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The history of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is less than a century old. As industrialization brought rampant changes to how companies operated, there was an urgent need for scientific approaches to managing people and enterprises.

As 21st Century workforce and consumer demographics change dramatically, the business world needs innovative and adaptive leaders to take helm.

An online MBA degree prepares students for the cultural, technical, financial, and logistical challenges of leading teams. This in-depth and multi-disciplinary leadership specialization can lead to making a broad impact in many fields—covering accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and operations.


In the modern era, all kinds of enterprises and organizations need strong leadership. Managers are needed anywhere there are projects, accounts, or items to sell. But good managers are not to be taken for granted—most adult workers have experienced inept management at some point in their career.

Where in the world do successful MBA graduates end up? Many work in non-profits, banks and financial institutions, hotels and hospitality, marketing firms, and more.

These include a variety of roles, such as:
  • Management Analysts handle the nitty-gritty details that keep a company running like a fine-tuned engine—cutting costs, increasing revenue, developing solutions and taking a systems-driven approach to efficiency. Median salaries hit $81,320 in 2015, with a lively 14% job outlook expected into 2024.
  • Financial Managers guide many elements a company’s short-term and long-term financial outlook. They go through large amounts of data and numbers daily, such as financial statements, business activity reports, market trend data, and other budgetary data drive corporate decision-making. Earn a median salary of $117,990, with 7% growth expected into 2024.


GMAT scores and years of work experience are important and requirements vary among schools. However, mindset also counts. MBA candidates should have a penchant for problem-solving, a task-oriented mindset, understanding and motivating a variety of people, using data to make decisions on a global scale.


Admission Requirements

Almost all schools offering MBA degree programs require an undergraduate degree from an accredited college. Most require GMAT test scores, an essay, and transcripts. GPA minimums vary.

Have you worked in business or management settings before? Many schools also factor in years of hands-on professional experience such as military service, volunteer work, and managing teams for challenging projects.


Designed to build leadership, cultural empathy, and teamwork skills along with analytical thinking, classic online MBA coursework will include:

  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Information Resource Management
  • Strategic Concepts in Marketing
  • Graduate Research Methods
  • Strategic Management
  • Finance for Managers
  • Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship
  • Corporate Negotiation

Many online MBA degrees also require a capstone project, in which students solve real-world business problems with a managerial business focus.


Accreditation is the mark that guarantees rigor, quality, and relevance to our modern-day business world. All online MBA programs in the GetEducated directory have been verified and hold proper accreditation that is recognized by CHEA and the U.S. Dept. of Education. 

AACSB accreditation is considered the most prestigious and renowned. Regional accreditation is also a great choice, especially if you are on a more restrictive budget or if your undergraduate GPA is lower. 


An online MBA degree can increase your lifetime potential earning by hundreds of thousands of dollars. When shopping for an online MBA, compare the estimated degree cost to the national average, $25,869, revealed by our ranking reports. Also, make sure to take note of these factors as they can heavily influence the total estimated cost:

  • Cost per credit hour (in-state, out of state)
  • Credit hours to complete

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List of Accredited Online Degrees

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