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Contrary to popular belief, passing the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is not the only way to attain a master’s degree. Several programs, and even entire schools, no longer require GRE for admission consideration. If you are looking to get a master’s degree but do not want to delve into the complexities of the GRE, this article is for you. This article explains how you can get a master’s degree without GRE requirements. And, it includes the top 10 master’s degree programs in various educational domains that do not require it.

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What is the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)?

The GRE is the most common requirement for admission into a specialized graduate program of study.

A standardized test determines how likely an applicant is to succeed in graduate education or at the master’s or doctorate level. Different universities, institutions, and programs have additional GRE requirements. However, if an institute necessitates GRE before admission, an applicant should take the exam before applying. Some institutes may also require a standardized test score to be eligible for admission.

Some educational institutions also recommend, instead of requiring, a GRE score for an applicant’s admission consideration. Meaning that all students are not necessarily required to have the GRE. But, taking the GRE would provide a beneficial opportunity for those who might not have a glittering application.

For example, students with a lower than standard undergraduate GPA. Such students can secure their admission through the GRE as it demonstrates their potential to succeed in a graduate school despite their unsatisfactory performance in their undergraduate school. Although an institution’s application requirements depict such distinctions, consulting the admission office or the program director for thorough information in this domain is a good idea. Applicants who choose not to opt for the GRE should ensure that their admission application and supporting material are highly competitive on their own.

Lastly, some programs and universities do not require a GRE score for admission, and we will list some of the best programs here.

Graduate Schools That Do Not Require The GRE

The graduate schools that do not require the GRE may have an exemption policy for all students or case-by-case exemption criteria. The former standard is usually associated with a more holistic approach to application review in recent years. Many university departments see the GRE score requirement as an impersonal or black-and-white evaluation criterion. As in, the exam may hinder prospective graduate students from fully exhibiting their ability and commitment.

A case-by-case exemption is for students who already meet the university’s set standards—for instance, a particular GPA. So prospective case-by-case students may not need to prove their eligibility for admission further. Similarly, an institute may not require a student with a previous graduate degree to submit the GRE score for entry into another graduate degree. Degree programs such as Master of Fine Arts (MFA) require students to submit a portfolio of their work instead of the GRE. In addition, the programs designed specifically for working professionals typically value hands-on experience in the industry over the mere GRE score.

Getting University Admission With No GRE Requirements

Whether online or on-campus degree programs, getting admission to an institute without any GRE requirements is not a piece of cake. Such programs usually use stricter and more competitive admission evaluations without an exact GRE score requirement for consideration. Such higher admission considerations may include the following:

  • Higher undergraduate GPAs
  • More extracurricular activities
  • More research or industry experience
  • A higher standard of writing or essay samples

10 Online Masters Degrees No GRE

1. Online MBA from Northeastern University

About the Institute

Formerly known as the Huntington Avenue YMCA, Northeastern University is in Boston, Massachusetts. The first director of this institute, Frank Palmer Speare, declared the pioneers officially founded the university in 1917 with simply “an eraser and two sticks of chalk.” The institute has grown immensely to provide online graduate classes in Washington, California, North Carolina, and Canada. Home to over twenty thousand currently enrolled students, Northeastern University offers more than 30 academic degree programs throughout nine colleges and schools. In addition, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges regionally accredited this institution. NU is a private research university with the most significant research activity designated by the Carnegie Foundation.

About the Program

The Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business offers an AACSB accredited online business administration degree master’s program for seasoned industry professionals. This program does not have any GRE requirements but focuses on aspirants with exceptional business intelligence and extensive experience. Individuals with less professional experience also have the chance of admission through supplemental admissions process materials.

The program constitutes about 50 credit hours – relatively longer than other graduate programs – and offers core courses, including Strategic Decision Making in a Changing Environment, Global Competition, and Market Dominance. Along with a general track, eight dedicated specialization options are available for students. The focus areas in this highly sought after online program include the following:

  • Healthcare Management
  • International Management
  • High Technology Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance
  • Innovation Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Sustainability

Students can conveniently customize their curriculum according to their individual needs. This master’s of business administration online degree program is completable in two years part-time, supported by several services and resources, particularly for MBA students.

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2. Online Master’s in Education from Western Governors University

About the Institute

A group of United States governors quite literally conceived the Western Governors University (WGU) in 1995. It is the brainchild of the Western Governors Association, which consists of nineteen governors located in the western states of America. These individuals had a vision at their 1995 association meeting to build a specialized institute for older students and working adults in their region. They developed a formal charter for the school a year after this meeting. WGU, founded in 1997, is a coeducational, non-profit, and private university that offers online educational services out of the Utah administrative headquarters in Salt Lake City. The Northwest Commission regionally accredits the institute of Colleges and Universities.

About 80,000 students participate in a multitude of online educational programs across the four colleges of the institute:

  • The College of Business
  • The Teacher’s College
  • The College of Information Technology
  • The College of Health Professions

About the Program

The WGU Teachers College offers several online master’s degree options in education, including 14 degree programs for current teachers and five degrees leading to initial licensure. These programs range from the Master of Arts in Teaching, Elementary Education for aspiring teachers and the Master of Education in Learning and Technology for professional educators looking to enhance their digital experience.

Western Governors University uses a competency-based education model (developed and promulgated by WGU on a school-wide scale). Students go through their coursework based on which subjects they hold mastery in instead of a strict timetable set by the school or an instructor. It is a phenomenon that is incredibly unique among several graduate programs. WGU’s online Master in Education degree includes all educational bases for students and several education leadership topics. The program prepares educators to become more competent practitioners.

WGU is CAEP accredited and does not require GRE scores for a Master’s degree admission. Instead, students should partake in a meeting with an Enrollment Counselor as part of the evaluation process.

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3. Online MPA from California State University – Dominguez Hills

About the Institute

Tentatively known as the South Bay State College, the California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH or CSU Dominguez Hills) attained state funding in its founding year, 1960. The school settled onto a permanent 346-acre campus in Dominguez Hills in 1968 in the South Bay region of Los Angeles. Several name changes led to the institute’s official name christening in 1977 as California State University.

This institute is one of the 23 universities in the California State University (CSU) system, with about 15,000 students enrolled in five colleges. CSUDH is a public, coeducational university designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution. Like several other online grade programs in the Western United States, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges regionally accredited this institution.

About the Program

The online Master in Public Administration (MPA) program is offered through the Graduate Programs at CSU without any GRE requirements. The program is analogous to the on-campus one, with the same thorough academics administered uniquely.

Students completing their Master’s degree have the option between two academic calendars based on their concentration choice. This option is usually uncommon in a graduate program. The institute offers concentrations in Health Care Policy and Administration, Criminal Justice Policy and Administration, and Nonprofit Management in three sessions. The Public Management concentration is completable in four sessions.

There are nine three-credit-hour core courses, including Foundations of Ethical Administration, Administrative Theory and Behavior, and Public Budgeting. Concentration electives follow these core courses, and either an Honors Thesis or a Capstone to exhibit business intelligence and complete the degree.

This program is NASPA accredited and also offers extensive student-specific resources.

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4. Online MPH from the Northern Illinois University

About the Institute

The Northern Illinois University (NIU) was formerly Northern Illinois State Normal School in Dekalb, Illinois. Chartered in 1895, this school housed nearly 180 coeducational students in its castle-like building (Altgeld Hall) in 1899. The costly building still stands on the 755-acre campus but with a new name and education curriculum.

The seven colleges of this public research institute have more than 19,000 presently enrolled students in more than 120 academic degree programs, regionally accredited by the Higher Education Learning Commission (HLC).

About the Program

School of Health Studies at Northern Illinois University offers a top-notch online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree. The program constitutes about 43 to 52 credit hours and is primarily for working professionals. Apart from a respectable degree, students can benefit from NIU’s seasoned support community of professional faculty members and classmates.

This Master’s degree offers two specializations; Health Services Management and Health Promotion. Students also have the choice of choosing a thesis or non-thesis culminating. Students who opt for a non-thesis degree must complete a Master’s Comprehensive Examination to graduate. In addition, the program requires all MPH students to complete certain classes, such as Principles and Methods of Epidemiology, Applied Research Methods in Public Health, and Community Health Planning.

There are no GRE requirements for admission, but students must hold a minimum GPA of 3.0 in their Bachelor’s degree and provide letters of recommendation as a part of the application process. This program is CEPH accredited and is one of the highly sought-after degrees in the public healthcare sector.

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5. Online Master of Liberal Studies from Fort Hays State University

About the Institute

Fort Hays State University (FHSU), started as the Western branch of the Kansas State Normal School, was established in Hays, Kansas, in 1902 and expanded to form FHSU. The school hosted a phenomenal enrollment journey, starting with 57 students enrolled at the former Fort Hays military base. Currently, there are about 15,000 students enrolled in 31 academic departments. These numbers span five colleges, schools, and the FHSU Virtual College. FHSU is the third largest institute within the six-state university government system.

The Higher Learning Commission regionally accredited this institution.

About the Program

Fort Hays State University provides an online Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degree program through the Virtual College. Initially offered by the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, this MLS degree program bridges interdisciplinary learning and prepares students for several careers. It comprises 31 credit hours – a usual number of credit hours for several graduate programs – and engages students in 10 credits of core courses, including “Ways of Knowing in Comparative Perspective” and “Origins and Implications of the Knowledge Society .” In addition, students have to choose between a culminating thesis or internship to graduate and can also personalize their degree through twelve predetermined online specializations. These concentrations range widely and include Global Management, Political Leadership, Art History, and Public Service.

There are no GRE requirements for admission. Instead, students can attain academic guidance and support from an MLS Coordinator always on-hand to pursue liberal studies focusing on “intellectual, social, and moral growth.”

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6. Online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from the Colorado State University-Global Campus

About the Institute

Fully accredited by the Institution of Higher Education, the Global Campus of Colorado State University is one of its kind in the world. It is a part of the Colorado State University System. It is associated with both Colorado State University-Pueblo and Colorado State University-Fort Collins (the flagship university in the system). However, CSU-Global Campus, which houses about 20,000 students, is an independent university governed by the same board of Governors as CSU-Pueblo and CSU.

The CSU-Global also holds regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

About the Program

CSU-Global Campus offers an online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) in two-track options to students: a Practitioner track and a Research Track. After that choice, students complete a 36-39 credit hour online program with a collection of fifteen predetermined specialization options. A few of these concentration options include Human Resource Performance, Online Learning Innovation and Design, Strategic Innovation and Change Management, Business Intelligence, and several others.

The organizational leadership master’s degree is for students who want to lead practically and creatively. MSOL graduates are implementers, skilled in logistics, and know how to make companies more effective, efficient, and successful. The meticulously crafted faculty with expertise in their fields prepare professionals to become innovators and leaders in several areas. There is no GRE requirement for admission to this program.

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7. Online Master of Arts in History from American Public University

About the Institute

Initially developed by retired Marine James P. Etter, American Military University (AMU) was established in 1991, offering programs catered to the specialized advanced degree needs of active military men and women. The authorities changed the institute’s name to the American Public University (APU) in 2002 in association with the newly-established American Public University System (APUS). In addition, the authorities moved the administrative offices to Charles Town, West Virginia, from Manassas, Virginia.

APU is a private, for-profit higher education institution that offers about 200 online academic degree programs to over 100,000 currently enrolled students. The Higher Learning Commission provides regional accreditation.

About the Program

APU’s School of Arts and Humanities offers an entirely online Master of Arts in History degree program for aspirants wanting to study history. The program comprises 36 credit hours, and students can transfer up to 15 credits towards the degree.

Students also choose concentrations of their choice, including Ancient and Classical History, American History, Global History, European History, and Public History. In addition, the program requires students to choose between a supervised practicum or a capstone course as their culminating degree program upon enrollment.

Online history students at APU also have access to the Richard G. Trefry Library. Moreover, there is no requirement for the standardized GRE test for admission to this program.

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8. Online MBA in Finance from Wilmington University

About the Institute

Wilmington University was established initially as the Wilmington College in 1968 near the historic New Castle in Delaware. It now boasts over 20,000 students enrolled in almost a hundred academic degree programs in the central New Castle Campus and fourteen other locations across the state and New Jersey, Maryland, and online.

Wilmington University believes in an educational challenge and stimulating students to discover their potential. For prospective students, this means career-focused and specialized academic offerings, a Military friendly designation, and a student-to-faculty ratio of seventeen to one. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has accredited this institution since 1975.

About the Program

Wilmington University’s College of Business offers an entirely online Master of Business Administration in Finance degree program with nine concentrations.

In addition to a general track and a Finance concentration, students can personalize their degree with several options, including Organizational Leadership, Management Information Systems, Environmental Sustainability, and Business Technology Management.

This program comprises 36-credit hours. It intends to impart “an appreciation for the role of business in a pluralistic society and the international community.” The core coursework classes include programs such as Organizational Behavior and Ethical Leadership, Global Marketing Management, and other domains with a strong Finance focus. These programs also portend the graduate program competency of using “financial management, economic principles, and modern marketing techniques to ensure the organization’s efficient operation and strong fiscal future.”

WilmU is IACBE accredited. The school offers online finance master’s degree programs that allow students to navigate complex topics such as International Finance, Corporate Taxation, and Advanced Financial Analysis.

In addition, there are no GRE requirements for admission in this program, which is usually the case with many graduate programs in this domain.

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9. Online Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville

About the Institute

The University of Wisconsin was originally a merger between two Platteville, Wisconsin, schools:

  • Platteville Normal School – chartered in 1866 as a teacher training school
  • Wisconsin Mining Trade School – opened in 1907

In Platteville’s downtown area in Rountree Hall, these schools grew independently to merge into the Wisconsin State College and Institute of Technology. The authorities changed the institute’s name twice more. It finally became the University of Wisconsin-Platteville (UW-Platteville) while joining the University of Wisconsin System in 1971.

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the campus boasts over 800 acres of land, with an additional 400-acre farm used especially for research. The three colleges in this institute offer more than 120 academic degree programs with about 8,700 enrolled students.

About the Program

The UW-Platteville offers a 100% online Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership degree program, consisting of 30-39 credit hours, depending upon the chosen concentrations and other factors.

The curriculum includes up to nine credits of foundational courses and 21-credit hours of core courses, along with four optional concentration areas in Project Management, Healthcare, Safety Risk Control, and Human Resources. The elective courses make up about three to nine credit hours. Students can choose courses in Business Ethics, Quality Management, and Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. Those with specific certifications may also be eligible for credit towards the Organizational Change Leadership degree for their experience.

Students can benefit from UW-Platteville’s seasoned Online Student Services Centre consisting of resources such as tech support, on-campus services for distance learners, or advising. There are no GRE or entrance examination requirements for admission to this program.

View More about the MS in Organizational Change Leadership from University of Wisconsin-Platteville

10. Online Master of Arts in Management in Human Resources from the Briar Cliff University

About the Institute

Formerly known as the Briar Cliff College (until 2001), Bishop Edmond Heelan and Mother Mary Dominica Wieneke played an instrumental role in establishing Briar Cliff University as a college for women. Initially opened in 1930, men were allowed admission about 35 years later.

Briar Cliff University is a comprehensive four-year degree-granting coeducational university with about 1,300 students. These students participate in over 30 academic degree programs and a low student-to-faculty ratio of fourteen to one. This private institute committed to higher education “is a community committed to higher education within liberal arts and Catholic perspective” and is “enhanced by the presence and sponsorship of the Dubuque Franciscan Sisters and the support of the Diocese of Sioux City.” The institution has been regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission continually since 1945.

About the Program

Briar Cliff University proffers an online Master of Arts in Management (MAM) with a concentration in Human Resource Management. This 33-credit-hour program is specifically designed for business professionals, with a curriculum completed as early as 21 months. The program offers courses such as Recruitment/Retention/Evaluation-Employees, Theories of Quality and Efficiency, and Diversity in the Workplace. In addition, aspirants can opt for either a thesis or non-thesis track, choosing between a final thesis paper which students need to defend or undertaking an additional course.

This program allows the transfer of up to nine credits. Aligned with the SHRM curriculum guidelines, Briar Cliff’s MAM guides well-known professional practitioners and caring faculty members passionate about boosting students to success. There is no GRE test score requirement for admission to this program.

View More about Briar Cliff University

Find Your Online Master’s Degree Without GRE!

Preparing for and finishing the Graduate Record Exam is not child’s play. The commitment is a timely, costly, and arduous process. It serves as a roadblock for many applicants lacking the time and money to take the exam. However, several graduate programs offer degrees without GRE requirements for admission consideration. And these programs further facilitate students by providing specialized degrees with online classes.

Online Master’s degree programs without GRE requirements are quickly becoming the talk of the town. Prospective students are looking towards them as a more accessible option that they can undertake in addition to employment, families, or other daily life responsibilities. So head over to to learn more about this domain of educational degrees and make an informed decision that can decide your future career!

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FAQs Master’s Degree Programs That Don’t Require A GRE

Question: Can I get a master’s degree without a GRE?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to achieve a master’s degree without a GRE. Several institutes offer online and on-campus courses without any GRE requirements for admission consideration.

Question: How long does a GRE take?
Answer: A GRE general test takes about three hours and 45 minutes and includes six sections. Candidates can have a ten-minute break after the third section. However, the exam may also include an unidentified and unscored area. It is not included in the exam score and may appear in any order after the Analytical Writing section.

Question: Is a master’s degree without GRE admission requirements worth it?
Answer: The worth of a master’s degree does not depend upon whether it has GRE admission requirements or not, but rather depends upon the accreditation, courses offered, faculty, and much more.

Question: Are there any online degrees in Psychology that do not require a GRE?
Answer: Several online degrees in the domain of Psychology do not have GRE requirements for admission evaluation, such as online Masters in Psychology with or without concentrations in Applied Behavior Analysis, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, or Addictions.