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Rochester Institute of Technology offers a Master of Science degree in Product Development for those in engineering, science, management, or business and are interested in learning about the processes involved in product development and innovation. Students will learn about the business and engineering aspects which are involved in the functional development of a completed product which meets consumer wants and needs. Individuals will study marketing, supply chain management, finance, and accounting as well as the engineering processes involved in new product development.

Students will potentially learn and increase their skills through a curriculum with classes that will develop their entrepreneurial and innovative capacities and understanding of business and manufacturing processes. The curriculum consists of 36 credit hours which include decision and risk benefits analysis, systems and project management, and marketing concepts and commercialization.

Successful graduates should be able to demonstrate understanding of the basic principles and philosophies of engineering design, to understand the manufacturing process involved in overall design, including the manufacturing process, the materials choices, assembly issues, quality and performance, platform design, maintenance and safety, and economics and costing.

In addition, students will demonstrate an understanding of business management concepts, the processes involved in entrepreneurship and the continuing development of creation of products and services in a variety of fields or industries, the relevancies of financial and economic principles in the development of new products, the processes involved in the creation and development of a firm, and the abilities and skills needed for innovation and invention of new products and services.


Students must hold a baccalaureate (or equivalent degree) from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have at least five years of experience related to product development (exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis)

Accreditation & Licensing

Middle States Commission on Higher Education