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Using Video Games for Online Education


EducaOnline Education Video Games and Computer Gamestors interested in teaching online classes using video games are invited to take a free online course, offered by Canadian teacher Bill Belsey, known for his work with educational technology and cyberbullying prevention.

The course—“Learning With Gaming For Educators”—shows teachers how video games help students learn. It also provides resources to help teachers create their own games and develop game-oriented curricula.

During the course, participants will practice playing a variety of online education-oriented games, most of which are free. Course participants will be expected to try at least three software-based games and three that can be played online.

Examples of games include:

• Re-Mission – a 20-level video game that takes the player on a journey through the bodies of young cancer patients, as a way to teach about cancer

• National GeDistance Learning Video Games for Online Educationographic quizzes, word games and more
• Launchball –
creative problem-solving games from London’s Science Museum

Other games illustrate various economic, social, political and environmental issues.

Course participants are expected to complete the six-module course within 90 days. Each participant will be required to complete learning tasks as well as a major online course assignment.

For more information on how you can use video games to teach online courses, visit We Can Learn Online. To receive a free enrollment password, email Bill Belsey.

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