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Master of Divinity

Program Details

The Master of Divinity program at Virginia University of Lynchburg is offered through the School of Religion and is designed to give those enrolled professional training in and preparation for the Christian ministry. High standards of scholarship and research are required, and applicants must demonstrate and seek to continue moral and spiritual growth. Graduates may be prepared for effective leadership in some aspect of ministry of the Christian faith.

This institution was founded in 1886 in order to meet the need for better educated and trained ministers, missionaries, and teachers. It is the goal of this program to prepare students for leadership that is beneficial to the African American community. Students should want to focus on the uniqueness of heritage and strengthen pride in it.

This program must be completed in a maximum of ten years, in order to ensure it represents current and quality standards in education. This is an online-based curriculum consisting of 90 credits. One part of the requirements for graduation include serving as the worship leaders during a student's senior year in at least one chapel service. Students must also enroll in a supervised field practicum in order to demonstrate ability in action. They also have the potential to propose and participate in a cultural immersion event upon approval from the dean.

Courses in this program focus on a range of topics relevant to theology and biblical study. This includes aspects of church administration, the old and new testaments, pastoral care and counseling, homiletics, and history and missions study. Most courses are three credits in length, and with a load of 27 to 36 hours per year, this program can be completed in three to four years. Courses include but are not limited to History of Religion in the US, Pauline Epistles, and Music and Worship in African American Churches.

Accreditation & Licensing

Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Accreditation Commission