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Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences

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The Associate's degree in Liberal Arts at Mercer County Community College offers a general foundation for all students who wish to further their education at a four-year university and obtain their Bachelor's degree. Students are able to transfer into programs of study such as history, English, humanities, psychology, political science, philosophy and education, with ease. Mercer County Community College has partnerships with a variety of four-year institutions in the state of New Jersey, some of which include, The College of New Jersey and Rutgers University. These universities offer acceptance into their programs after students obtain their Associate's at the community college level. Acceptance into each university is based on completion of an Associate's as well as a minimum grade point average (each university may have differing GPA requirements).

The Associate's program specifically focuses on vocabulary and key concepts of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Emphasis is also put on how to expertly articulate complex thoughts and ideas verbally and in writing, as well as how to utilize research materials and complete research projects. Students may have the opportunity to complete coursework in their desired field of study. Mercery County Community College offers up to 12 credit hours in any particular discipline to supplement liberal arts classes for the Associate's degree. For example, students who wish to study psychology at a four year university, may take 12 credit hours of psychology courses with Associate's degree requirements to be transferred to their institution of choice and used to complete baccalaureate requirements.

All students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss transferability of courses. Some courses may be transferrable to universities that aren't elsewhere. Because of this, it is important to discuss and plan all coursework taken with an advisor from Mercer County Community College to guarantee a seamless transition into any four year university.

Program courses offered include, English Composition, Historical Perspective, Foreign Language Elective, Social Science, Public Speaking, Concepts of Health and Fitness, Mathematics Elective, Diversity and Global Perspective, and Computer Concepts with Applications. All Elective courses offer different courses that students may choose from. In total, students will complete 62-65 credit hours of course work in order to obtain their Associate's degree.

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Middle States Commission on Higher Education