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MA English Online – The Top 10 Accredited Program

MA English Online

There are several reasons to pursue an MA English online degree. For instance, you want to deepen your understanding of the language. Likewise, you’re a writer who wants to start teaching English or looking for a high-paying career as an editor or journalist.

Whatever your reasons, know that you’re not alone—hundreds of students pursue online master’s degrees in English every year. To help you find the right program for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best online master’s degree programs in English.

To begin with, these programs come from some of the country’s top schools and offer various specializations. You’re sure to find a match for your interests and career goals.

What is an Online Master’s Degree in English?

An online master's degree in English is a graduate-level degree that focuses on studying, language, and writing.

As such, master-level students learn to analyze literary texts from multiple perspectives. They must understand the historical and cultural context in which literature, essays, or academic texts were written. Meanwhile, they develop their writing and research skills.

Most programs also require students to complete a thesis or research project.

Who Should Study a Master’s Degree in English?

An online master’s degree in English is an excellent option for students seeking flexibility in their education. This type of degree is especially ideal for:

  1. Working Professionals
    Online programs are excellent for working professionals who want to continue their education without sacrificing jobs or careers. Because studying online is flexible and convenient, you can efficiently work online classes into your busy schedule.
  2. Career Advancement
    Online learning has become a norm in major universities. Therefore, online students are not at a disadvantage regarding job opportunities after graduation.
  3. Military Personnel
    Many online colleges and universities offer programs specifically designed for military personnel. It’s an excellent option for those stationed far from home or with inconvenient deployment schedules.

What to Expect from Online Master’s Degree Programs in English

You can expect a few significant factors when enrolling in an online English master’s degree program. For example:

  • First, these programs provide a comprehensive understanding of literary texts, the English language, and writing.
  • You’ll likely take courses on literary theory, British and American, world, linguistics, and rhetoric.
  • Many degrees also require you to complete a thesis or research project.
    Online programs are flexible and convenient but require dedicated effort and time commitment.
  • You might spend 20-25 hours per week on coursework, readings, and assignments.
  • Finally, students can complete most programs in 2-3 years, but some may take longer if taken part-time.

Admission Requirements for A MA English Online

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in English for admission into an online master’s degree. The minimum GPA requirement for most programs is 3.0, but some schools may be more selective.

Furthermore, programs may require your undergraduate degree in English or a related field. But others may consider applicants with bachelor’s degrees.

You’ll also need to submit transcripts, letters of recommendation, a resume or CV, and a statement of purpose. Finally, some programs may require you to submit an autoethnography or writing sample.

Is an Online Master’s Degree in English Worth It?

An online master’s degree in English can be an excellent investment for those interested in high-paying positions in the field. Suppose you want a career in academia or the publishing industry. In that case, an online master’s degree in English could be worthwhile.

Not only will you gain critical thinking, writing, and research skills, but you’ll also be able to specialize in an area of interest.

Graduates with a master’s degree in English often find careers as college professors, writers, editors, and publishing professionals. Furthermore, this degree can lead to doctoral study.

What Can You Do With an Online Master’s Degree in English?

An online master’s degree in English can prepare you for various careers. Some standard career options include:

Technical Writers

Salary: $78,060 per year
Projected growth: 12% (Faster than average)

Technical writers create user manuals, how-to guides, and other types of documentation. Their primary role is to work with experts in specific industries to understand complex information and communicate it to lay audiences.

Technical writing offers careers in various industries, such as computer software, engineering, and healthcare.

Writers & Authors

Salary: $69,510 per year
Projected growth: 9% (As fast as average)

Authors create original written content for books, magazines, websites, advertising campaigns, etc.

It’s one of the most common career paths for English graduates. While aspiring candidates can become writers and authors with an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree can improve job prospects and earnings potential.


Salary: $63,350 per year
Projected growth: 5% (Slower than average)

Editors review, revise, and approve written content for publication. These professionals can enter the workforce with an undergraduate degree like writers and authors. Consequently, a master’s degree can improve job prospects and earnings potential.

Public Relations Specialists

Salary: $62,800 per year
Projected growth: 11% (Faster than average)

Presenting a brand’s, athletic’s, or company’s image requires excellent reading and writing skills. Thus, a public relations specialist writes press releases, plans publicity campaigns, and shapes the public’s perception of their employer.

With a master’s degree, you can take classes that focus on public relations and marketing. An MA in English is perfect for a PR career because it provides writing, editing, and communication skills.

News Analysts, Reporters, and Journalists

Salary: $48,370 per year
Projected growth: 6% (As fast as average)

While you don’t necessarily need an MA in English to pursue a career in journalism, it couldn’t hurt.

Journalists, news analysts, and reporters must be able to communicate with the public clearly and factually. For this purpose, they find the most important and exciting information in complex stories. Then they work with teams to deliver their work post hence.

An online master’s degree in English can help you hone your writing skills to better convey the news to your audience.

The 10 Best Online Master’s Degree in English You Should Consider

The programs outlined below are ranked according to criteria such as:

  • First, Accreditation: Accreditation is a process of quality control ensuring that institutions meet specific standards. For online programs, regional accreditation is the most important form of validation.
  • Then, Reputation: We considered the school’s reputation among peers and employers and the awards and recognitions received.
  • Also, Faculty: The online English programs on our list boast experienced scholars who are experts in their field.
  • Lastly, Affordability: We looked at tuition rates and financial aid opportunities to find programs that offer a high-quality education at an affordable price.

As a result, here are the ten best online master’s degrees in English programs you should consider:

1. William Carey University

Program: English
Degree: Master of Arts

The MA in English is an advanced thesis extending the undergraduate program. It consequently includes:

  • Language
  • Composition theory and practice
  • Literary theory and criticism
  • Literary history
  • Cultural studies
  • Creative writing
  • Readings in non-English texts

This master’s degree equips students for various professional paths, including doctoral-level study/research and college-level teaching. For this purpose, the curriculum emphasizes the use of bibliographical study and research skills at an advanced level. It also offers an opportunity to read critically and appreciatively.

By the end of the program, students have a strong foundation in British and American English. They also understand the impact of the language on the world.

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2. Grand Canyon University

Program: English/Education
Degree: Master of Arts

The MA in English / Education degree at GCU prepares students to teach undergraduate courses on campus and online. This program is an excellent way for those who have a desire to share their enthusiasm for writing with students through instruction. Students will learn advanced English language skills to make a difference in the undergraduate classroom. This curriculum covers strategic and collaborative curriculum development. It also emphasizes different adult learning theories. Likewise, students learn how to integrate technology into a distance learning environment. The program then educates on implementing these strategies to change pupils’ results. Specifically, competencies included are:

  • Pedagogy at the university level
  • Teaching writing
  • Practicing professional writing
  • Theories of writing and rhetoric
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3. Liberty University

Program: Linguistics/English Language Studies
Degree: Master of Arts

The 100% online MA in Linguistics from Liberty University helps students become educated professionals. Further, graduates obtain marketable abilities for a variety of industries and academic settings. It’s a 36-credit hours degree that students can complete in 2 years or less.

Also, it’s a perfect degree for students who enjoy researching the basic principles of foreign languages and a way to study cultural contexts that underpin language.

The first year of this degree covers the fundamentals of semantics, phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax, essential aspects of language. Indeed students may take three courses in advanced grammar, etymology, and English as a global language. In short, this has several benefits. Students may use the MA to pursue business, education, or military intelligence jobs.

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4. Southern New Hampshire University

Program: English
Degree: Master of Arts

At SNHU, you may complete your MA in English entirely from the comfort of your home! This online English degree helps you develop better analytical and communication skills compared to a bachelor’s.

There are plenty of advantages to earning this master’s degree in English, such as:

  • Ten months to finish
  • Customizable coursework lets you focus on your favorite areas of study
  • One of the most affordable tuition prices in the country
  • Several start dates spread throughout the year, allowing you to complete your degree at your speed.
  • Convenience is key to online accessibility; you may attend class whenever and wherever it fits your schedule.

Courses may include the following topics:

  • Graduate Studies in Shakespeare
  • Victorian
  • The Renaissance
  • Romantic
  • American Modernism

In summary, this degree from SNHU offers many opportunities. From gaining a deep understanding of classics to developing strong writing skills, this degree can help you reach your goals.

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5. Western Governors University

Program: Teaching/English Education (Secondary)
Degree: Master of Arts

Do you want to teach English at the secondary level? If so, WGU has an online master in teaching that can help you achieve your goals. This online master’s degree is for those who already have a teaching license but nonetheless wish to further their education.

You will learn how to teach English language arts effectively. For this purpose, you build your knowledge of adolescent development and effective instructional strategies.

The online degree program also includes a clinical teaching experience, allowing you to put your learning into practice. Plus, the curriculum meets the needs of busy adults so that students can complete this program in as little as 18 months. As a result, the online English Education degree takes your career to the next level quickly.

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6. William Carey University

Program: English
Degree: Master of Education

This is yet another William Carey online degree focused on effective teaching in the field of English.

For example, suppose you want a strong foundation in the latest teaching methods and strategies. In that case, this online degree gives you the tools to succeed. You will solidly understand the principles of effective teaching applicable to your classroom. This online degree from William Carey can help you take your career to the next level. In this case, you can complete this degree at your own pace and on your schedule. Also, the program ensures you remain current in your field with a required practicum every semester.

Students acquire higher credentials in this highly marketable profession as they gain expertise in subjects such as:

  • Creative Writing
  • Theories & Methods of Teaching Grammar & Composition
  • Shakespearean Drama
  • Mythology
  • Bibliography & Research
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7. Campbellsville University

Program: Teaching Middle Grades (5-9)/English
Degree: Master of Arts

This online master’s degree from Campbellsville University is for those who wish to teach English in the middle grades (5-9). Students develop the necessary professional skills to teach English language arts effectively.

The MA has both a traditional and an Option 6 pathway in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies disciplines.

Meanwhile, students learn to work with individuals from different backgrounds, apply successful teaching strategies, and see the growth and development of students.

Subsequently, grads are fluent in the foundations of teaching middle-school pupils. They also understand pedagogical concepts for their disciplines. Lastly, they grasp changing education trends, especially technology.

Of course, you take your career to the next level and make a difference in the lives of middle-grade students.

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8. Southern New Hampshire University

Program: English & Creative Writing
Degree: Master of Arts

Being a creative writer requires more than just excellent writing skills – it also requires a passion for and an understanding of effectively communicating emotions and experiences through the written word.

At SNHU, the online MA in English & Creative Writing hones your writing craft and deepens your understanding of language.

Through the online English & Creative Writing degree program, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Study a variety of genres, including fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction
  • Develop your writing skills under the guidance of experienced writers and editors
  • Learn about literary theory and criticism
  • Engage with a community of fellow writers

Since you’re looking to pursue a career in writing or publishing and want to deepen your understanding of the written word, this degree is a good fit.

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9. Louisiana Tech University

Program: English
Degree: Master of Arts

Similarly offered entirely online, this MA in English program will improve your writing skills and understanding of language. Students enhance their knowledge and training in British and American or technical writing.

Students master research approaches and academic practices. At the same time, they improve their oral and written communication abilities. This English degree aims to be thorough, comprehensive, and globally diverse. In summary, it provides the groundwork to pursue post-graduate education in English.

Graduates are ready for a Ph.D. in English or to teach at high school or junior college levels. Otherwise, students may choose technical writing as a second major to work in business or government.

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10. Tarleton State University

Program: English
Degree: Master of Arts

This Master of Arts in English is a two-year program. In this case, it’s ideal for individuals pursuing a Ph.D. and those aiming to teach at the secondary level.

The flexible program offers a thesis or non-thesis track; in short, both tracks require the Methods of Research and Research Analysis course and a comprehensive written exam.

The thesis track is for students who wish to obtain a Ph.D. This leads to teaching at the college level or researching beyond the master’s degree. But students intending to teach at the secondary level should pursue the non-thesis route.

Either way, the online MA in English gives you the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in your desired career.

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Should I Pursue an Online Master’s Degree in English?

Now that you know what you can do with an online master’s degree in English, you might wonder if it’s the right one for you.

Here are some factors to consider that can help you make your decision:

  • First, are you interested in pursuing a career in academia or publishing?
  • In addition, do you have excellent reading and writing skills?
  • Meanwhile, are you interested in a career that requires excellent communication skills?
  • Lastly, do you want to improve your job prospects and earning potential?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then an online master’s degree in English is a good fit for you.

Likewise, if you’re interested in reading, writing, and communicating for work, an online master’s degree in English is worth considering.

Earn a MA English Online Degree

Ready to kick start your English career? Then an online master’s degree in English is right for you. In fact, an English degree can lead to many different types of lucrative jobs.

Moreover, you can pursue education from home with an online master’s degree in English. The programs reviewed above will get you started on your journey to a career in English.

We’ve considered program accreditation, cost, length, curriculum, and career prospects to narrow down our picks. Find the best English degree online for you through

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