Viticulture Diploma
Central Lakes College

Program Details

The wine business is booming. Become a part of it with the online Viticulture Diploma program from Central Lakes College. Students are prepared for careers as vineyard managers, in which they will:

  • Oversee the growing and care of grapes
  • Develop systems of grape management that are appropriate for individual vineyards
  • Manage planting, fertility, harvesting, and pruning
  • Be involved in varietal selection, site preparation, equipment maintenance and safety, first season establishment, vine growth development, trellis systems, and pruning
  • Be involved in pest management, soil quality, and the overall impact on the environment


  • High schools transcript or GED
  • ACT, MCA, SAT, TABE, and/or Accuplacer scores

School Accreditation Statement

Higher Learning Commission