Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Thomas Edison State University

Program Details

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program in Sociology prepares adults for career change, advancement or graduate education, while providing personal enrichment. The program focuses on the forces that produce stability and changes in people's behavior, beliefs and attitudes and social organization.  Students develop a broad general knowledge of the traditional liberal arts disciplines while developing a greater depth of knowledge in sociology.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the major theoretical concepts and historical trends in sociology
  • Apply the scientific method to examine sociological issues
  • Describe the importance of values, ethical standards and diversity in sociology
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the individual in society in regard to such areas as: culture, socialization, groups and organizations, and crime
  • Discuss some of the underlying factors concerning such areas as: social stratification, global stratification, race and ethnicity, and gender
  • Compare the social dynamics of some of the major social institutions


This degree requires 120 credit hours for completion.

Enrollment requirements include: Adult 21 years of age or older (unless you are participating in a special college program). High school graduate or successful completion of General Educational Development (GED).

School Accreditation Statement

Middle States Commission on Higher Education