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Online MBA Facts


The following Online MBA facts and statistics are based on an exclusive Get Educated national survey of 207 business schools in the USA that offer an accredited online MBA (master’s degrees in business administration), also known as a distance learning MBA. Survey data is specific to the cost and admission requirements for online MBA programs that are offered at least 80% through distance learning means, and open to enrollment by the public.

The Get Educated online MBA survey was undertaken in Fall 2011 and involved a review of 355 different online MBA degrees.

The national online learning survey is conducted every two years.

  • Is the #1 most popular online graduate degree  
  • 355 accredited online MBA degrees are available
  • An online MBA typically consists of 10 to 15 courses
  • Takes the average part-time learner three years to complete
  • A distance MBA can cost as little as $4,464 (New Charter University, formerly known as Andrew Jackson University) or as much as $135,555 (Duke University Online)
  • Was available from 3 universities in 1989, and is available from 207 different universities today
  • Is offered by 85 AACSB business schools
  • Is offered by elite, traditional B-schools, such as Babson College’s F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business and Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business
  • $23,918 average cost at a regionally accredited university
  • $36,166 average cost at AACSB online business schools
  • $11,972 average cost at nationally accredited online business schools


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