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Online Technology Management Degree – Bachelor’s to Doctoral

online technology management degree

Technology management is a growing field and will likely become more important as time progresses. In a nutshell, technology management involves managing IT-related positions and assets. Entry-level technology management jobs may include programming jobs or website developer jobs. However, most technology managers earn executive-level positions in time. These professionals earn job titles like chief technology officer (CTO), director of information technology (DIT), and more. To become a technology manager, you have to have the right degree. Luckily, you can earn the appropriate credentials entirely online. Let’s look at the top online technology management degrees you can pursue from accredited universities.

What Are Technology Management Degrees?

Technology management degrees are advanced credentials that train students in the art of technology management. Technology management is essentially business management but in the IT sector. It focuses on:

  • Managing teams of computer programmers
  • Managing IT companies
  • Making decisions regarding cybersecurity practices

Since many companies rely on IT services and hardware, technology managers are much more essential than before. Technology managers can do many different things on a given day, depending on their job responsibilities and qualifications. For example, they might:

  • Design and deploy computer or technological systems
  • Manage various IT projects
  • Oversee the production of IT products, like software
  • Supervise technical personnel like programmers or cybersecurity professionals
  • Evaluate technology value
  • Oversee operations management for an IT firm
  • Provide safety and quality control oversight for IT companies

Technology management as a field is growing, and it’s also ideal for future entrepreneurs. Those with ideas to shake up the IT industry or develop new, technology-related products may find technology management a great fit. However, technology managers and associated professionals require degrees. A bachelor’s degree is frequently the minimum necessary to qualify for a technology management degree. Graduate degrees are even better and may be required for advanced positions.

Associate Degrees

To become technology managers, students might pursue associate degrees to begin their educational journeys. However, associate degrees are not typically named explicitly for technology management.

Instead, students can pursue associate degrees in any IT-related subject. For example, they can pursue associate degrees in:

Regardless, all technology managers must complete an associate degree (since they must always have a bachelor’s degree at a minimum). Associate degrees are mainly comprised of general education courses covering primary educational topics and subjects. Then they include a few focused courses for a student’s chosen major. Any associate degree should be suitable for future technology managers. However, some more specific associate degrees may allow students to earn credits for their future bachelor’s degrees if they choose wisely.

Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Technology Management

Bachelor’s degrees are the primary credentials needed to become a technology manager. To acquire this position, all students must receive at least one bachelor’s degree in technology management or a related subject. Fortunately, there are plenty of online bachelor’s degrees in technology management. They may have titles like IT management, information technology principles, or technology management. But they all focus on the same broad subjects: integrating business management principles with IT concepts/industries. Let’s break down some of the best online bachelor’s degrees in technology management to pursue.

ECPI University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/IT Management

ECPI University offers a bachelor’s degree in business administration and IT management. As a broad business administration degree, its course offerings cover major business topics like finances and personal leadership. But the concentrated portion of the degree includes classes on subjects such as:

  • Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Financial reporting

Importantly, all the courses are available 100% online. Students can attend asynchronously, or they can opt for remote synchronized scheduling. This allows them to view live lectures with in-person students. Regardless, all students are also entitled to pursue an accelerated course format. With this format, some students can earn degrees and apply for positions in as little as three years.

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Campbellsville University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Business Information Technology

Campbellsville University’s bachelor’s degree in business administration allows a concentration in business information technology. Thus, it’s an appropriate degree choice for those who want to become technology managers. As a degree program, it explores major topics that can significantly benefit managers entering the field. It includes coursework on e-commerce, project management, database application, and business analytics. Furthermore, the program explores tactics to use technology in conjunction with business principles for maximum effect. With its many business-oriented foundations, this degree is an excellent choice for those considering a future MBA.

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University of West Alabama

Bachelor of Science in Technology

Students can attend the University of West Alabama and earn a BS in Technology. This online bachelor’s degree program is an applied science path. It allows students to use any previous vocational experiences or training to their degree progress. Because students can apply previous experience, some students can complete the degree more quickly than usual. Students can customize the degree program for technology management concentrations. They take classes focusing on communications, management technologies, and upper-division business principles.

Even better, students may be able to take advantage of internship opportunities. Customizable electives, the option to apply for technical experience credits, and more make this a highly flexible degree option. Online students may be able to complete the degree at an accelerated pace based on their previous work experience in technology-related industries.

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Southern New Hampshire University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Business Management for IT

Southern New Hampshire University offers a BS in information technology. Students can choose a business management or IT concentration, making this an appropriate degree for future technology managers. It’s a specially tailored degree that focuses on administration, policies, and operations management from an IT perspective. Several terms start throughout the year so students can complete the degree at their own pace. As a 24/7 online degree program, it’s asynchronous. All program students can complete the work at a schedule or pace that works for them.

Furthermore, this program benefits from one of the lowest tuition rates in the country. Thus, it may be a perfect online technology management degree for budget-minded students. All students, regardless of their goals, will take courses on topics such as:

  • Introduction to international business
  • Prince was of management
  • Human relations in business administration
  • Business law

Students may further take advantage of special tuition discounts if they are veterans or if they are the spouses of veterans. This affordable and flexible degree may be an excellent choice for many.

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Western Governors University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Information Technology Management

Western Governors University’s bachelor’s degree in business administration comes with an optional information technology management concentration. Through this concentration, students can take specialized courses on topics like:

  • Network and security
  • Project management for IT principles
  • Business strategy
  • Computer business ethics
  • The business of IT

It is well-designed and academically robust as a fully accredited online program. Furthermore, the course has been designed using input from industry experts. All program graduates will be well qualified to fill leadership roles in the IT industry. This online bachelor’s program prepares students to take positions like vice president of technical services or product security incident manager. However, note that WGU is not currently accepting any students from California. This degree program is only appropriate if one doesn’t live in that state.

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Top Online Master’s Degrees in Technology Management

While many technology managers can earn their positions with bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees are even better. Many of the highest-paid and best technology management positions require graduate degrees. Master’s degrees focus on students’ efforts and knowledge. They also usually allow students to specialize their skills in one or another area of technology management. Let’s break down some of the top online master’s degrees in technology management one can pursue.

Norwich University

Master of Business Administration/Technology Management

Norwich University’s MBA online program offers a concentration in technology management. With this concentration, students will be exposed to notable classics in topics like:

  • Technology management strategies
  • Project management techniques and tools
  • Supply chain management strategies
  • Technology management operations and planning

This MBA program teaches students how to approach business from a globalized perspective. It trains students to operate efficiently and profitably in the modern, worldwide market. All students have to participate in hands-on learning experiences. Thus, while it’s a primarily online degree, a few practicum components or in-person workshops may be required. This can be beneficial, as it allows students to socialize and network, a significant benefit for future MBAs.

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University of Scranton

Master of Business Administration/Enterprise Resource Planning

Some students may wish to take the University of Scranton’s online MBA program. With an optional enterprise resource planning concentration, it’s a perfect choice for future technology managers. It combines advanced business classes within the core MBA curriculum with training and integrated software systems. Specifically, it teaches students how to incorporate corporate strategies and functions within enterprise resource planning systems. More importantly, the program is offered through an association with SAP, one of the best ERP software companies in the world.

All students who complete this online MBA have the option to complete an extra ERP course. Should they choose, they’ll experience a week-long in-person boot camp with a final exam and SAP Associate certification. This certification is precious for earning high-ranking enterprise resource planning positions. All students must complete a certain amount of hands-on experience to graduate. However, students can complete most of the program’s materials online.

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Georgetown University

Master of Professional Studies in Technology Management

Georgetown University offers a distinct technology management master’s degree instead of a business administration. The Master of Professional Studies degree is a unique educational experience for all students. It couples technology knowledge with various high-level business management skills. This results in a well-designed program that trains students to be influential senior technologists in multiple industries.

Students who take this degree can move their careers forward by leveraging the skills used in this program. Students will learn skills like:

  • Critical thinking skills to analyze business issues and develop technology-related, creative solutions
  • Entrepreneurial international expansion skills
  • Customer service and revenue opportunities
  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational management skills
  • Cybersecurity concepts and how to limit or avoid security breaches and data losses

It’s a well-rounded, in-depth degree that teaches future graduates everything they need to master the technology management field. It’s a perfect choice for students who don’t want to earn an MBA with a technology management concentration.

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Rivier University

Master of Business Administration/Information Technology Management

Rivier University’s MBA comes with an information technology management concentration. Students who take this concentration will learn a variety of topics, such as:

  • How to lead virtual teams
  • Computer security principles
  • Database management systems in operations

All students take courses on core business functions, including accounting and finance principles, business management strategies, and more. This degree, in a nutshell, intersects business and IT principles and an excellent way. All students learn to strengthen their critical thinking and communication skills. Graduates leave the program highly prepared for positions in business analysis, security management, resource management, and so on.

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Liberty University

Master of Science in Information Systems/Technology Management

Lastly, graduate students can take an MS in Information Systems from Liberty University. This high-quality master’s degree program further offers a technology management concentration. Choosing this concentration allows students to take technology, management, collaboration, and communications classes. Alternatively, students can choose an Information Assurance area of study.

Regardless, all students should know that a Christian-focused school teaches this 36-hour online program. Professors teach these topics from a Christian worldview. Still, this can be an excellent and affordable online technology management degree for graduate students. It offers a variety of student resources, potential discounts, and job-seeking assistance after graduation.

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Best Online Doctoral Degrees in Technology Management

Some technology managers may wish to continue their education even further. Doctoral degrees in technology management:

  • Are often suitable for academic or research-oriented positions
  • They are not necessary to be a technology manager
  • Can make job candidates slightly more attractive than their competitors

That said, doctoral degrees in technology management are best for future executives who want to climb the technology management ladder as high as possible. They are not needed to earn most technology management positions. Students can pursue several different online doctoral degrees in technology management.

Capella University

Information Technology Ph.D.

Capello University’s Ph.D. program in information technology is a top-tier learning experience. It’s 100% online because it includes online coursework and virtual residencies. Thus, all students can attend remotely without taking in-person classes.

Throughout the program’s duration, students will take courses such as:

  • Research and practice in information technology
  • Projects as complex adaptive systems
  • Advanced risk-management systems and research
  • System and application security advances

The Higher Learning Commission fully accredits the program. Like the rest of Capello University’s online IT programs, this Ph.D. program focuses on information assurance and cybersecurity principles. Because of this, it could be an excellent fit for students who want to improve their online security knowledge or qualify for executive positions at cybersecurity firms.

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University of Central Missouri

Technology Management Ph.D.

The University of Central Missouri offers a technology management Ph.D. Specifically, it’s a Doctorate of Philosophy in Technology Management. It prepares all students for leadership positions in the public or private sector. As a web-based doctoral program, it’s delivered both by UCM in addition to Indiana State University and several other schools like East Carolina University and North Carolina A&T University. Each school contributes faculty or class materials to the online program’s curriculum and experiences.

Due to this consortium design, students can benefit from more significant resources and an online library that offers unprecedented depth and quality to the learning experience. Students can visit laboratories at the nearest university, provided the university is in the consortium. Alternative communication technologies deliver key class lessons or information for the rest of the class’s goals. The program of study consists of 87 credit hours because this is a combined master’s and Ph.D. program. Students who already have a graduate degree may be able to complete the program at an accelerated pace. But they may also need to take a few prerequisite classes to qualify.

All students can choose between five different technical specializations:

  • Manufacturing systems
  • Construction management
  • Digital communications
  • Quality systems
  • Human resource development and industrial training

No matter the specialization, all students will learn to integrate technology management principles in business environments. However, this Ph.D. in philosophy focuses on how and why businesses should use technology to benefit human society. It’s a perfect pick for deep thinkers, executives, and startup entrepreneurs.

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Salaries from Technology Management Jobs

Technology management degrees allow students to pursue a variety of career positions. Depending on the degree’s focus and associated classes, graduates can qualify for jobs like:

  • Information security analysts
  • Computer programmers
  • Network architects
  • Computer and information researchers
  • Information  and computer systems managers

According to the BLS, each position and field in tech is set to grow. The IT industry is growing as society becomes more dependent on computers and analytics. Those who can lead large teams and IT companies can expect high salaries.

For example, information security analysts earn $102,000 per year. They only require a bachelor’s degree in information security or technology management. Graduates can alternatively pursue a position as computer programmers. In that position, students can expect to earn up to $93,000 on average. It’s also a great career to pay for future degree efforts due to this salary. Computer network architects, meanwhile, earn approximately $120,000 per year. They only require a bachelor’s degree, and technology management is well-suited for such positions. While they enjoy excellent job security, these professionals aren’t as numerous as other technology management positions in the industry.

Computer and information research scientists are becoming much more important, however. According to the BLS, open computer and information research scientist positions should grow by about 22% up to 2030. They earn over $130,000 a year, making this one of the most lucrative positions one can pursue. Graduates with technology management degrees can leave their companies or manage computer and information systems. Computer and information systems managers earn over $159,000 per year on average. The highest-paid professionals make significantly more. Even better, this position is supposed to become much more common in the future.

Earn Your Online Technology Management Degree Today!

Ultimately, you can pursue many degree programs to become a technology manager.

Whether you wish to run a tech company of your own or work as an executive for a company, a technology management degree will give you the skills you need to succeed.

If you’re unsure which of the above programs to pursue, check out GetEducated’s detailed online school catalog. We break down all the top online universities in the country and can help you pick the right educational institution for your needs.

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