Professional Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling
University of Cincinnati-Online

Program Details

The University of Cincinnati offers an online Professional Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling. Students are provided with a solid knowledge base which can be integrated into counseling, corrective, administrative, and prevention settings. The curriculum for this course of study draws from a variety of disciplines, including biochemistry, medicine, psychology, and sociology. Some of the courses students would take through the Certificate program in Substance Abuse Counseling include:

  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Drugs & Behavior
  • Assessment & Diagnosis in Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Case Management & Treatment Planning

The world class faculty in charge of the Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate program places a strong emphasis on the understanding, recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of addictive behaviors. Additionally, prevention strategies are heavily underscored. 


This program is open to all students with a high school diploma or GED and the desire to succeed in college. Although admission is open, students accepted into the program must meet the academic standards of the program to advance to upper levels of study. Simply apply for the certificate and register for the appropriate classes.

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