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Program Details

Georgia Perimeter College offers an Associate of Science degree in Education as part of a program with a variety of specializations which include Middle Grades Education, Special Education, and Health and Physical Education. These programs are designed for students who are interested in careers relating to education and teaching and wish to develop their understanding of the field with specialized classes. Students should learn topics which are introductory to the concepts involved in educational development and will prepare for experiences in working with learners of all ages and in different educational responsibilities.

Students will study basic educational concepts and prepare for their educational responsibilities by aiming to learn specialized topics in which they are professionally interested. The curriculum consists of 62 to 66 credit hours of classes that include specialized topics of study in education depending on the student’s chosen interests as part of their educational experience.

Those who successfully complete this degree should have proven their ability to maintain professional demeanor in education, ethical behavior, and accountability, as well as the ability to initiate and maintain professional reflection, continued learning and professional development, and to be able to practice reflection as part of their experience and provide learning experiences that prepare their learners with knowledge and experience to utilize critical thinking.

Students should also demonstrate subject matter competency, demonstrate knowledge of effective verbal, non-verbal, and media skills, support intellectual, social, physical, and personal development of their learners, establish instructional opportunities that develop diverse learning, and design and create instructional experiences based on development of content and curriculum, student learning environments, and assessments.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges