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Program Details

Georgia Perimeter College offers an Associate of Arts degree in Political Science for students interested in utilizing their college career in the study of politics. Students will learn about the system of government and politics in place within the United States. Through the program, students will take part in a general education program in which they will aim to develop their understanding of liberal arts and the humanities.

Students may develop their understanding of politics, U.S., and world history through the program. The curriculum consists of 62 to 66 credit hours of classes that include American Government and Politics, History of the United States Before 1877, and History of the United States After 1877.

Students who successfully complete this program should have proven their skill in political science including understanding of the foundations of American government based on the constitution and established legal, institutional, and political structures that are built around the constitution, and the history of the development of the United States through examination of the country’s history and the history of the government. Graduates should comprehend the importance of leadership within the country and understand the impact of leadership on contemporary governance.

Furthermore, students will also be expected to understand the current events in foreign relations and national issues of the past and present which have resulted in public policy or changes in the U.S. government, and understand the key theories, parties, and events that have shaped political policy.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges