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General Studies, AS

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Salt Lake Community College is offering a General Studies Associate of Science degree which is for students interested in a basic composite undergraduate course as well as those unsure about which course of study they intend to pursue and wish to explore their interests.  Students with a more defined course goal may choose classes that best suit the goal while students with a more undefined course goal can choose classes from a wide variety of subjects. The program is designed for students interested in pursuing a four-year degree, especially in natural science, mathematics, or engineering.  The degree is also ideal for those students wishing to pursue a career in medicine, pharmacy, or dentistry.

The basic core requirements offer courses in areas such as English, humanities, social and natural science, physical education and mathematics at freshman and sophomore levels.  These courses introduce the student to focuses of study in order to develop a broad outlook and a balanced education.  Although the emphasis is different from specialized job training, this form of education is important and complementary to a broad range of potential careers.  

The Associate of Science program requires 61 credit hours to complete and includes a wide variety of general core classes.  This allows the student to be exempt from general education classes in their transfer university (even if they do not completely match); however, some universities may still have requirements that the student my meet.  Students therefore must be aware of the requirements of their intended transfer school so they can choose the best classes accordingly.  It is recommended that students discuss their goals with an academic advisor.  Finally, certain classes may require prerequisite courses in which case a student may need to take classes prior to starting the degree, though if a student demonstrates proficiency in an area, he/she may be exempt from that prerequisite.


Certain classes may have prerequisite courses or skills.

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