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The Best Online EdD Programs Under $30,000


An online EdD program helps educators gain more skills and knowledge in their related fields while earning the highest credential in the field of education. As the contemporary world is rapidly growing and changing due to its internet and technological advancements, so is the education system. Most people work while learning or pursue other career paths while learning, which calls for distance learning. Online classes make this easy as an individual can earn their doctorate in the comfort of their homes. This article features the cheapest and most affordable online EdD programs that will boost your academic qualifications in educational-based careers.

Importance of Online Doctorate in Education

A Doctorate in Education is a fundamental degree for people who work within the educational setting. It provides individuals with the necessary expertise and high credentials to help them propel their professions in educational leadership and the general education system. Is a Doctorate in Education worth it? Yes, it is; a doctorate in education is extremely valuable as it provides high academic qualifications needed in high-paying senior educational positions, this among other tremendous benefits, makes it perfect for an individual to pursue an online doctorate in education. For instance, a teacher who has an online doctorate in education has better chances of advancing from being a teacher to a curriculum director, a state or district educational leader, an educational expert, and a university chancellor. Thus, having an online doctorate in education opens doors to numerous prestigious educational leadership careers.

The cost of an online doctorate cannot be compared with its advantages. Having a doctorate increases an individual’s salary levels. The salaries may vary according to the job groups, but they are good. A principal with a doctorate makes an average of $95,310 annually, educational development managers average $111,340 yearly, and university chancellors average $275,722 annually. Although the salaries are good, the doctorate is also concerned with helping individuals get the necessary resources to make education accessible to everyone as education equity is a rising concern. It equips individuals with the knowledge to change educational methodologies and systems to adapt to the world’s changing needs. Educational Doctorates pave the way for education leaders who are passionate about making education better for all humankind.

Similarities in the Best Online EdD Programs

Many individuals who want to pursue their Education Doctorates are already working in the educational fields. Assuming that most will continue working while they study, online education doctoral programs are designed to fit the schedules of the working students.

Flexible Schedules

Online doctoral programs accommodate basic needs like family responsibilities, part-time jobs, and community work. The flexibility of the online doctoral program makes it easy for an individual to attend the class and focus on their schedules. Online education doctorate programs take a minimum of around three to four years to complete. Most programs are purely based online, meaning that individuals can complete the assigned tasks on their own time before the due dates.

On the other hand, other online programs require occasional face-to-face meetings on campus or at college once or twice a year. Moreover, other programs emphasize using live zoom meetings, which means that an individual will have to schedule the live class videos. Many EdD programs have exams that a student must qualify for and written dissertations. Dissertations are among the last steps towards finishing the doctorate. Therefore, an individual should choose an online EdD program that is easy and comfortable to handle based on their business and personal schedules.


Another consideration is comparing the cost of the programs. Fortunately, this article has incorporated the most affordable online EdD programs. It has a guide that features twenty-seven universities offering the best online Education Doctorate programs, which cost less than $30,000.


Another factor to consider is the licensure of the doctorate. Licensure is issued based on the master’s degree qualification. It is mainly required when applying for a new level in the related career. A valid license is from an accredited program and accepted in the state or country where an individual plans to work. Lastly, when deciding on which online EdD program to undertake, individuals should consider their goals and the career paths they want to follow. For instance, EdD is aimed more at practitioners than university professors. A Ph.D. is for those who want to do research and teach at higher education institutions.

Choosing a Concentration

Depending on an individual’s focus and intent, there are various concentrations in Education Doctorate Programs. A person should choose a concentration based on the interests they want to pursue further. Some programs focus on the level of education an individual wishes to specialize in, such as community education, higher education, K-12, or elementary education. Other programs may specialize in local language education, healthcare education, technological education, leadership and executive education, and special needs education. In all these programs, the student will learn curriculum design, instructional and teaching methods, and the leadership and administration of the educational system. An individual interested in working at colleges or universities should focus on programs that offer skills and knowledge at the college level. Choosing a general program in EdD gives individuals more opportunities and options in their careers.

Cost of Online EdD Programs

The cost of online Doctorate Education Programs varies according to the type of program an individual wants to undertake. The cheapest online EdD programs can be below $10,000; this makes it affordable to almost everyone who wants to enroll in an online EdD program. Other programs cost up to $150,000. This article lists the most affordable online EdD programs that offer quality education. Most of the programs in this article have a price range of $15,000 to $30,000. Some institutions with online EdD programs also provide scholarships and education programs discounts to interested individuals; this makes it easier for most people to access the online EdD programs.

Best Online Doctorate in Education Programs

Two renowned universities offer the best EdD programs that fit every individual’s educational goal, their career responsibilities, and they are affordable.

Liberty University offers affordable online EdD programs that are comprehensive and flexible to most individuals. The Curriculum and Instruction EdD program offers concentrations in elementary, middle school, secondary school, and special education concentrations. The various concentrations give students opportunities to pursue a concentration that aligns with their interests and career goals. Liberty University offers an EdD program in Leadership in Education. There is also an EdD program in Christian leadership for those interested in building careers in church leadership, Christian schools’ leaderships, and mission schools. For a high-quality online EdD program, Liberty University is the best choice. It offers professional skills and knowledge in various careers, is cheap, and has a flexible learning calendar.

Grand Canyon University offers affordable online education for professionals in the education industry. It has discounted tuition, flexible schedules, and significant concentrations that most universities do not offer. It has various specialties, but it mainly specializes in Organizational Leadership with K-12 leadership concentrations in special needs education, higher education, organizational development, and Christian ministry.

The online EdD program at Grand Canyon University focuses on offering quality education to individuals who have career interests in being leaders in community colleges, universities, and schools. The university follows a practical curriculum that provides 60 credits of coursework leading to passing practical skills to their students in crucial areas of education. The university offers online classes, though with face-to-face intervals. To enroll in an online doctorate at Grand Canyon University, an individual should have a 3.4 GPA for admission. Still, there are exceptions for those with a GPA of 3.0 to be admitted but at the provisional admission.

27 Most Affordable Online EdD Programs

In-state cost: $12,870-$14,568

The University of Wyoming offers various online EdD programs in three concentrations: higher education administration, educational leadership, and learning design and technology. The courses offered are 100% online, with some having audio conferences. Although, students have to attend an orientation in the school at the beginning of the semester. The programs begin in fall or winter. Students from other states or countries can enroll in the programs if they meet the passing criteria. The programs offered are of high standards but at a low cost.

In state/out-of-state cost: $18,259

Marshall University is different from other universities offering online education programs. It is open to students taking educational leadership courses and those working in non-profit government services, social services, and military organizations. The online programs are 45 credits long, requiring students to maintain a 3.25 GPA. And, students must finish their program dissertation in the third year of the program. Regardless of the student’s residency, the tuition fee is a bargain for online students.

In-state/ out-of-state cost: $18,335

Valdosta State University offers online EdD in Leadership programs in curriculum technology, higher education, special education leadership, and organizational technology. Students are only enrolled in the fall semester and with a 3.5 GPA in their master’s degree. The coursework is completed within the first two years before the dissertation is termed viable. The tuition fee is below $300 per credit, making it affordable for online graduate students.

In-state / out-of-state cost: $19,140

The California Coast University offers various degree courses such as educational administration, educational psychology, and organizational leadership. The best thing about these programs offered at California Coast University is that individuals can complete them at their own pace and start whenever they want. The institution provides tuition discounts to all government workers. There is also a tuition discount offered at the beginning of every month. However, the institution does not allow financial aid programs, for example, student loan programs or federal grants.

In-state/out-of-state cost: $19,478

To enroll in an online EdD at the University of Arkansas, the applicant must have a teaching license and an EdS degree. The EdD takes three years to complete with online course work, but students must visit the university thrice for an intensive weekend seminar during their programs. The leadership program offered in Arkansas intends to shape educational leaders at both the local and government levels.

In-state/out-of-state cost: $19,890

The University of Massachusetts – Lowell only offers two programs for the online EdD, the regular leadership in schooling and the STEM focus. The two programs take three years to complete. Every student is required to report on campus for a week every summer. The EdD program only focuses on PK-12 education, but those who need higher education can also apply. The students applying for an online EdD must have a relevant master’s degree and experience in PK-12 teaching and leadership administration.

In state/out-of-state cost: $20,280

The online EdD in North Georgia offers programs on Higher education leadership. The program includes 60 credits; 30 from the main courses, 15 for dissertation, and 15 for leadership. The programs are entirely based online. Students do not need to attend orientation sessions at the university. The applicants should have a master’s GPA of 3.5.

In-state/out-of-state cost: $21,324

The University of Houston offers two programs in their online EdD in professional leadership: Literacy and social education. These programs focus on the urban context, making them great for working in community organizations and urban schools. The classes are online. Students who are Texas residents pay less compared to students from out of state.

In-state/out-of-state cost: $22,158

The University of Colorado offers an online EdD in Leadership for Educational Equity; this program concentrates on higher education for urban and rural populations. The tuition fees are cheap, with only out-of-state students paying 20% more. This program works perfectly for those pursuing social justice in higher education. This university is the best for enrolling in this program as they offer a year of coaching after completing the program.

In-state/out-of-state cost: $22,854

American College of Education offers various concentrations in online EdD programs. They offer concentrations such as early childhood, curriculum and instructions, higher education, international education, local language instruction, STEM, health and wellness, and online education. The classes are online, making it a flexible option.

In state/out-of-state cost: $23,250

University of the Cumberlands online EdD program focuses on educational leadership. The programs are online-based, although an individual can opt to have some on-campus classes on weekends. Concentration areas offered are education, English, Criminal Justice, math, religion, and nursing, among many others. The applicant should have a 3.5 GPA to enroll in the online EdD program.

In-state/out-of-state cost: $24,129

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock offers an online EdD in Higher Education. Applicants should have a 3.5 GPA and good scores in GRE tests. The classes are online. The program takes two years to complete.

In state/out-of-state cost: $24,500

Texas Tech University offers online EdD in leadership at the PreK-12 education level. The courses can either be done online or on-campus in the summer. The programs allow 30 transfer credits and take three years to complete. The university also offers online EdD in Higher Education programs that commence in the fall.

In state/out-of-state cost: $24,948

West Virginia University offers online EdD in Instructional Design and Technology at the university level of teaching. Applicants are required to have a 3.0 GPA in a master’s degree. The courses offered are 100% online.

In-state/out-of-state cost: $25,384

The University of West Florida offers online EdD in Curriculum and instruction. The school only enrolls students in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. The online programs are only available in some states.

In state/out-of-state cost: $ 26,175

Taft University offers three online EdD programs: technology and leadership, charter school administration, and Leadership management. Credit is granted when a student passes their exams. The programs can be completed within 27 months.

In state/out-of-state cost: $ 26,610

The university offers online EdD in educational leadership. The classes are fully online, and students with degrees in administration can transfer almost 30 credits in the course.

In state/out-of-state cost: $ 27,120

The online EdD program in this university is a leadership program for professionals. The university uses a three-semester Capstone project instead of a dissertation. The program does accept credit transfers.

In state/out-of-state cost: $ 27,286

This university offers online EdD in Preschool-12 Administration. This program is excellent for those who want to be university researchers or professors.

In state/out-of-state cost: $ 27,559

Indiana University offers online EdD in instructional systems and technology programs. Applicants require a master’s degree with a 2.7 GPA and GRE scores.

In state/out-of-state cost: $28,300

Aspen University offers online EdD in Leadership and Learning. It has flexible payment plans of $375 per month. These programs are suitable for students as they deliver quality education.

In state/out-of-state cost: $28,350

The University’s EdD focuses on community college leadership. It is a 54-credit program with affordable tuition fees.

In state/out-of-state cost: $28,742

The online EdD programs offered are in educational technology. The EdD has two years of coursework and the final year for dissertation completion. Although the classes are online, short summer intensives are required on-campus.

In state/out-of-state cost: $ 29,430

The online EdD program offered in this university focuses on curriculum and instruction and organizational leadership. The university requires one week of face-to-face intensives on-campus each winter or summer. Southeastern University approaches education from a Christian perspective. This university can be an excellent choice for students who want to pursue Christian-centered doctoral programs.

In state/out-of-state cost: $ 29,824

The university offers the online EdD program in Education policy, organizations, and leadership. The classes are online with weekly video sessions. For applicants to qualify, they need a master’s degree with a 3.0 GPA.

In state/out-of-state cost: $29,925

The online EdD program offered in this university is adult learning and development. A transfer of 12 credits is allowed in the course. Military students have a low tuition rate, but the fee is affordable to everyone.

In state/out-of-state cost: $ 30,000

The University of Louisiana offers an online EdD in curriculum and instruction with a 60-credit which can be completed within two years. A GPA of 3.25 to graduate is required together with GRE scores. One advantage of enrolling in this university is that financial aid can cover the tuition fee.

How to Choose Your Best Online EdD Program

This article has offered many choices of the best universities providing affordable online Education Doctorate programs. It is up to the individual to choose the best university for them. All the necessary qualifications mentioned above give individuals the chance to know where their academic qualifications fit and enroll in the best EdD programs. Having a Doctorate in Education equips an individual with the necessary skills to navigate through their careers, make changes in the education systems and the world, thus creating a brighter future for everyone. The information provided above on online EdD programs makes it easy for individuals to find the programs they are passionate about to make a difference in the education system.

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