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Data Science Certificate Online – Graduate Certificate Programs

data science certificate online

Every day, mobile applications such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops generate infinite information. Thus, data science, a comparatively new career, has emerged. Data science is critical as it generates enormous amounts of information for strategic planning. To illustrate, corporations from practically every industry require strategic specialists who know how to leverage available data. Therefore, obtaining a data science certificate online can lead to an advantageous career.

Because of the necessity of utilizing data, becoming a data scientist is lucrative. Based on a current study, data science has ranked among the top two jobs in the US for the past four years. Also, professionals in this field can switch between job roles due to the job’s flexibility.

Are you thrilled by the limitless possibilities of Big Data and its numerous applications? Do you also aspire to work for companies using data to forecast future trends? Then consider a data science certificate online! This detailed article covers the best data science certificates online. It also explains why each is beneficial.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the application of algorithms, procedures, scientific methods, and tools to data. For this purpose, data scientists extract insights and knowledge from complex, structured, or unstructured data. Then, they utilize that knowledge across a plethora of different application areas.

Experts can apply machine learning techniques to numbers, audio, video, text, photos, and other data. They can then create AI processes to execute jobs requiring human intelligence. As a result, these processes generate insights to create meaningful business value in the market.

Why Is Data Science Important?

A clear understanding of data can help avoid the miseries of uncertainties. Using data analysis has paved the way for developing sound business strategies. For example, products and commodities: data science utilizes machine learning to help corporations invent and produce items that people will love.

Data science isn’t just about consumer products and technology. From transportation to healthcare to banking, there will always be a massive demand for data science. As a result, anybody interested in becoming a data scientist will have access to a new realm of possibilities. Without a doubt, data is the technology of the future.

Salaries With a Data Science Certificate

As a student, knowing how much you will earn after obtaining a data science certificate is definitely on your mind. But wonder no more, as you have many alternative career options after graduation. Check out a few of these opportunities, such as:


Statisticians analyze, collect, and evaluate data to uncover trends and patterns. Then, organizations can utilize it to make informed corporate decisions. According to the BLS, statisticians made $95,570 on average as of May 2021. Typical daily activities for statisticians include:

  • Developing data gathering techniques
  • Conveying findings to customers
  • Recommending corporate strategies

Data Analyst

A data analyst manipulates and transforms large data sets to meet the needs of a company’s study. Their organizational function might also include test evaluations and tracking web statistics. Data analysts similarly assist in product/service evaluation by generating insight reports for senior executives.

$63,295 was the average salary for data analysts as of May 2022, according to data.

Data Architect

These professionals develop data components for efficiency. For instance, they create data analysis applications that businesses can use across numerous platforms. Data architects usually strive to improve the speed and usefulness of current database systems. They also grant data program access and develop robust database systems for enterprises.

According to the BLS, database administrators and architects earned a median salary of $98,860 as of May 2021.

Machine Learning Engineer

These highly skilled professionals utilize software programming and data analysis to design and develop self-running applications. These applications then automate statistical/predictive models. In particular, a machine learning engineer creates AI systems capable of making valuable predictions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for a machine learning engineer is $112,709.

Note: A bachelor’s, master’s, or certificate degree in data science will enable you to stand out as a candidate for these jobs, improving your career while earning higher pay.

Differences Between Data Analytics And Data Science

Data analytics is concerned with elucidating the details of obtained insights. On the other hand, data science is concerned with discovering correlations between vast datasets.

Data analytics utilizes statistical analysis, mathematics, and statistics. In contrast, Data science concepts involve predictive modeling, data inference, and data mining.

Data science explores novel problems that can propel profitable business ideas. At the same time, data analysis determines how a process stimulates data-driven initiatives.

In-Demand Credentials

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

The certified analytics professional program trains candidates to turn complex data into actionable insights. To be eligible for the CAP examination, candidates with a bachelor’s degree also need a minimum of 5 years of experience. Students with a Master’s degree must have a minimum of three years of working experience in a related field.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

Data Scientist Associate Certification by Microsoft tests students’ competence in using machine learning. Specifically, to run and create machine learning applications on Azure. The examination covers vital areas of:

  • Natural language processing
  • AI solutions
  • Computer vision
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive analytics

TensorFlow Developer Certificate

TensorFlow Developer Certificate is a foundational credential for trainees, data scientists, and developers. The exam assesses a student’s understanding of machine learning and the also their ability to combine it into various applications and tools.

To pass the course, you must know fundamentals such as:

  • Machine learning and how to design deep neural networks
  • Natural language processing
  • Machine learning models
  • Image recognition algorithms

SAS Certified Data Scientist

The SAS Certified Data Scientist program combines two of SAS’s data certifications. In short, it covers core programming skills such as:

  • Data management and improvement
  • Data transformation
  • Access and manipulation
  • Data visualization tools

To summarize, after earning the Advance Analytics Professional and Big Data Professional qualifications, students can obtain this credential. Under the two certifications, trainees must pass the five tests and finish all the 18 courses.

10 Best Data Science Certificate Online

A certificate in data science might help you stand out in the job market. Data science programs specifically allow you to gain the critical abilities employers are searching for in a potential candidate.

The list below comprises the Best Data Science Certificate Online programs. All the institutions below offer fully accredited data science certificate programs. Also, most of the institutions on this list provide financial aid to eligible students:

1. George Mason University

Degree Offered: Graduate Certificate In Data Analytics Engineering
Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

George Mason University provides an online Graduate Certificate in Analytics Engineering. The curriculum supplies the experience and knowledge required to solve enterprise-level data problems. Hence, working professionals will benefit from this program as it can advance their careers. Specifically, it teaches how to broaden the breadth and emphasis of problem-solving and analytical skills in Big Data.

Note: The institution does not require a GRE/GMAT test score.

The curriculum comprises four core data analytics subjects and takes around a year to complete. Introductory level courses cover the vital areas for practicing data analytics and data engineering. In short, studies will cover topics such as:

  • Data mining and data management
  • Visualization and statistical methods
  • Modeling usage for making decisions
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2. Lewis University

Degree Offered: Graduate Certificate in Data Science
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Lewis University offers an online Graduate Certificate in Data Science to students globally. It provides in-depth insight into fundamental computer science and mathematical issues in evaluating data. Subsequently, graduates can collect and assess massive amounts of organizational data. Then, they can build effective methods for breaking down the information.

After completing the data science certificate online, graduates can:

  • Create software that uses off-the-shelf statistical software tools to conduct the mathematical procedures needed to derive meaning from big data sets
  • They can also identify the appropriate data science methods for solving issues (problems) in disciplines that require precise and rapid insights from massive amounts of data.
  • Additionally, they use mathematical tools to find likely trends and characteristics buried in big data sets—tools such as optimization, linear algebra, probability, statistics, and calculus.
  • Lastly, compare and evaluate cloud-based alternatives for storing massive data sets for query mechanisms, security, software development, performance, and cost.
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3. Johns Hopkins University

Degree Offered: Post-Master’s Certificate in Data Science
Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

Johns Hopkins University provides an online Post-Master’s Certificate in Data Science. The curriculum expands student knowledge in data science, such as:

  • Large-Scale Data Systems
  • Game Theory
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning

Students learn from high-ranking data scientists and engineers. Also, the curriculum integrates practical scenarios faced in professional careers.

The graduate coursework prepares learners to succeed in specialized employment. For instance, it encompasses everything from statistical analysis to data storage and extracting information. Subsequently, graduates can:

  • Analyze and solve issues by creating models using methodologies and abstraction techniques.
  • Manipulate and manage information, uncovering insights into highly complex data sets.
  • Evaluate data sets, and combine the practice and theory of advanced mathematics with computer science.
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4. Rockhurst University

Degree Offered: Master’s of Science in Data Analytics
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Rockhurst University offers an online Master’s of Science in Data Science. The program provides the experience and skills to tap into lucrative data science jobs. In the first place, the coursework instills the advanced technical skills behind:

  • Machine learning
  • Predictive modeling
  • Statistical modeling
  • Computer science
  • Data visualization

Students will also learn techniques and analytics tools to make them true experts in their craft, such as:

  • Machine Learning and the use of predictive analytics
  • Data Visualizations and Animations
  • Future trend forecasting
  • Manipulate and manage relational data with AWS and SQL
  • Application of Google Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, Python, and Tableau
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5. Northern Illinois University

Degree Offered: Master’s of Science in Data Analytics
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Northern Illinois University provides an online Master’s of Science in Data Analytics to students across the globe. In this case, each course takes approximately ten weeks, and students can complete the ten major courses in 12 months. You’ll also receive the NIU-SAS dual certification credential on completion of the program. The curriculum follows best practices and current industry trends. In particular, students gain the capacity to extract profound insights from extensive data. Similarly, they learn how to use advanced tools such as:

  • SAS, SQL, R, Python, SAP Predictive Analytics, Hadoop, Tableau, and a wide range of other advanced technologies.
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6. Regis University

Degree Offered: Graduate Certificate in Data Science
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Regis University offers eligible students a Graduate Certificate in Data Science online. Students will learn to evaluate data, forecast outcomes, and apply what they have learned to improve businesses and communities. Also, they’ll cultivate an in-depth understanding of statistics and data engineering. Furthermore, they’ll study data visualization, predictive analytics, ethics, and law.

The coursework covers data engineering, machine learning, and exploratory data analysis. Furthermore, data engineering courses expose students to the techniques of building, designing, and managing information with big data infrastructure. In addition, the machine learning courses explore the study and construction of systems that learn from data.

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7. Stanford University

Degree Offered: Graduate Certificate in Data, Models, and Optimization
Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)

Stanford University provides an online Graduate Certificate in Data, Models, and Optimization. The program focuses on identifying and solving data problems with advanced mathematics. Students will then comprehend how to handle critical algorithmic and analytical difficulties. In summary, this certificate exposes candidates to tools and applications in electrical engineering, finance, and communications.

In this data science certificate online, candidates will learn:

  • Methodologies for exploiting data structure to enhance efficiency
  • Techniques for solving and analyzing large-scale problems
  • Theoretical benefits of automatic control systems
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8. New Jersey Institute of Technology

Degree Offered: Graduate Certificate in Data Mining
Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education

New Jersey Institute of Technology has an online Graduate Certificate in Data Mining. It gives students an overview of data mining processes. It also focuses on big-scale databases as a repository for harnessing valuable information and competitive advantage.

The core courses include data mining, web systems development, and data analytics in information systems. Students will choose from elective classes such as java programming, fraud detection, transaction mining, applied statistics, etc.

To this end, graduates understand:

  • Conceptual modeling and methods of databases development
  • The principles/concepts of information systems design
  • Techniques for developing office automation systems, text databases, etc.
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9. Walden University

Degree Offered: Graduate Certificate in Data Management
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Walden University offers an online Graduate Certificate in Data Management to students and working professionals around the globe. Accordingly, the curriculum prepares students on unique ways to handle and plan crucial corporate data strategically and effectively.

Specifically, students will explore advanced ways to:

  • Analyze data to meet the needs of the organization
  • Techniques for data management
  • Incorporate enterprise-based data to support company strategy

The coursework includes:

  • Data Mining and Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Database Design
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
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10. Concordia University-Saint Paul

Degree Offered: Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Concordia University provides an online Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics. The program equips students with the requisite data analytics abilities. Furthermore, instructors come from various sectors and offer students a diverse, rich experience.

The coursework for the data analytics degree includes:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Programming for Analysts
  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Analytics
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Can I Become a Data Analyst in 3 Months?

Three months should suffice if you want to explore the basics of data analytics. However, professionals develop all their necessary data analysis abilities over a while. Therefore, the ideal duration ranges from eight to twelve months, depending on where you work.

Does Data Science Require Coding?

Yes, data science necessitates coding. In fact, these professionals must use coding or programming languages to present, clean, explore, and analyze data. Machine learning applications also employ coding languages such as R and Python. Even so, the need for coding in the data science field depends on the industry and job function.

Can You Become a Data Scientist With Zero Experience?

Earning a data science credential is the best way to gain industry skills and experience. However, technically anyone inclined can become a data scientist without prior expertise. But a college certificate or degree will set you apart. Therefore, divert your energy towards enrolling in an online data science program. Also, a degree gives you access to experts with rich industry-based experience.

Is It Worth It To Get a Data Science Certificate?

Yes, it’s worth it.

Are you aware that data scientists are among the highest-paid professionals in the technology world? Data scientists are valuable because they know what impacts crucial business decisions. Without data science, businesses would be less competitive.

Which Data Science Certification is Best?

The certificate that is best for you depends entirely on your career goals. A few of the best data science certifications include Certified Analytics Professional, TensorFlow Developer Certificate, and the IBM Data Science Certificate.

Can You Become a Data Science with a Certification?

By earning a certification in data science, you can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a data analyst.

Which Institute is best for Data Science Online?

Some reputable institutes offering advanced data science programs include Datacamp, Coursera, Udemy, and freeCodeCamp.

Earn A Data Science Certificate Online

Data Science is among the fastest emerging fields worldwide. Consequently, it’s a vital component of practically every industry. It offers the most effective solutions for meeting the market’s demands and ensures a sustainable future. Therefore, enrolling in any of the listed programs above will help prepare you for a rewarding career.

Do you still want to explore more data science degrees online? If yes, has a database spanning different degree programs in the field. You’re welcome to explore until you uncover the pathway to your dream career.

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