Free Online Psychology Master's Degree?

  • Last Post 03 November 2016
MOTLEI posted this 31 March 2016 - Last edited 03 November 2016

With so many free courses being offered online, is there a free path (or low cost) to a respectable online Psycology master's or PhD?

(Eg: Like just finding out what the expected material is and studying it on your own and then taking the exams, or the like?)

Thank you!

Kayleigh posted this 03 November 2016 - Last edited 03 November 2016

Hi Motlei!

Interesting question. While there are quite a few options for earning credit toward an undergraduate degree cheaply (the most popular being CLEP exams where you buy a study guide and then take an exam in order to earn college equivalency credits), there aren't many for graduate degrees.

Take a peek at our rankings of the most affordable online master's in Psychology. The cheapeast online master's in Psychology is just $8,721 and is offered by regionally accredited, 100% online Amberton University.

This is a steal considering an online master's in Psychology tuition can run as high as $96,345!

Additionally, if you're referring to MOOCs (massive online open courses) when you refer to "free courses being offered online", there are issues with valididty, say, in the eyes of employers. An employer will look to both accreditation and repuatation of any education on your resume. MOOCs, even when you have the option to purchase a "certificate" of completion, do not hold valid accreditation even though they are courses produced from some of the best schools in the world.

Check out this interesting article about one online student's attempt to use MOOCs to get a free online degree and an overview by our founder Vicky Phillips.

I hope this helps!

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