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Bachelor's of Art in: Liberal Arts

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The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts program at Utah State University is designed as a broad foundation for students with an interest in some aspect of the humanities and liberal arts. This major offers broad instruction in the humanities, sciences, arts, and social sciences. USU places importance on the idea of lifelong learning, emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach.

The flexible nature of course selection in this program encourages students to explore their own creativity and interests. USU feels that engaging a student's intellectual curiosity, scholarly habits, and attitudes fosters an attitude for lifelong learning and discovery. The basic philosophy of this program is to expand the capacity for critical thought, an appreciation of history and historical processes, and an understanding of the legal and ethical foundations of a society.

Working closely with a faculty advisor, students create an individualized plan of study that best reflects their own personal goals and passions. Students define these learning goals early, if possible, in order to make class choices easier down the line. The courses in this program promote linking knowledge from between disciplines, focusing on social, cultural, and political bases of various cultures.

It is the goal of this program to help students develop competency in five main areas: communication skills, civic and social skills, analytical skills, human relations skills, and personal competencies. Graduates should be able to speak and write effectively, analyze problems and develop solutions, and gain an increased understanding of the needs of others and oneself. Students are encouraged to broaden their knowledge of history, sociology, and philosophy.

There is a University Studies requirement for this Bachelor's Degree, consisting of 30 credits from General Education and Depth Education requirements. To earn this degree, students must fulfill a foreign language requirement and satisfy the program total of 120 credit hours. Candidates will take a wide range of courses in order to gain a wide knowledge in historical and cultural traditions, the arts, literature, ethics, and social and legal institutions.

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Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities