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Finding Online Teaching Jobs | EdD vs PhD

I am a single father with 3 children in the process of moving to a location closer to my parents.  I currently live 4 hours away from them and as they are getting older they are beginning to need more help than I can offer.  My current job requires too much travel and time away from home.  I am hoping to get helpful advice regarding two questions.  I currently have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology.

My goal is to find a position teaching online, and I am genuinely open to teaching any classes I am qualified to teach.  Of course I am limited to 2- 4 year institutions since I am not yet qualified to teach courses at the graduate level.  I would also like to do some part-time work in Instructional Design.   First, I would like to ask if any of you have suggestions about where I might start looking for a position as an Online Instructor. I’ve been researching this as time permits for a few weeks now. I’ve talked with the Dean at colleges where I attended graduate school and there aren’t any current openings.  If any of you have suggestions that would increase the likelihood of finding a job teaching online, it would be an answer to my prayers.

My second question, has to do with continung my own education. I do not expect to return to clinical practice, and I am very clear in my future goals of becoming an Instructor and doing part-time work in Instructional Design or Educational Technology.  I feel that with these priorities it would be in my best interest to obtain a doctorate in Educational Psychology.  However, I’m not sure if I want to go the route of getting an Ed.D or Ph.D.  Having three children (4, 9, and 12 – all boys) and the time I will be spending with my parents, is going to be very time consuming, and I have to make each and every minute count.  I have learned that there can be a significant difference between institutions regarding the time and effort required to successfully complete the same program. Not only is finding a reputable online program that requires less time consuming effort, I have found that I am more capable of practical application and deeper understanding when I am not so involved with time consuming busy work, and am able to focus on details that will generalize to the actual job.  I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m asking which accredited institution offers the easiest online doctoral program.  Quality is certainly a concern, and in my situation, so is time.  So if anyone has thoughts about Ed.D.vs. Ph.D. and an institution with an entirely online program that might not be as time consuming (but as efffective), finding that would also be a prayer answered.

I pray this is a kind community and the forum is filled with experienced and helpful people.  This is something I need help with in the most extreme way.

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