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What is the Easiest Degree to Get Online by Availability, Cost, Length

Learn what is the easiest degree to get online

When you are considering online schools, it’s important that you find one that fits your specific goals, your budget, and your schedule. While you should be challenged academically (anything less would be boring, after all), it’s important that you select the easiest online degree.

What is the easiest degree to get? That’s a tough question, but if you want information on quick and easy online degrees, keep reading. While we can’t make the final choice for you, we can provide some important perspective on how you can select the fastest online degree programs, the easiest masters degree, or the easiest degree to get online.

Which Majors & Topics are Easy to Teach Online?

Different people are looking for different things from their online degrees. Exactly what makes for the easiest bachelor degree is a matter of debate; some might find a medical degree easy, while other feel that creative writing comes easy to them. Some might simply want quick and easy online degrees from the easiest online college, regardless of the cost. Others may want the easiest online associates degree at the lowest possible price. It all depends on you.

It seems fair to assume that the easiest bachelor degree for online learning is going to be something that is easy to study and learn outside of the classroom or lab, something that requires less hands-on time and more reading or theoretical study. It should be flexible, offering many start dates and a self-paced curriculum. No degree worth completing is 100% “easy,” but there are some academic topics that seem better suited to online learning.


Business degrees largely focus on the theories and application of running and managing a business. Topics like finance, management, and accounting can all be learned through online courses, and while hands-on, “real-world” business experience will eventually be required, it seems that much of a business degree can be complete online.

Liberal Arts

To be fair, the term “liberal arts” covers a vast assortment of majors, including history, English, writing, communication, and more. The point of liberal arts, however, is to enhance your critical thinking skills, which is largely done through reading, writing, and group discussions, all of which can be done with online technology. What is the easiest degree to get online? It might be a liberal arts degree, as these educations often don’t require hands-on experience but instead call for studying and reading.

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Computer Science

With the right program, there’s no reason why you can’t complete a computer science degree entirely online. There will be projects to complete, but most software and programming topics can be completed online, creating a relatively easy online education. Graduate degrees often require in-person learning, but with computer and technology you complete most of the study online, making it, quite possibly, the easiest masters degree to complete online.

Majors Not Easily Taught Online

Other degrees may not be easy to teach online, at least not entirely. They may require a large portion of hands-on learning, or the main organizations that oversee this field of study may still be resisting online degrees.

Medical Degrees

Perhaps more than any other field, a medical degree requires a large portion of in-person learning. Students will be required to work directly with patients, learning how to administer drugs and treatments, how to discuss medical issues, and generally becoming comfortable and confident in a medical setting. This is difficult to achieve from a home office. A school that offers advanced medical educations will likely not be the easiest online college.


For reason that are more bureaucratic than technical, a law degree is still difficult to complete online. This is because the American Bar Association (ABA), the main overseeing body for law degrees and testing, has largely resisted online degrees. They are, however, beginning to accredit fully-online law programs. These degrees can be challenging, so they are rarely considered quick and easy online degrees.

Which Majors are Widely Available Online?

You can study pretty much anything online, but these are the majors that are most common, with numerous schools offering a huge assortment of degree options.

To make this list, we looked at the total number of bachelor degrees currently listed on our website. The numbers will likely change, as schools regularly launch and drop certain programs. That said, these are the subjects with the most available bachelor degrees when this article was written.

Nursing: 417 Online Bachelor Degrees

By far the most numerous, there were over 400 total bachelor degrees list on our website. This makes it a runaway for the most available. With affordable options in virtually every state, while also providing a path to an outstanding career, nursing could be the best among all the various degrees you can get online.

Psychology: 293 Online Bachelor Degrees

Psychology is one of the most fascinating degree fields, and there are many options from a variety of different schools. These degrees prepare you for certification as a psychology professional, as well as future studies in this area.

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Liberal Arts: 258 Online Bachelor Degrees

What is the easiest degree to get online? It could be a liberal arts degree. Perhaps because there are so many majors that fall under the liberal arts umbrella, this subject is one of the most available among all degree fields. From fine arts to general studies to interdisciplinary studies, there are many options for someone seeking an online liberal arts degree.

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Criminal Justice: 250+ Online Bachelor Degrees

If you are concerned with keeping the world safe while helping people build better lives for themselves, a criminal justice career may be ideal for you. These degrees can prepare you for a career as a criminal investigator, detective, corrections officer, and more.

Lesser Available Online Degrees

Some degrees do not have as many options. For this career field, you’ll have to consider whether the programs that are available will fit your budget, schedule, and career goals.

Hospitality Management: 13 Online Bachelor Degrees

To be fair, the world simply doesn’t need as many hotel managers as we need nurses. This is not to take anything away from hospitality management, but this reality shows in the number of available programs. Despite fewer options, this remains a high-quality degree that can bring tremendous career opportunities.

Management Information Systems: 22 Online Bachelor Degrees

As technology grows, and becomes ever more important to businesses, companies will need high-quality professionals who can sort through the complex details of information and data. Learning how to lead in the technology sector could bring one of the most rewarding careers in the country, but your online degree options may be limited.

Which Majors are the Cheapest Online?

When discussing degrees you can get online, it’s important to remember that different programs have different prices. While the final cost may not be the deciding factor, it certainly has an influence on your decision. With that in mind, here are the cheapest programs among all of the easiest online degrees…

Note: Costs are subject to change, and the numbers cited in this article are for general information and example only. For current and accurate pricing, contact the individual school.

In-State vs Out-of-State

Before going into the details of tuition costs for the easiest online degree, it’s important to remember that there are major differences, in many cases, between in-state and out-of-state tuition.

For example, the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from Seminole State College of Florida costs $15,451.20, making it one of the most affordable four-year degrees currently available. However, if you are not a Florida resident, your tuition cost jumps to $52,020. That’s a difference of over $36,000!

Not all in-state vs out-of-state degrees have such a drastic difference. The Electronics Engineering program from Eastern New Mexico University has an in-state cost of $24,826.56, while out-of-state students pay $32,511.36, a difference of about $7,685.

Most Affordable Bachelor Degrees by Average In-State Cost

There are many ways you can decipher the “cheapest” or “easiest online degree.” To make things as simple as possible, and to create a consistent and useful list, we looked specifically at average in-state costs for bachelor’s degrees.

For average cost, the range is actually quite small, as most majors are somewhere between $45,000 and $60,000 for average tuition. However, there are programs that are much cheaper, well below $20,000, as well as specific degrees that go above and beyond $100,000.

Engineering: $45,300 In-State Average

While there are only so many degree options, engineering appears to have some of the lowest prices among in-state tuition. Aspiring engineers who happen to live in Florida have some of the cheapest options; an engineering technology degree from the Seminole State College of Florida comes with a price tag of $15,451 for in-state students. A Daytona State College engineering technology degree has an in-state cost of only $16,438.36. The easiest engineering degree could come from many institutions, but there are clearly plenty of options available.

Political Science: $45,100 In-State Average

Usually a part of a college’s liberal arts program, political science teaches students how to research and analyze political trends. After completing this program, students can be employed by political candidates, labor unions, governments, lobbying firms, and more. There are many opportunities available, and, according to our research, the average online political science degree has an in-state tuition cost of just over $45,100. This includes four degrees from three different institutions that are below $28,000 for all students, not just in-state residents.

K-12 Education: $46,000 In-State Average

A teacher can become the most important person in someone’s life, and an education program could be the easiest online degree, at least when it comes to paying for the degree. These degrees are both affordable and bring a fulfilling career that is easy to complete.

Sociology: $46,100 In-State Average

Sociology is the study of human social relations and institutions. Like psychology, it looks at how humans act and think, but it also takes into account outside influences, such as social norms, economic situations, and other influences on a person’s life. This bachelor's degree is an excellent start to an education, and it can lead to a wonderful career in social services and other support areas. However, many people who complete a sociology degree will eventually move into further education like a master’s degree.

Want a Cheap Degree? Look Towards an Associate’s

When looking for quick and easy online degrees that fit your specific budget, it’s probably best to focus on associate's degrees. If low-cost is your main priority, these will not only deliver a fast education, they will have some of the lowest prices for the easiest online degree at a fair price. Associate’s degrees are completed quickly, usually in two years or less (see below) and are often delivered by community colleges that offer affordable tuition rates.

Quick and Easy Online Degrees: Which are the Fastest to Complete?

If you want to complete an education fast, you’ll need to learn about the fastest online degree programs. Certain majors tend to be more expensive than others. A law degree or medical degree, for example, often costs more, largely because of the advanced expertise it takes to teach these degrees, as well as the time it takes to complete them. (Generally speaking, the longer the education, the more expensive it will be.)

For total time, however, it’s not so much the major or subject you are studying, but the level of degree you are completing. The most important aspect for quick and easy online degrees is whether you are completing a master’s, bachelor’s, or associate’s, and not so much the subject matter of the classes.

Short: Bachelor’s Degree

The bachelor’s degree has become the base-level standard education in the United States and elsewhere. While you can certainly have a successful career without a bachelor’s degree, this level of education is recognized as the basic requirement for many careers.

Bachelor’s degrees usually take about four years to complete. The easiest bachelor’s degrees are usually affordable and offered through an online format, which makes them convenient for busy professionals, parents, and other non-traditional students.

Shorter: Associate’s Degree

If you want an education that is even faster than a bachelor’s, you should enroll in an associate’s program, which can be completed in roughly half the time. These degrees cover a variety of subjects, including liberal arts, engineering, and even some medical professions. Many, however, are technical in nature, and don’t give a broad education but instead focus specifically on your major. The easiest online associates degree will be fast, affordable, and prepare you for a quality career in your chosen field.

While the typical salaries for people with associate’s degrees is often less than a bachelor’s degree salary, these are some of the easiest degree to get online, as they can be completed quickly and come with a smaller cost.

Shortest: Certificate Degree

If you really want a fast education, if you want the chance to learn important skills and jump into a new career, perhaps a certificate would be ideal. These short educations can often be completed in less than a year, and give you the right skills to work in a variety of professions. They are usually technical certificates, focusing on specific skills such as engine repair, plumbing, electrical repair, or software development. While not technically a degree, these could be considered the easiest degree to get online. They are certainly the fastest online degree programs.

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What About Graduate Programs?

If you want quick and easy online degrees, a master’s degree or doctorate may not be the best choice for your future. These degrees take a long time, usually six years or more for a master’s and as much as ten years to complete a doctorate. They are costly and time-consuming, although they do lead to high incomes.

You probably have questions, such as “what is the easiest doctorate degree?” These can be difficult to answer as different people find certain subject easy. Math comes “easy” to some, for example. That said, there are very few doctorate degrees that would be considered easy. This is the highest level or academic achievement, and it requires a significant commitment for studying, as well as a large financial investment. Their may, in fact, be no “easy” doctorate program; you have to earn the right to be called a doctor.

Find Quick & Easy Online Degrees

The easiest online degree options can also be affordable and high quality! Use this guide and our accredited online degree database to find a top quality educational program that’s easy to complete online.

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