic’s degree isn’t only for her. 
“It’s for my mother, my father; it’s for everyone in my family who wanted to go [to school] who never did, who never could, or who never had that opportunity,” she says.
She’s well aware of the sacrifices her parents made so she could have a chance at a college education. This knowledge has kept the 23-year-old steadily working toward a degree for the past five years, paying off her degree class by class.
Now, after winning a $1,000 scholarship from Get Educated, she can finally see a graduation date in sight.
Nearly 20 years ago, Emina and her family arrived on U.S. shores as Bosnian Muslim refugees. Religious persecution and brutal ethnic cleansing by Serbia drove them away from their native Bosnia.
While her immediate family all survived, some of her extended family never made it out.
“Half of my family is pretty much missing,” she says, explaining that Bosnian Muslims were particularly targeted in the genocide. 
She credits the Red Cross for helping them make it safely to the northern Atlanta, Ga. area.

Get Educated Online College Scholarship: Teacher Wins $1,000 to Finish Degree
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By Rachel Wang   
Get Educated Scholarship Winner, Teacher Jennifer Hendrickson
After years of working as a teacher and homeschooling her children, Jennifer Hendrickson made a decision. It was time to get her bachelor's degree.
But the cost of a degree was far above her family budget—particularly since Jennifer and her husband, Jason, wanted to pay in cash. 
She gave up hope until she discovered Thomas Edison State College. Now, more than a year later, she’s finishing up a bachelor degree online and will soon be able to call herself a certified teacher. 
And thanks to her Get Educated $1,000 online college scholarship, she’ll have plenty of greens to help pay off her degree.
Jennifer, 40, has worked in education for 24 years. Her current job as a class coordinator for an alternative learning education program often requires her to teach, but she does not have a formal degree or certification.

Single Mother Wins Scholarship for Masters in Recreation Degree Online
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By Rachel Wang   
Single Mother and Scholarship for Master’s in Recreation Degree Online Winner Sheila Tyler
Sheila Tyler saw a college degree as a way to better her life.
Determined to achieve her goals, she refused to let an underprivileged start and unexpected pregnancy derail her college plans. 
Twenty years later, she didn’t let sudden unemployment derail her career in recreation. Instead, she took it as an opportunity to earn her master’s degree and become even more competitive in her field.
The tenacious single mother of two is scheduled to graduate in May 2013 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with her master’s in recreation degree online.
And thanks to the Get Educated $1,000 scholarship for online college students that she won, this semester’s costs have suddenly gone down.

Teen Mom Wins Scholarship for Online Accounting Degree
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By Rachel Wang   
Teen Mom and Scholarship for Online Accounting Degree Winner Brittany Eppihimer and FamilyWhen she became a mother of twin boys at age 15, Brittany Eppihimer thought her plans for college were over. But three years later, the determined young mother is partway through an online bachelor’s program
She’s also one of three winners of the Get Educated $1,000 scholarship for online college students. Thanks to the award, Brittany will be able to help fund her dream of earning a college degree.
“When I got pregnant when I was 15, it was a shock,” Brittany, now 18, says. “When you’re in school, you think you’re going to graduate at a certain time and then go to college.” 
But having twins changed her timeline. “It wasn’t within reach” to graduate with her local high school class, she says. 
She went on a homebound study program and found a strong advocate in her program instructor. But several unsupportive teachers and poor communication from her high school added to her struggles. But she gained new motivation to finish high school and pursue a bachelor’s degree. 

Equestrian Wins Scholarship for Online Masters in Special Education
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By Jess Wisloski   
Ten years ago, Brenda McCall, a lifelong equestrian and riding instructor, had no inkling she'd be on a path to an online masters in special education, much less a doctorate. 
Winner of Scholarship for Online Masters in Special Education Brenda McCall
She had dropped out of a college program after nearly two years, after she discovered how unaffordable her early aspiration of veterinary school was.

"I really thought that was the route I was going to go," says Brenda, now 49. 

"With the logistics of work and school, it just wasn't going to be a reality. I ended up being a professional trainer, showing horses, breeding horses, and all of that kind of thing." 


Political Analyst Wins Scholarship for Online BSBA
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By Jess Wisloski   

Paul Hastings Wins Online BSBA ScholarshipAt 22, Paul Hastings may be the same age as many traditional college graduates, but this nontraditional student and online BSBA candidate from Lubbock, Texas is on a different journey than his friends.

For one, most of his high-school friends are finishing up their college degrees. 

Paul will be starting his fully online Bachelors of Science in Business Administration at Thomas Edison State College in the fall. And also finishing it.

Unlike his peers, he's been working full-time over the past two years, and he currently serves as a political analyst at a non-profit. It's a job many recent college grads would be thrilled to have.

It wasn't Paul's choice to put college on the back burner -- his father asked him to hold off on college when his grandmother's illness put the family in a financial bind. But he doesn't regret the decision.

"I feel like I gained," says Paul. "I don't feel like I've missed anything ever."

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Church Homeschool Volunteer Wins Scholarship Towards Online BA in English
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By Jess Wisloski   

Victoria Brinson is earning her online BA in EnglishA college degree was not really in Victoria Brinson's life plan, and earning an online Bachelors in English was the last thing this church volunteer saw herself doing.

“I expected to be a full-time mom for years and years, but we just weren’t able to have children,” says Victoria, who is now 38. In the meantime, she was finding a deep sense of satisfaction volunteering at her church’s homeschool program, working with kids of different ages, and teaching the basics of reading.

Victoria always loved learning, and had been a high achiever in grade school. Now, while her life is quite different from what she had once imagined, she’s getting an online BA in English, and things are looking up.

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Scholarship Brings Online Teaching Certificate Within Mom's Reach
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By Jess Wisloski   
online teaching certificate, scholarships for teachers,Amanda LienhardtUnemployed new mom Amanda Lienhardt, 30, found herself looking into online teaching certificate programs, months after her short-term contract teaching at a small school finished.

Despite holding a degree in elementary education, it was hard for her to get a foothold in the wavering job market, and her experience in that temporary job left her reeling. 

"The way things ended with my last position just made me look at myself as a teacher, and ask 'How can I improve, and become a better teacher for my students?'" she says. 
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Online Student at Southern Oregon University Wins $1,000 Scholarship
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By Jess Wisloski   
North Bend, OR is home to Southern Oregon University Online CampusSouthwestern Oregon is great if you want to be near breathtaking coastal views, small town living, and hundreds of acres of preserved forest land.
Proximity to higher education is another story, as Deb Nicholls, an online student  at Southern Oregon University, knows. 
"The closest institute of higher education is two and a half hours away," said Nicholls, who is 51 and lives in tiny, peninsular North Bend.  
Thanks to a $1,000 Excellence in Online Education scholarship from Get Educated, this online student will be able to graduate this spring. 
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Online Student and Single Mom Wins $1,000 Scholarship, and Hopes her Daughter is Inspired by Her Diploma
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By Jess Wisloski   
Online Student ScholarshipLynn Ponder, 44, isn’t the only one in her household who will be in college next year: The online student will be midway through her Master of Arts in Technical Communications at Texas Tech University next fall, just as her 18-year-old daughter enters classes on a college campus for the first time.

Thanks to Get Educated, which has scholarships for single moms and others, this single mom's pursuit will be easier.

With the help of Get Educated's $1,000 Excellence in Online Education Scholarship -- which was awarded to Ponder as a member of Core4Women, a web-based support network for online students -- she’ll be completing her semester with fewer expenses. 

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Online College Student Wins Get Educated $1,000 Scholarship to Attend Indiana Wesleyan University
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Online College Student Wins Free $1,000 Scholarship to Attend Indiana Wesleyan UniversityRosa Morgan, 42, is an In School Suspension Supervisor at Lebanon Middle School in Lebanon, Indiana. She is the winner of the free $1,000 online college scholarship. Rosa will use the grant toward an online Bachelors of Management at Indiana Wesleyan University.

At ten years old, Morgan moved to America from the Cape Verde Islands, located off the coast of Africa. School was challenging for Morgan, as she was placed in bi-lingual immersion classes. Without any prior experience speaking English, she struggled to keep up with her studies.

Morgan remembers, “I did not know many English words and I did not know many Portuguese words. I had come from an island that was colonized by the Portuguese, so the language in school was Portuguese, but we spoke Creole at home. My island was very poor, so school was not a high priority."

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Distance Learning Student Wins a $1,000 Scholarship to Pursue an Online Masters Degree (MBA)
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Baker College Online Student Wins $1,000 Scholarship for MBA DegreeHeather Ellison, 36, works as a restaurant manager in Rodney, Minnesota, while earning a master of business administration (MBA) at Baker College Online. She is a winner of a $1,000 distance learning scholarship award.

Ellison is a single mother working 50+ hours a week, so distance learning became the only option for her to achieve a higher education. She attended a university directly out of high school, but dropped out during her last semester.

After working in the restaurant industry since she was sixteen, Ellison now values the importance of a college degree. She explains, “This is not where I saw myself being, and this is not where my passions lie.” 

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$1,000 College Scholarship Awarded to Online Health Degree Student at Dakota State University
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Online College Scholarship Award for Bachelor of Health Degree at Dakota State UniversityDayna Shong, 39, works as an inpatient coder at Regions Hospital in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and is the winner of a $1,000 Excellence in Online Education Scholarship. She will use the free college grant to pursue an online bachelor of science in health degree at Dakota State University.

After landing a job in retail, which paid the bills but did not provide a lot of personal satisfaction, Shong began looking through an occupational handbook at the library in search of a more satisfying career. Health administration immediately sparked her interest. In the fall of 2002, she signed up for an online course in Medical Terminology.

“I decided to take the most difficult class I could find to prove myself during my first semester. I studied harder than I ever have in my life,” explains Shong. “To this day, this is my favorite class. I found studying about anatomy, physiology, procedures, and vocabulary fascinating. I was hooked from day one.”

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Online College Student, Mother Wins $1,000 Scholarship for Masters in Adult Education
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Online College Scholarship - Masters in EducationLisa Brown, 36, is the Assistant Director at Texas A&M University's Office of Extended Education, a proud mother, and she is the winner of a $1,000 Excellence in Online Education Scholarship. Brown will use the free college grant toward her online Master of Arts in Adult Education at Northwestern State University.

In 1999, Brown joined Texas A&M University staff as an advocate for online education when it was still a fairly new concept. Now living in Franklin, Texas, she plays a major role in the school's distance degree program for Government and Public Service. Brown is currently in charge of three online graduate certificate programs.

"I successfully served as Interim Director for six months increasing enrollments and improving processes; however I could not apply for the position of director that I served successfully in due to the 'master's degree required' pre-requisite," explains Brown. "The opportunity to move up in my career as well as to keep improving my skills is a huge motivator to continue my education."

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Mother and Firefighter Wins $1,000 Online College Scholarship to Attend Park University
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Online College Scholarship - Park UniversityRobyn Schwecke, 35, is a mother of two daughters, a wildland wildfire team member for the U.S. Forest Service, and the winner of a $1,000 Excellence in Online Education Scholarship. Schwecke will use the free college grant toward her online Bachelors in Management at Park University.

As the first woman on either side of her family to achieve a post-secondary degree, Schwecke is determined to make the most of her education. She currently holds two Associate degrees from Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology, and now focuses her bachelors degree in the fields of accounting and entrepreneurship to prepare for a career in Fire Management.

"I have worked on a Type II Fire Management Team in the finance and plans sections over the last five summers and see myself being capable of starting a successful heavy equipment rental business to be able to stay mainstreamed with the firefighting world," says Schwecke.

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Student and Mother Wins $1,000 Online College Scholarship for Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
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Online College Scholarship - Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN)Dina Salvatore, 28, is a registered nurse, new mother, and full-time graduate student. She is the winner of a $1,000 Excellence in Online Education Scholarship and will use the free grant toward her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree from the Frontier School of Midwifery & Family Nursing.

Residing on a small island in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Salvatore recognized a shortage of healthcare providers and found inspiration to pursue her bachelors and masters degrees in nursing. Through education and volunteering opportunities, she has advocated various health-related causes, including the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAN) and The March of Dimes. 

These experiences have confirmed Salvatore's passion for healthcare and they continue to propel her dream toward becoming a nurse practitioner. "My enthusiasm and motivation to learn, coupled with my solid nursing experience and academic achievements, fuel my belief that I will thrive in this profession," explains Salvatore.

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Online Business Student and Mother Wins $1,000 College Scholarship for Women
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Scholarships for Women and Mothers - Online Bachelors DegreesLinda Haro, 48, is an honors student at Southern Oregon University and a winner of the Free Online Scholarship for Core4Women Members. She pursues her online bachelor's in business administration, with hopes of becoming an administrative assistant to help future college students achieve their goals.

Haro lives in the remote town of Sheridan, Oregon, setting her at a distance from any on-campus universities. Commuting to class every day was not an option with gas prices on the rise, so she searched for an alternative to achieve her degree. In addition, Haro supports her 24-year-old son through college, which has become a great expense with the high cost of tuition and books.

"The only financial resources I have hardly cover the basic necessities of every day living expenses of food, housing, and utilities," explains Haro. "For me, the funds needed to earn an education far exceed those of any luxuries. With that, I have chosen to study completely online because these classes are the most affordable."

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Scholarship for Women Helps Working Mother Pursue Online Masters Degree Program
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Cecilia Parmar, online college scholarship winnerFor Cecilia Parmar, an online master's degree is a “practical” solution to cramming a quality education into an already full life. The working mother is a winner of the Fall 2010 GetEducated and Core4Women $1,000 online college scholarship.

Parmar, 42, works as an Administrative Assistant in Monroe Township, New Jersey, while pursuing her second online master's degree, this one in Library and Information Science. She is fascinated by archival studies, but with constant changes in her work schedule and her daughter’s school schedule, she feared traditional on-campus classes would interrupt the balance in her lifestyle.

She explains, “When I decided that I wanted to be a librarian, I knew that I could not move to attend graduate school. My family, work and responsibilities lay firmly where I live. Therefore, I thought my choices of study were very limited with only two schools within a two hour drive of my home in central New Jersey.”

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Working Mom of Three Receives $1,000 Online College Scholarship
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Rebecca Danielson, working mom scholarship winnerRebecca Danielson, a working mother with three young daughters, is a winner of the Fall 2010 Get Educated/Core4Women $1,000 online college scholarship. She is a recruiter at Ralcorp Holdings Inc., and pursues a bachelor's degree in business administration / human resource management.

As a full-time working mother, Danielson, 32, opted to pursue an online degree after she realized it would be too difficult to manage her time and resources while attending traditional residential colleges. In 2008, she decided to take online courses through Baker College Online.

Danielson explains, “My decision to pursue my dream was driven by my desire to become a more well-rounded individual, a more valuable asset to my employer, and to broaden my skills and knowledge base.”
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Native American Woman Awarded GetEducated Core 4 Women Online College Scholarship
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Native American online scholarship winner Regina WhiteRegina White, 42, is a winner of the Fall 2010 GetEducated / Core4Women $1,000 online scholarship. She is a member of the Athabascan Indian tribe and resides in Fairbanks, Alaska, where she is pursuing a bachelor degree in social work from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

White is a trailblazer in her family. She is the first member to obtain a high school GED and the first to attend a university.  

Attending college is White’s life-long dream. It hasn’t been easy. The Native American has had to surmount physical disabilities, negotiate geographic barriers and overcome financial hurdles to reach her goal.
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Working Mom Wins GetEducated Core 4 Women Online College Scholarship
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By Consumer Reporting Team   
Free Online Degree for Working Mothersworking mom from Virginia who is earning her doctorate degree online in education is the winner of a $1,000 and Core4Women online college scholarship.

Danielle E. Williams, 32, is a community college liaison at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA; an adjunct professor at Tidewater Community College's Norfolk campus; and a mother of two children under age two. 

She also is studying to obtain her online PhD degree in education, specializing in organizational leadership and community college leadership, through a distance learning education program offered by Nova Southeastern University, based in Florida.
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The Best Online College Grant and Free Money Financial Aid Programs
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By Consumer Reporting Team   
Pell Grants, Opportunity Grants, and Online School GrantsCollege costs are rising, whether for distance learning or traditional campus study. The best way to cut the cost of your online degree is to search for online college grant and scholarship awards, also known as "free college money".

An online college grant is a one-time award of money, based on merit or financial need. Unlike online student loans, grants represent free money that never needs to be paid back. 

Grants are the best type of financial aid for both residential and online students. 
Grants are essentially free money to study online. 

You can get free grants from the federal government, state government, your college, and a variety of private sources, such as trade and professional associations.
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Alabama Teen Wins Online College Scholarship from
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Megan McConnell, online college scholarship for teens winnerhigh-school student who also is enrolled in distance learning with Troy University is the newest online college scholarship winner.

Megan McConnell, 17, of Montgomery, AL, hopes to become a sign language interpreter for deaf schoolchildren. She is taking online college classes through Troy University's new ECampus Accelerate program, while finishing her senior year of high school at Prattville Christian Academy.

Megan has been awarded a $1,000 Excellence in Online Education Scholarship for her academic work and extracurricular activities. She is working toward her bachelor's degree in interpreter training at Troy, an Alabama-based school which offers both on-campus and online degree programs.
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Student at University of Illinois Online Wins Free Online College Scholarship from GetEducated
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Nicholas Zazal26, is the latest $1,000 "Excellence in Online Education" scholarship winner. He has been awarded a free $1,000 check to use toward his online college studies at the University of Illinois online. 

Zazal wFree College Scholarships for Online Studentsorks at the University of Illinois campus in Urbana-Champaign, but is earning his master's degree from the school's online program—even though the same degree is offered on campus, minutes from his office.

The reason? As with many online college students, Zazal's
 work schedule doesn't allow him to attend classes on his school's timetable. Instead, he has opted for the flexibility offered by distance learning.

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Core4Women and GetEducated Free ScholarshipEditor's Note: The Core4Women program is temporarily closed for the remainder of 2013. For another great scholarship opportunity open to distance learning students, please see the Get Educated Online College Scholarship. is offering its support to Core4Women by awarding free $1,000 online college education scholarships to members of this non-profit distance learning forum for women.  Recipients must be taking at least half their courses online to be eligible for the free grants.

Core4Women is an online community that matches women who want to earn their online degrees with women who are experts in distance learning. 

Gail Weatherly, distance education coordinator at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas, started Core4Women on the Ning social networking site as part of a pilot project. The first members were low-income single mothers living in a group home in Texas, who wanted to use online college to help become self-sufficient.

Later, the online community widened its reach to include military personnel and military spouses. In July 2009, the group opened to the general public. 

Recipients for the online education scholarships must be taking at least half their courses online to be eligible. Deadlines to apply for each scholarship round are March 15 and October 15. An application form is available at Core4Women.
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Houston Offers Free Online Masters Degree for Texas Teachers
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Free Online Masters Degree Does Exist, at Least in Texas
Apparently there is such a thing as a free online master's degree. 

If you're a Texas middle school math or science teacher, you may be eligible for a free online education master's from the University of Houston. The Texas university is offering a new "Integrated Science, Math and Reflective Thinking"—abbreviated as "iSMART"—online degree program to an initial group of 25 teachers. Both math and science teachers who are certified in Texas are eligible for the tuition-free online degree.
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Free Online College Scholarship to Duquesne University
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2009 Online College Grant Winner: Paul Kopulos

Get Educated Online College Scholarship Program
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Apply to the Get Educated Online College Scholarship fund!
GetEducated Online College Scholarship Money | Piggy Bank

Planning on attending one of the thousands of accredited online college or university degree programs headquartered in the USA?
We want to help you get educated!
Twice a year, the Get Educated online college grant fund awards $1,000 distance learning scholarships to students attending accredited online university degree programs. 

This online degree financial aid program is funded and maintained by the distance learning experts at as a part of our mission to help cut the cost of online college.

Better still, this is a real scholarship program.  Awards are based on both merit and financial aid need. You can use your free grant money to attend any accredited online school of your choice. 

This online student financial aid program  isn't specific to one online university. 
You choose where to study, and we help fund your online courses and degree program. 

Past Get Educated distance learning scholarship award winners have attended the University of Wisconsin Platteville, Duquesne University Online, Troy University Ecampus, the Nova Southeastern University online doctorate program, and the masters degree programs at Dakota State University Online.
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By Consumer Reporting Team   
Distance learning has become so popular that universities now fund online college scholarships just for adult students enrolled in their distance degree programs

If you are searching for financial aid for online education, there’s never been a better time to go online and get educated.

Here's a list of a few continuing education scholarships to help you get a degree online. 

Visit these accredited colleges for details on their distance learning scholarships for nontraditional and older college students.

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Editor’s Note: If you have this hunch that just one, amazing, polished essay can make-or-break your chances for college admission or needed scholarships, you’re right.

Essays are a big deal, not to be rushed or scuttled in your haste to send an application in. This series provides a college essay sample and tips on writing a strong piece. This is the first of three posts about writing great college essays.

Want to know what winning scholarship essays look like?

Take a look at this college essay sample from Paul Hastings, who won $1,000 through Get Educated’s scholarships for nontraditional students.

Paul Hastings, winning scholarship essay writer

Paul Hastings, Winning scholarship essay writer and online student

Paul is 22 years old. That’s a normal age for college, but he’s a nontraditional student.

For one, the Texas native will be attending school at Thomas Edison State College, a New Jersey school, fully online this fall.

He also works full-time, has traveled the world, is an active blogger, and was home-schooled his whole life.

He is keenly aware that his peer group is fully comprised of traditional brick-and-mortar college-enrolled students, and he honed in on that in his essay to illustrate just why he’s so different.

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