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Advanced Certificate in Bilingual Education

Program Details

Long Island University offers the online Advanced Certificate in Bilingual Education. This certificate is for individuals with prior teaching certification and proficiency in a language besides English. It certifies students to teach in their original certification area in bilingual classrooms. Students completing the program are eligible for the extension once they have passed the New York State Teacher Certification Exam, the Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA) in the target language of instruction.

This program trains future educators to be sensitive to the cultural, sociological, linguistic, and psychological diversities that ELL students bring with them to school. The mission of the Bilingual program is to provide the skills, attitudes and understandings necessary to teach non-native speakers of English in order for them to achieve their greatest potential through education for life. Furthermore, this Bilingual program introduces future educators to the different laws and programs that influence the bilingual classroom.


  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  • Initial NYS teaching certification

Accreditation & Licensing