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Master of Business Administration / International Business

Program Details

Tiffin University offers the Master of Business Administration degree with a specialization in International Business for students and managers who may be interested in developing their understanding of advanced principles and practices in business. Students will do this by learning about operations and other business functions that span national barriers. Due to international trade agreements and other issues that have fostered the growth of globalization in the U.S. and other nations, managers are becoming more involved in the operations of business functions that are not limited national boundaries. As such, these individuals need an understanding of international business environments. Through this specialization, students will study how global organizations operate and how they are adapting to diverse business climates. Students will also study how major issues are addressed by organizations whose interests and responsibilities cross national and cultural boundaries, and they will explore challenges that global managers face as a result of globalization.

Students will explore the role of managers as they encounter various political, cultural, trade and management issues faced by international managers. Some of the classes included within this curriculum are Business Research Analysis, Managerial Finance, and Strategic Management, among others.

Upon completion of the program, students should have demonstrated the necessary professional and educational qualifications for advanced roles in management in international businesses and organizations. These qualifications include an extensive and practical knowledge-base of theory, tools, skills, practices, and research related to business, and being able to apply these to the problems and opportunities that are encountered in the 21st-century business environment. Other qualifications include effective professional and interpersonal practices essential in business, a range of professional strategies that promote their effectiveness in a business environment, and ethical, legal, and responsible behavior and explain the broader role that business has in society and their own responsibilities as a member of the business community and citizens in society.


Applicants must have an accredited bachelors degree. Applicants with at least a 3.0 GPA will be accepted. Applicants not meeting this qualification will be reviewed, with those having a 2.5+ GPA and 5 or more years of professional work experience considered first. Resume.

Accreditation & Licensing

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)