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MBA / Health Care Management

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Experienced and Educated individuals are needed in all levels of management in Health care. A person with a Master’s level education specializing in the health care industry is uniquely suited to be an administrator of a hospital, a director of health care or a hospital financial manager, positions that require a precise understanding of health care and hospitals and the processes and needs of running these organizations as businesses. Health care management requires a specialized education that matches the ability of the manager to the specialized needs of a hospital, medical center, or a health care related business.

Columbia Southern University offers the Master in Business Administration with a specialization in Health Care Management degree for those seeking growth as professionals as leaders and managers in the field of health care. Columbia Southern University’s curriculum is available entirely online. Online classes benefit students who are either unable or unwilling to give up their careers or personal lives in pursuit of education, because at this point, students are professionals who may not be able to meet the needs of a normal class schedule. By taking classes out of the home or other location, instead of a traditional classroom environment, students can choose their own schedules for completing classes, allowing students to have versatility in completing their learning. 

The curriculum involved in this course is for students who are now experienced professionals, focusing on management and health care management; including human resources management, advanced marketing techniques, organizational research & theory, international business, management information systems, business ethics, research methodology among other classes required for the program and specialized courses in health care financial management, health care legal foundations, human resources & policy, and advanced health care management. The MBA is a prestigious degree and represents the intelligence, diligence, and dedication of the holder.


The minimum requirement for graduate acceptance is a conferred bachelors degree.

Accreditation & Licensing

Distance Education Accrediting Commission