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Colleges That Accept ALL Transfer Credits

I have 142 college credits from at least 7 colleges across the globe but don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree. I retired from the Army as a Paralegal and currently work as a civilian Paralegal. I have over 25 years experience in the Paralegal field. Is there an accredited institution where I can get a Bachelor’s Degree with the credits I already have? Most colleges I have researched will consolidate your credits but require you to take 10 classes with them before they will issue you a degree! The only place I found that seemed to issue a consolidated credit degree is Concordia College & University but I understand they are NOT accredited. Does anyone know how or where I can get an accredited degree by consolidating the credits I already have? I don’t care what the degree is in – Criminal Law, Legal Studies, General Studies, anything is fine. I just really want to get credit for all I’ve done and no one (employers) seems to care if you have taken more than enough courses for a degree – they just want to see that degree. Even if it’s in Underwater Basket Weaving… Thank you! Lavonne

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