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Online Midwifery Programs— 10 Top Degrees Under $37,000

Online midwifery programs prepare you to become a CNM

If you care about women’s health and health equity, then looking at one of the online nurse midwifery programs on this list may the best—and fastest—way to make a difference in women’s lives. Midwives who are advanced practice nurses can operate independently or within another health practice, serving the needs of women across the lifespan. Midwives are also famous for delivering babies, which can certainly be a big part of the job for some nurse midwives, but the ability to do primary care for women is another major part of the practice. Nurse midwives are leaders in caring for members of the community who are often underserved: women.

Whether you are already a practicing nurse or are considering switching to this in-demand field, there is a nurse midwife schooling option for you on our list of the best online programs to get you started in this career. The demand for nurse midwives and other advanced practice nurses is high, and the salaries average over $100k, so this is a great time to get into this field. A career as a midwife offers the opportunity to do good for others while doing well for yourself too.

The Nurse Midwife Schooling Options

Midwife education starts with training, sometimes starting with nursing school, and other times, concentrating solely on the practice of midwifery. For people who train just for midwifery, they will become direct entry midwives. But people often go into the profession after trying their hand a nursing career, and seeing the opportunity for growth, continue on to combine their training with midwifery to expand their scope of their practice.

The most recognized certified midwife programs are those for nurse midwives, and these can be undertaken by people who have an RN license, a BSN, or even an MSN. Nurse midwives take the national certification exam administered by the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) and required by most states for licensure. The certified nurse midwife schools that prepare students have different entry requirements, but all will take students through didactic and hands-on practice to learn all the skills needed first to pass the exam and then to practice as a nurse midwife.

The pathway to becoming a nurse midwife goes through first getting an RN license, then a BSN, and finally, the step of getting the master's degree to become a Certified Nurse Midwife, a CNM degree. At the end of your training, you will need to pass the national exam to be considered certified, and after that step, apply for licensure to practice in your state. Nurse midwife schools will have courses on nursing topics that include physiology, pharmacology, childbearing care, epidemiology, women’s health care, health assessment, leadership, and practice nursing topics.

Some programs will accept students who just have the RN license with a diploma or associates degree, take them through the BSN and straight into midwife schooling to get the master’s degree. Other programs with allow nurses who have either a BSN or a master’s degree in another nursing subject to take the certified midwife program to become a nurse midwife. There are also post-master’s degree certificate programs that provide midwifery courses to advanced practice nurses so they can change to this specialty. In all of these cases, nurses can take online certified midwifery programs that allow them to continue their personal and professional lives while taking most of their courses online, performing practicums at a site near their homes, and just visiting the campus a few times to have intensive face-to-face time with faculty and peers.

Direct entry midwifery programs are quite different in that they don’t train students in all of the nursing education, but instead concentrate on the midwifery skills and knowledge. Direct entry midwifery schools often prepare students for the national exam given by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). There are also direct entry midwifery programs that will take students who have their bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing subject and prepare them for an exam given by the AMCB that is for Certified Midwives (CMs) without the nursing training.

Choosing the Right Online Nurse Midwifery Program

The Post-Grad certificate programs are the best and quickest option for students who already have an advanced practice nursing master’s degree and some professional experience. It can also work for someone who got their advanced practice nursing degree in a different specialty but would like to add on midwifery or change to the midwifery specialty. They can have between 22-39 required credits and are usually part time for approximately two years of study.

Online midwifery programs that provide the master’s degree are the perfect option for those who already have their BSN but need the advanced practice master’s to go straight into the midwifery profession. These programs are more extensive than the certificate programs, as they will also include the nursing core competencies for master’s level nurses in addition to focusing on the midwifery skillset.

For those who wish to go straight to the highest level of practice, there are programs that combine the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) with the midwifery degree. The DNP is the highest practice nursing degree, alongside the PhD, and it also allows nurses to get the training for certification as a nurse midwife.

Careers in Midwifery

Nurse midwives can go into practice for themselves, operating under their own banner as advanced practices nurses in this specialty, but the vast majority of them work in physician’s offices, with others working in outpatient health centers and other types of health practitioner’s offices. A much smaller number of midwives are employed at colleges and by government agencies. Nurse midwives may work in labor and delivery, primary care offices, OB/GYN practices, or even in home births. But they can also have roles in health administration, education, advocacy, or combine these skills into their midwifery practice in a health center or office.

Getting certified as a nurse midwife usually takes two to four years of hard work, and many people who invest this time are doing it because they seek the job satisfaction of being able to help women and newborns so directly. But the salaries are another reason to work so hard to get into the profession. The mean annual wage for a nurse midwife is $115,540, while those in the 90th percentile can make $179,770. While the hard work to get the CNM degree is rigorous, the payoff in feeling like a valuable member of this health field and in financial remuneration can be well worth the effort.

10 Most Affordable Online Midwifery Programs

Master’s level

  1. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

    Degree: Master of Science in Nursing / Nurse Midwifery
    Total Cost (In-State):
    Total Cost (Out-of-State): $32,655

    The MSN in Midwifery from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center takes two to three years to complete, For the three-year plan, students would take two classes most terms, while the two-year plan would have students taking three classes most semesters during their midwife schooling. Most classes are online, but there are some that will require students to come to the campus for short periods of time. Courses in this program include Evidence for Advanced Nursing Practice, Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurses in Advanced Practice, Foundations of Nurse-Midwifery, and Antepartum and Ambulatory Postpartum Care Management. Applications are considered holistically, but applicants should have a 3.0 GPA on their BSN work and undergraduate courses in research and statistics with a grade of C or higher. Other admission criteria include evidence of or potential for leadership in nursing, diversity of work or life experience, fluency in a second language, Texas residency, or being a first-generation college student. It is preferred that applicants have at least one year of work experience within the past five years in labor and delivery or related practice. In the past three years, 90% of Texas Tech’s graduates of this program have passed the national exam, making this an excellent midwife degree for certification and success as a nurse midwife.

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  2. East Carolina University

    Degree: Master of Science in Nursing / Nurse Midwifery
    Total Cost (In-State): $19,836
    Total Cost (Out-of-State):

    The mission of East Carolina University’s masters in midwifery is to prepare advanced practice nurses to care for women across the lifespan to reduce health disparities in rural and underserved communities. The program prepares students for the certification exam, and the first-time pass rates have been 100% for four of the past five years, with 100% pass rate by the second try for that one year. The program only accepts students who live in North or South Carolina to serve their mission of increasing services in these areas. Students can opt to move to the state but will need to pay out of state tuition rates until they have lived in-state for one year. Classes are completely online with the exception of 2-4 days on campus at the beginning of each clinical course and practicum experiences, which will be arranged as close to a student’s home as possible. Applicants should have a 2.7 GPA on undergraduate work and a 3.0 GPA on their nursing courses and will need GRE scores if their GPA is below 3.2. Only 12 students are accepted each year, one year of labor and delivery experience is preferred but not required, and there are admissions by exception for candidates who don’t meet the standards. Students can opt for full or part time schedules, and can complete the programs in two or three years. Courses include Healthcare Finance and Economics, Reproductive Physiology, Well Woman Care, and Integration of Nurse-Midwifery Professional Roles and Issues. For nurses in NC or SC, this online midwifery program is an affordable and high-quality option.

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  3. Old Dominion University

    Degree: Master of Science in Nursing / Nurse Midwifery
    Total Cost (In-State):
    Total Cost (Out-of-State):

    The certified nurse midwife program at Old Dominion University is offered as a cooperative program with Shenandoah University, and offers low in-state tuition, with out-of-state students paying only slightly higher rates. The online midwifery program is offered full time and take two years to complete, with two weeks of on-campus intensive learning required during the program. Courses in the program include MSN Core Courses, Aging in the 21st Century, Comprehensive Perinatal Care, and Advanced Nurse-Midwifery Role Development. The application deadline for this program is April 1st, and GRE scores are waived for students with GPAs over 3.5. One year of recent clinical nursing practice beyond the BSN is preferred. National exam pass rates are very good, with 100% passing by their 2nd attempt. For students from anywhere who want a certified professional midwife program, ODU’s CNM degree is an affordable and convenient distance master’s program that can be completed in two years.

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  4. Stony Brook University

    Degree: Master of Science in Nursing / Nurse Midwifery
    Total Cost (In-State):
    Total Cost (Out-of-State):

    Stony Brook University’s online certified midwife program comes with a suite of extra services to help students succeed: a personal concierge to answer any questions, access to a tutor when they need help, 24/7 support, and industry-leading teaching practices. The program courses are 100% online with some on-campus visits required, and classes are synchronous online. Courses include Healthcare Policy and Advocacy, Primary Care, Statistical Methods and Scholarly Inquiry, and Professional Issues in Midwifery. Applicants need to have a BSN, a GPA of 3.0 or higher, a nursing license, and undergraduate classes in health assessment and statistics. Applicants who have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing subject will be required to submit additional materials. National exam pass rates for the most recent period are 92%, and SBU is a highly respected research university with a top-notch nursing program. For aspiring midwifes, and especially ones who have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree, this CNM degree program is a terrific choice.

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Doctorate Level

  1. Baylor University

    Degree: Doctor of Nursing Practice / Nurse-Midwifery
    Total Cost (In-State & Out-of-State):

    For those who value a Christian environment for their education, Baylor University’s certified nurse midwife programs fit the bill. The DNP program can be completed in 31-37 credits by those who have their MSN in a practice discipline, and it takes 18-24 months on average. For those who have a different master’s degree focus, they will need to complete the longer program. Students can start their training in January, May, or August. Courses in the program include Health Informatics and Innovations in Technology, Clinical Epidemiology, Servant Leadership, and Nurse-Midwifery IV: High Risk Family Practicum. The program boasts 92% national certification exam pass rates over the most recent four-year period. Applicants don’t need to submit GRE scores, but do need a BSN from an accredited nursing school with a GPA of 3.0, plus at least one year of full-time professional experience in labor and delivery or a related setting. Baylor’s midwife education is available to students in 26 states, so check your eligibility. If you are called to this helping profession, the online midwifery program from Baylor is an excellent path to choose.

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  2. Thomas Jefferson University

    Degree: Doctor of Midwifery
    Total Cost (In-State & Out-of-State):

    Thomas Jefferson University’s DNP program is designed for mid-career midwives to advance in the profession and develop their leadership skills. This midwifery school involves three years of part time study, completely online except for a 3-day on-campus orientation at the beginning of the program and a 2-day experience at the end of the program. The program starts in the fall and includes courses such as Current Issues in Midwifery and Women’s Health, Organizational change, and Case Studies in Midwifery Clinical Administration. Because this midwife degree is designed for practicing professionals, it does not include the traditional clinical practicums, but does have a doctoral project on a topic of the student’s own design. Applicants need to have a master’s degree with a 3.0 GPA, submit GRE scores or an academic writing sample, and a midwifery license. International students are welcome to this certified professional midwife program. Thomas Jefferson’s program is unique in that it is designed for practicing professionals to become leaders in the field, and it offers a quality educational experience for diverse students.

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    Doctor of Midwifery



  1. University of Utah

    Degree: Doctor of Nursing Practice / Nurse Midwifery (BSN to DNP)
    Total Cost (In-State):
    Total Cost (Out-of-State): $163,232

    University of Utah’s Nurse Midwifery program is top-rated, and it is part of a top-notch school of nursing with research funding, scholarships, a diversity program, and 10 endowed faculty chairs. Faculty midwives have delivered 601 babies, and the university is a leader in distance education for students who can remain in their communities during their study. Applicants to the program must have a 3.0 GPA from their bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited program, a nursing license as an RN or APRN, and prerequisite upper division courses in pathophysiology and statistics, but GRE scores are not required. International applicants are welcome. Courses in this program include Advanced Pathophysiology for DNP Students I, Antepartum Management, Childbearing Complications, and Quality Improvement in Health Care. The whole program should be completed within seven years, and University of Utah’s program is great for distance learning students from near and far who wish to complete the midwife degree while staying in their communities. Combining a master’s education with a doctorate, this degree is perfect for someone who knows they want to eventually earn their doctorate. Since this program combines two degrees into one, it is both affordable and a time saver.

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Post-Grad Certificate

  1. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

    Degree: Post-Master Certificate in Nurse Midwifery
    Total Cost (In-State):
    Total Cost (Out-of-State): $17,269

    For an affordable post-master’s certified midwife program, the certificate option at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is a convenient and very cost-effective program. Applicants need to have an MSN with a 3.0 GPA, an unencumbered license, and international students are welcome. Extra factors they consider in admitting students include leadership in nursing, diverse work or life experience, Texas residency, first generation college student, and fluency in an additional language. Classes in this 39-credit certified nurse midwife program include Population Health Essentials for Advanced Nursing Practice, Pharmacology for Women’s Health, Scientific Foundations, and Transition to Nurse-Midwifery Practice. The certificate program boasts 100% national exam pass rates for the most recent two years. There are five on-campus visits required, with the rest of the program online and in clinicals. The program is part time, and can be completed in two years. There are three start dates per year. An excellent and high-quality online midwifery program, the Texas Tech cert program is affordable for all, but a special bargain for Texas residents.

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  2. Stony Brook University

    Degree: Advanced Certificate in Nurse Midwifery
    Total Cost (In-State):
    Total Cost (Out-of-State): $15,129

    Stony Brook University’s online certified midwifery program offers well-qualified students the opportunity to graduate with as few as 22 credits of coursework, though additional course requirements may be made through a gap assessment. Core courses include Professional Issues in Midwifery, Advanced Theory & Clinical Practice in Midwifery III, and Primary Care. Additional courses required may be Organizational Leadership & Role Transformation, Advanced Health Assessment, and Clinical Pathobiology. Admission requires a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing, a 3.0 GPA, undergraduate courses in statistics and health assessment, and current licensure. A year of relevant professional experience is preferred. There are some on-site requirements for the program, including an on-campus interview for admissions. The program is part time, and recent national exam pass rates are 92%. The tuition is very affordable for in-state and out-of-state students, making this a terrific and quick way to get into the midwifery profession for qualified practice nurses.

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  3. Frontier Nursing University

    Degree: Post-Graduate Certificate in Nurse-Midwifery
    Total Cost (In-State & Out-of-State):

    The 39-credit post-masters nurse midwifery course at Frontier Nursing University includes 27 didactic and 12 clinical credits. Applicants need to be advanced practice nurses and have their RN license active as well, plus will need to have a 3.0 GPA from their master’s degree. Their MSN must have had advanced pathophysiology, physical assessment, and pharmacology courses or the student may be required to take them during their certificate program. Classes include Gynecological Health, Midwifery Care for Postpartum Women and Newborns, and Psych Concepts for APRN. With two courses per term, the program takes seven terms to complete, or a little over two years, and there are two short on-campus stays required. International students are welcome. After completing the certificate program, students can transfer directly into the DNP program if they choose. For US and international practice nurses, the online midwifery program from Frontier offers an affordable way to enter the profession of midwifery with a great education and plenty of practical experience.

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Begin an Online Midwifery Program Today!

For those considering midwifery school, you can’t do any better than getting your degree from one of these excellent and cost-effective online certified midwifery programs. Not only can you continue your family and work life right where you live, but any campus visits required will be very short. We have identified for you the best programs to get you from where you are today to becoming a CNM with the ability to help vulnerable communities, and especially women, to achieve better health outcomes. Plus, the pay is not bad either. All good reasons to get started on your education so you can become a nurse midwife, fulfill your dreams, and help others.

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