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Exhaustive Guide: Online High School Diploma for Adults

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Say you are one of the 532,000 15 to 24 year old’s who, between 2015 and 2016, left high school without or before earning your high school diploma.  Several years have gone by and you may be working towards new phases of your personal and professional life.  Resume after resume, you are coming to terms with the fact that most employers offering careers attuned to your financial goals require you to have, at least, a high school diploma.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average weekly income of adults with no high school diploma in 2019 was $606, just reaching $31,512 a year.  Those numbers sagged around $150/week or $7,436/year behind a high school graduate’s income.  The BLS also reports that in March 2021, 25 year old’s with no high school diploma retained the highest unemployment rate as compared to those with a complete high school education and higher.  Earning this credential may not be like winning the lottery, but could answer the age old question, what would you do with a larger sum of money?  Put it towards a new vehicle?  Start saving up to put your own kids through school?  Pursue a dream of traveling the world?  Or maybe just pay off a few bills and lift some debt off your shoulders?  No matter how you want to move forward, earning a high school credential can be the first step to many substantial opportunities.

There are endless options for nontraditional students seeking their High School Equivalency credential.  This article suggests the pursuit of online high school diploma options for adults.  No longer will you have to assume you’d be the biggest, oldest person sitting in a compact plastic desk among teenagers for seven hours a day.  Virtual programs are flexible and affordable.  The access to online learning has grown within the last year alone to proportional numbers as traditional K-12 students with various learning styles, disabilities, and gifts have had to transitionally learn from home.  You are, in other words, in the right place at the right time!

So what is online adult education, and how can you reach it?  Follow our Exhaustive Guide to learn more about your future as a high school graduate!

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What is High School Equivalency or GED?

Now that you’ve decided to become a high school graduate, there are so many different programs and options that the information may be overwhelming. You may be asking yourself, should I get a GED? Is that different from a High School Equivalency? Is it the same as a diploma? What are these new tests—the HiSet and the TASC?

The process of earning a High School Equivalency credential has undergone some major changes in the past few years.  There is some confusion because of the way the U.S. uses the term “GED”.  One might assume the GED is a credential, but it is actually the trademarked name of a series of tests used to earn a High School Equivalency credential. States grant these credentials based on passing scores on the GED test(s).  So, basically, passing the GED earns you a High School Equivalency credential.

The original GED test was designed and initiated by the U.S. Armed Forces Institute (USAFI) in 1942 to, “measure the major outcomes and concepts generally associated with four years of high school education,” and delivered to World War II veterans whose educations were disrupted by going to war. Until recently, the GED was the only testing option to earn a High School Equivalency. When a new version of the GED test was released in 2014, two other testing options became available. The HiSet and the TASC were both introduced as alternatives and 10 states replaced the GED test altogether.

PRO-TIP: Find out which tests are offered in your state here.

GED vs. HiSet vs. TASC

So what are the differences between a GED, HiSet, and TASC?  They vary in cost, offer tests in slightly different subjects, and are aligned by and with innovative learning standards.  Check out the list below to learn more about the differences between taking a GED versus a HiSet or TASC.


  • Four tests:
    • Reasoning through Language Arts 
    • Mathematical Reasoning 
    • Science
    • Social Studies
  • All testing takes place online with a proctor
  • Essay response in language arts and social studies, short answer in science
  • Must take at state-approved testing center
  • Some states offer 2 discounted or free retakes
  • Cost varies by state, average $120 or $30 per test


  • Five tests: 
    • Language Arts Reading
    • Language Arts Writing
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies
  • Includes essay in writing portion of Language Arts
  • Testing is available on paper and computer with proctor
  • Aligned to College and Career Readiness Standards for Adults
  • States decide testing locations
  • Includes 2 free retakes
  • Cost varies by state and format; $10.95 – $15 per test or $53.75 – $75 overall
  • Find a testing center


  • Five tests: 
    • Language Arts Reading
    • Language Arts Writing
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies
  • Includes essay in writing portion of Language Arts
  • Testing is available on paper and computer with proctor
  • Follows Common Core Standards most relevant to college and career readiness
  • State decides testing centers
  • Includes 2 free retakes
  • Cost varies widely by state, typically around $115 or $23 per test; though in New York and West Virginia the test is free


 While there are differences in the 3 tests, passing scores on any of them will result in a High School Equivalency (HSE) certificate that is issued by the state in which the test was taken.

What is the Difference Between HSE & Traditional High School Diploma?

A traditional high school diploma is earned through an approved, accredited school district or private program that is based on completing a required number of credits in specific subjects in a specific amount of time. Earning a high school credential as an adult is academically the same as earning a diploma as a teenager in high school, yet it does not necessarily earn one the same level of opportunity in higher education or employment as a traditional diploma earned in grades 9-12. 

Each diploma granting institution has its own requirements that a student must meet to obtain a diploma. The classroom setting is likely different as an adult, now often offered online, and the courses are commonly self-paced, but the content is the same.

What’s Better: Traditional High School Diploma or High School Equivalency?

The answer to this question depends largely on your personal, academic, and career goals.  A High School Equivalency is currently accepted at over 97% of colleges and employers across the U.S. Yet while the credential is widely accepted, it may not be as competitive. An HSE is typically adequate for entry into a two-year community college associate’s degree or certificate program. Successful completion of an associate’s degree will enable students to transfer to a four-year college, if that is their goal. 

Obtaining an HSE, therefore, can push students to continue with higher education. But the assumption is that working to obtain a traditional, credit based diploma requires a longer commitment and a higher level of dedication. This work ethic then translates into higher success in college. It is for this same reason that employers often prefer an applicant with a traditional high school diploma.  However, the point of earning your HSE is to demonstrate that work ethic while also taking care of yourself, perhaps a family, and balancing a career all at once, which nontraditional college students are doing every day.  Don’t let the assumptions of those who have never taken this path keep you from reaching your full potential!

If you currently have a job that is now requiring a high school credential, taking one of the High School Equivalency tests may be the right choice for you. If you have established yourself in a career but want to earn the credential for your own personal satisfaction, the HSE option can be both practical and rewarding for you.

PRO-TIP: If you are interested in enlisting in the military, a traditional high school diploma is your best option. Each branch does allow a certain number of individuals to enlist each year with an HSE, but those numbers are low. The Army and Navy both allow up to 10% of new recruits to have an equivalency credential while the Marines only allow 5% and the Air Force less than 1%.

More Options for Adult Learners

Some states offer an Adult Diploma that is competency based rather than credit based. This means students demonstrate the skills they have learned through life and work experiences by completing a variety of real world tasks. Programs may include credit for job training and technical skills and working with a mentor to build a portfolio to present to future employers.

The programs have different names in different states. The only program that is not specifically implemented in one state is the National External Diploma Program (NEDP). It is currently available in 9 states: California, New Mexico, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Learn more about the NEDP. Check with your local board of education to determine if any competency based programs are available in your area.

An additional program worth mentioning is Job Corps. The Job Corps is federally funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and designed for low-income youths between the ages of 16 and 24. There are 125 campus locations nationwide offering high school diploma completion in addition to career training. Most campuses are residential and offer students free meals, furnished rooms, basic medical care and recreational activities. Penn Foster has partnered with many campuses to offer online high school degree completion for their participants.  Job Corps continues to support students for 12 months after graduation by offering counseling to assist graduates in reaching their career goals. You can search for Job Corps programs in your area by zip code, state, and your career field of interest.

Online High School Diploma Options

Maybe you’re thinking, I don’t have time to take classes in person. I have work and family responsibilities! Fortunately, there are online high school diploma options available throughout the U.S. to accommodate busy adults with limited time for school. 

Make sure to thoroughly research programs before paying any fees. There are numerous, and always changing, online scams offering fake diplomas. You should be leery if:

  • The program claims no classes or test are required
  • Classes and tests are free but you have to pay for the diploma (It’s typical to have to pay for classes, but you should not have to pay for the diploma itself)
  • The program claims to be affiliated with the federal government (Programs are approved by states, not the federal government)
  • The program claims the degree can be completed in days, weeks or a few short months
  • No teacher interaction is required

You must also verify the school’s accreditation to ensure that it is a legitimate accrediting agency.  Check with the Better Business Bureau to verify the school’s reputation. A school may be accredited by an actual agency, but the agency may have a poor academic reputation or be completely fake, meaning colleges will not accept the diploma. Or, simply see the lists below for properly accredited high school diploma programs!

Top 21 Accredited Online High School Diploma Programs

The following accredited schools offer 100% online, credit based paths to a high school diploma and accept credit transfers from other institutions.


  • Private school based in Pennsylvania open to both high school aged students and adults
  • Nationally accredited by Cognia, regionally accredited by Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Work at your own pace
  • Offers a high school diploma program or career pathway training in combination with a high school diploma—Automotive, Carpentry, Child Care, Culinary Arts, Early College, Electrical, Healthcare, Information Technology, Pharmacy Technician, Plumbing, and Veterinary Assistant
  • Career planning services
  • Generously accepts transfer credits, tuition is reduced by $30 for each accepted transferred course

Penn Foster is unique because it partners with Career Schools, Colleges and Job Corps programs around the country.  If eligible and accepted by one of these partner schools, tuition for the online high school diploma program may be covered.




  • Part of Smart Horizons Career Online Education, the nation’s first private, accredited online school district
  • Accredited by Cognia/SACS/NCA/NWAC
  • Students earn a career certificate in addition to the high school diploma. Available career paths include General Career Preparation, Office Management, Childcare and Education, Security Professional, and more
  • Additional career preparation through webinars and creation of a Career Portfolio
  • Each student assigned an Academic Coach
  • Military discounts may apply
  • 18 credits for $1,295; payments plans of $77/mo.
  • Accepts transfer credits up to 14 courses

Smart Horizons has amazing community involvement and a dedication to promoting education for all. COHS also partners with libraries around the country to offer free high school programs to adults.




  • Based in Jackson, MS
  • Accredited by Cognia, Mississippi Department of Education and Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)
  • Year round, open enrollment
  • $200/course; Total cost for college prep $4,915; Total cost for career path $4,315



  • Based in Norcross, GA
  • Accredited by Cognia, DEAC, and Council for Higher Accreditation (CHEA)
  • Year round, open enrollment
  • Tuition:
    • If no high school credits completed $1,499
    • Completed 9th Grade $1,319
    • Completed 10th Grade $1,139
    • Completed 11th Grade  $989
  • Offers 0% interest monthly payment plans as low as $50/month



  • Based in Bloomsburg, PA
  • Offers Standard Pathway (course by course) or Accelerated Pathway (for students with 12+ transfer credits)
  • 8 week minimum/12 week maximum to complete each course
  • Students typically earn 5-6 credits per year
  • Accredited by Cognia, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Per-course pricing could yield a tuition between $1,800 and $2,800, depending on course load and payment plans



  • Based in Minnetonka, MN
  • Accredited by Cognia/SASC/Northwest Accrediting Commission
  • Standard diploma track is 21.5 to 24 credits
  • Self-paced
  • Generous credit transfer programs
  • Full time is 6 courses/semester
  • Many courses completed within 12 weeks
  • $99.90/month tuition fee for unlimited courses for an Adult High School Diploma



  • Based in Bloomington, IN
  • Offers College Prep and Standard Diploma Pathways
  • Accredited by Cognia
  • Self-paced courses with six months to complete at least one course
  • $231/course currently (Apr 2021), but subject to change at the beginning of each fiscal year



  • Based in Scottsdale, AZ
  • 24 credits invested in a whole program
  • At least 6 credits must be completed at Park City Independent to be applied toward a high school diploma
  • Fully accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission
  • Call 888-866-4989 for tuition rates



  • Based in University, MS
  • Accredited by Cognia/SACS/NCA/National Study of School Evaluation (NSSE)
  • Must complete at least 6.25 credits at UMHS to be applied toward a high school diploma
  • $375 per 1 unit course; $250 per ½ unit course



  • Based in Columbia, MO
  • Accredited by Cognia and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation
  • $500/course/semester
  • Permanent Missouri residents and U.S. residents who have been admitted into the Diploma Program may qualify for 50% tuition reduction



  • Based in Arlington, TX
  • Accredited by Cognia, Texas Education Agency, and The Association of Christian Teachers and Schools
  • Receive all classes at once and work at your own pace
  • Students with 0 credits–10th grade credits pay $1,000 or payments as low as $50/month for the year; you can also make a one-time payment of $900
  • Students with 11th and 12th grade credits pay $900 or $50/month for the year; you can also make a one-time payment of $800
  • Students who have all or need only 2 credits can opt into a $500 payment plan at $50/month, or a one-time payment of $450



  • Based in Midland, TX
  • Must complete at least 25% of credits at Orion to be applied toward a high school diploma
  • Accredited by Cognia, The Association of Christian Teachers and Schools, and Texas Private Schools Accreditation Commission
  • Full-time student annual cost is $2,250 or $250/month
  • May offer discounted tuition based on need



  • Based in Morgantown, WV
  • Accredited by Cognia
  • Self-paced coursework
  • Students are scheduled to earn 6 credits/year
  • $1599/12 months; payment plans available as well as military and sibling discounts of up to $160 off the original price



  • Based in Woodbridge, VA
  • Accredited by Cognia and The Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE)
  • $350/full credit, $200/half credit course



  • Based in Tallahassee, FL with headquarters in Stuart, FL
  • Accredited by Cognia
  • Self-paced, customizable high school curriculum
  • Full year tuition is $578/course, while Semester tuition is $289/course



  • Based in Clinton Township, MI
  • Designed for students ages 22 and over
  • Accredited by Cognia
  • Call 586-649-2323 to inquire about tuition prices



  • Based in Provo, UT
  • Accredited by Cognia and Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Designed for students 19 and older
  • Issued diploma from Provo, UT public school district
  • $170/online and $280/teacher-led courses



  • Based in Brattleboro, VT
  • Choose between print based (by mail) or online formats to complete coursework
  • Full credit granted for previous completed courses
  • Approved by the Vermont State Board of Education and Better Business Bureau
  • Requires $300 down payment; Contact school for more information and to ask about payment plans



  • Based in Exeter, NH
  • Approved by New Hampshire State Board of Education as a public charter school, A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Tuition at $80 for a 4 week subscription to each course plus application and graduation fees; may differ if you are an out of state or international student



  • Based in Lincoln, NE
  • Accredited by Cognia and Nebraska Department of Education
  • Self-paced, independent study with courses and resources available online 24/7
  • For one semester and 5 credits, non-residents pay $250/course and residents pay $200/course



  • Based in Fargo, ND
  • Accredited by Cognia
  • Accepts transfer credits from other accredited institutions
  • Residents pay $179/core, elective, and credit recovery courses

Start Your Online High School Diploma Program Today!

It’s never too late to earn your high school diploma. Virtual learning now allows adults to complete this milestone in their lives and earn an online high school diploma or equivalency quickly and conveniently.  Read on to learn about more online and in-person high school diploma options if online learning is not for you.

High School Diploma for Adults By State & High School Equivalency Programs by State

Many states offer both private and public options for adult learners to complete a high school diploma. The availability, cost, and curriculum structure vary greatly from state to state and even program to program.

Below is a list of organizations, by state, that offer credit-based and competency based high school credentials for adults (completion options and diplomas). Because state funding changes annually, it is best to check with your State Department of Education to verify if any programs have been discontinued or added.  Also, take into account that due to the 2019-2021 Coronavirus pandemic, many programs have temporarily switched to online platforms for safety.

Many states are required to provide free education up to the age of 21, even 22 in South Carolina. If you are a young adult between the ages of 16-22 who has not completed and is not enrolled in high school, you may be able to re-enroll. Check the free education requirements by age for each state as you begin researching.  Many opportunities offered through a state’s department of education will offer diploma and HSE programs to people of any age.


The state of Alabama does not offer any credit based options for an adult learner to earn a traditional high school diploma. Alabama offers both a high school equivalency credential and a Non-Traditional High School Diploma Option (HSDO).


Adult Learning Center

Anchorage, Alaska

iGrad Alaska

Distance learning program


Career Online High School

Partnership with public libraries in Phoenix and Pima County, AZ

Tuition-free, paid by private and corporate scholarships


Excel Center at Goodwill

Little Rock, AR

Tuition-free, free childcare


Adult School Program

California’s extensive program that functions as part of the K-12 public school system and offers credit based high school diplomas and high school equivalency certification

CA Community Colleges

12 Community Colleges in California offer free adult high school

Career Online High School

36 libraries in California offer programs where you can earn a high school diploma with one of 8 career certifications free via scholarships


McLain High School

Lakewood, CO

In person, public program

Colorado Public Libraries

Completely web-based

Participating libraries offer scholarships to Career Online High School


Public Education Providers

Credits for work or military experience, independent study projects and online courses are additional ways to obtain credit

Connecticut Adult Virtual High School

Helpful guide of programs offering adult high school diplomas or GED preparation courses

Hartford Public Library

Hartford, CT

Offers High School Equivalency/GED preparation courses and emphasizes ESL

Students may work to earn industry-approved certifications through this career school as well


James H. Groves Adult High School

7 locations throughout Delaware including a virtual school

Tuition-free, public program funded by Delaware Department of Education


Public School Programs

Many school districts offer adult high school through the public school system. Select your county to find contact information in your area.

Community Colleges

Several community colleges also offer adult high school credentialing programs

Jacksonville Public Library

Limited number of scholarships offered to qualified adult students


No public Department of Education programs exist in Georgia for credit based high school diplomas, but has recently launched an HSE program through Technical College System of Georgia


Hawaii does not offer a credit based high school diploma, but they offer an alternative, competency based diploma.


ISucceed Virtual Online High School

IA Community Colleges

15 Community Colleges offering High School Equivalency programs



Career Online High School offers scholarships for residents to earn a high school diploma

19 participating library districts

Oakton Community College

Evening High School or High School Equivalency prep

16-17 years or older to apply


Achieve Virtual School

Open to residents of Indiana

Free online public school in the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township

The Excel Center

15 locations in Indiana

Free tuition, free child care, transportation assistance, and more support services offered

New Vistas High School Adult Education


Open to Indiana residents 16 and older

Christel House DORS

Indianapolis, IN

Two main campuses and one satellite campus

Tuition-free high school diploma for adults–not an HSE

Warren Township’s Program of Adult Education

HSE prep and testing

Tuition-free and offered in multiple locations

Twilight School at Kokomo High School

Kokomo, IN

Free to all ages 18-74

Muncie Area Career Center

Muncie, IN

High school diploma and High School Equivalency programs offered



DMACC High School Completion Options

Offered in 9 locations

Adult high school diploma, HiSET, and credit transfer options

Kirkwood Community College

For Eastern Iowa residents

Adult high school diploma and High School Equivalency options


Kansas State Department of Education

8 regions throughout the state with adult degree completion programs

Tuition-free or very low cost

Upon completion, receive degree from local school district

Insight School of Kansas

Olathe, KS

Online, tuition-free public school for Kansas residents


Covington Adult High School

Covington, KY

Operated by Covington Independent Public schools


Jefferson County Public Schools

Louisville, KY

GED classes, Adult ESL courses, and online options available


EXCEL High School

Fast track high school diploma

Fully online program


Maine Adult Education Association

Various locations—course list indicates which facility offers the course

Partnered with Maine Department of Education

Over 80 Adult Education Programs

Tuition-free for Maine residents—many of the courses list prices, but the academic courses are free to students in the diploma program


Maryland Department of Labor

Offers three options, GED, National External Diploma Program, and Adult High School Pilot Program

Montgomery County Public Libraries

Offers scholarships with Career Online High School

Tuition-free to county residents age 19 and over who have completed the 8th grade

Prince George’s County Memorial Library System

Offers scholarships with Career Online High School

Tuition-free to county residents age 21 and over


Boston Central Adult High School

Must be a resident of Boston over age 16

Evening program

$5 Registration Fee plus cost of books

Stoughton Academy

Part of Stoughton Public Schools


Brockton Adult Evening Diploma Program

Any adult age 16 and over

No charge for Adult Learning Center services


Michigan has many high school completion programs through the Michigan Workforce Development Agency

Excel High School

Michigan 211

Connects you with Adult high school diploma and adult basic education programs across the state


Some school districts offer a credit based adult diploma, but it is only recommended for students who need 1-3 credits. Minnesota has moved to a competency based adult high school diploma issued by the state instead of individual school districts. 

Adult Literacy Hotline

Search engine applicable to the entire state


Mississippi Community College Board

Offers adult education opportunities from GED testing to Competency Based Diploma options

SkillUp Mississippi

Free adult education courses search engine


Missouri’s Department of Education 

Adult HSE programs

Excel High School

The Excel Center through Goodwill


Childcare, transportation assistance, and more student support services

Kansas City Libraries and Mid-Continent Public Library

Partnered with Career Online High School for diploma and career certificate

Offers scholarships for residents the library serves


Helena College

Access to Success Program in cooperation with Helen School District

Ages 16 and up

Tuition-free classes with one $30 application fee


Nebraska only offers high school equivalency programs.


Nevada Public School Districts

Various school districts offer adult high school


New Hampshire Bureau of Adult Education

Several locations offering adult high school throughout the state

Most programs charge tuition


State of New Jersey Department of Education

11 Locations throughout Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Morris and Passaic counties

Part of New Jersey Public School System

Most programs have no fee for classes

Gloucester County Institute of Technology

Sewell, NJ

For residents of Southern New Jersey 16 and older

Courses completed online

County residents pay $40 per credit, out-of-county residents pay $45 per credit

New Jersey State Libraries

Currently not active, will activate once funding acquired


The Public Library

A search engine for GED and alternative adult education programs in NM

New Mexico State Library

Career Online High School

Earn high school diploma and career certificate in chosen area


New York offers high school equivalency programs and the competency based National External Diploma Program (NEDP)

Excel High School

Capital Region BOCES

Ages 17 and older


Community Colleges

Programs available at 47 community colleges throughout the state

Combines classroom, learning lab, and online



The state of North Dakota only offers high school equivalency programs.


Ohio Department of Education

Must be at least 22 years old

Self-paced options

Free to Ohio residents


The state of Oklahoma offers high school equivalency programs through public colleges and universities

Excel High School


Mt. Hood Community College

Gresham, OR

Residents of Oregon and SW Washington over 16 years old are eligible

$50 per half credit

Chemeketa Community College

Salem, OR

GED prep courses for those 18 and older

Clackamas Community College

Oregon City, OR

Ages 16 and older


School District of Philadelphia

Education Options Program

Must be at a Philadelphia resident, 18 and older, who has earned at least 8 high school credits

Can earn up to 6 credits each academic year

Excel High School

HI-ED College and University Center


The state of Rhode Island only offers high school equivalency programs and the National External Diploma program


W.R. Rogers Center

For those 17 and older

Must earn 24 credits at minimum

Horry County Adult Education

24 credits required for graduation

South Carolina has over 50 adult education programs throughout the state. Each program’s requirements and fees vary slightly. All contact information, including a website, is listed for each county in South Carolina.


The state of South Dakota offers high school equivalency programs and other various adult education and literacy programs


Goodwill Excel Center

Memphis, TN

Free drop in childcare, transportation assistance, and more

Each student assigned a life coach


Rutherford County Adult High School

Murfreesboro, TN

For those 18 and older

Bass Adult High School

Nashville, TN

Free program for Davidson County residents 18 and over


Goodwill Excel Center

Austin, TX

For ages 17-50

Tuition-free public charter school

Houston Community College Adult High School

Houston Independent School District

For students over the age of 21

Must have previously attended a Houston Independent School District high school

Must not need more than 4 semester courses to graduate


El Paso Public Library

Serves 12 locations

Partnership with Career Online High School

Tuition-free and self-paced


Southpointe Adult High School

West Jordan, UT

For Utah residents 18 and over

Canyon Heights Adult Learning Center

Kaysville, UT

Davis Public School District

For those 16 and older

Southwest Adult High School

Saint George, UT

For residents of Utah age 16 and over

$40 registration fee

Horizonte Instruction and Training Center

Salt Lake City, UT

In partnership with Salt Lake City School District

Available to all Utah residents

Murray Adult School

Murray, UT

In partnership with Murray City School District

Utah residents 16 years and older

Granite Peaks LifeLong Learning

Salt Lake City, UT

In partnership with Granite School District

Provo Adult High School

Provo, UT

In partnership with Provo City School District

Iron County Adult Education Program

Cedar City, UT

In partnership with Iron County School District

Landmark Adult Education

Spanish Fork, UT

In partnership with Nebo School District


State of Vermont Agency of Education

16 years or older

Central Vermont Adult Basic Education, Inc.

16 years or older

Individualized plans of study

Available to adult learners in Washington, Orange and Lamoille Counties

Vermont Adult Learning


One on one tutoring and small class sizes


Virginia Department of Education

A breakdown of the five ways to earn a high school credential in VA

Fairfax County Adult High School

Fairfax County, VA

For those ages 18-21 or those who are 22 years old and only require 8 credits or less to graduate

Adult & Career Education Center

Danville, VA

For those who need 3 or fewer classes to earn a diploma


Washington State Community and Technical Colleges

For those 16 and older

High School Completion, High School+, or “Diploma after Degree” options

Skagit Valley College

For those 21 and older

Tuition is $25 per quarter


West Virginia offers high school equivalency programs 


Milwaukee Area Technical College

For those 16 and older

Complete 46 credits of coursework

Gateway Technical College

Kenosha, WI

For those 18 and older

17 credits required for graduation

Excel High School


Wyoming Community Colleges offer high school equivalency programs across the state

Online High School Diploma for Adults

Thanks for taking the time to check out the GetEducated guide to finding the right adult high school completion program for you.  You are no doubt exhausted if you’ve read the entire article, and we applaud you for it!  Earning a high school diploma as an adult has become much more accessible over the years as distance learning has become a new normal for the country.  Whether you’re pursuing your high school diploma online or preparing for the GED tests at a local testing center, community college or high school, you’re making your way to more money, more autonomy, and a fulfilling personal experience.