Associate in Arts
Tallahassee Community College

Program Details

Tallahassee Community College offers an Associate in Arts degree (A.A.) ideal for students who plan to enroll in a public four year institution at the junior level to finish a bachelor’s degree program.  This degree provides prerequisite freshman and sophomore courses found at Florida’s state colleges and universities.  The A.A. degree requires 36 credit hours of general education and 24 hours of elective credits which students should choose based upon their planned major at the university or college of their choice.

The A.A. degree was designed in such a way as to help the student fulfill the common prerequisite courses for over 600 bachelor degrees in the Florida State University System (SUS) and the Florida College System (FCS).  Common prerequisite courses are standardized at all Florida state colleges and universities, and therefore transfer students’ credit hours cannot be denied.  In the case of certain specialized degree programs common prerequisite courses may be different than those offered in an A.A. degree.  Most of these are easily met and it is suggested you visit the website for specific information.

Please note that this A.A. degree guarantees admission into one of Florida’s state colleges or universities but not necessarily admission into a specific program.  It is highly recommended that you are in contact with TCC advisers who can help you understand the best way to be accepted into the degree program you wish to pursue at a state college or university.

The goal of an A.A. degree is to foster a life-long appreciate for learning across a broad spectrum of disciplines which include, but are not limited to, communications, quantitative and scientific reasoning, critical thinking, global and social persity, and information literacy.

The general education requirements are broken down into the following disciplines: communications (6 hrs.), humanities (6 hrs. broken into these subcategories of your choice: humanities of the world, humanities abroad, art history, literature, music, or philosophy and religion), mathematics (6 hrs.), sciences (6 hrs.), and history and social science (12 hrs.).

In addition, for completion of an A.A. degree, 24 hours of elective credits toward the degree you wish to purse at the college or university of your choice are required.  There are also three other requirements for an A.A. degree.  First, one selected course in U.S. Constitution instruction.  Second, two credits of sequential foreign language may be met in the following ways: two years credit at the high school level or two sequential semesters of college courses.  Without these admission into certain colleges or universities may be not be possible.  Finally, competency in the use of computers is satisfied by a high school or vocational course, approved college course, TCC course that includes computer related skills, or by taking a proficiency examination.


  • High school transcript or GED
  • College transcripts, if applicable

School Accreditation Statement

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges