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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies / Literature & Creative Writing

Program Details

Discover the power of your words, and turn your love of literature and writing into a valuable profession. With a Liberal Studies degree with a concentration in Literature and Creative Writing, you will learn to critically analyze works of literature from an academic perspective. You will also develop a comprehensive view of English-language literature through social, historical, cultural, and theoretical lenses while practicing your ability to communicate your ideas in the written form. 

Students also get the opportunity to participate in an annual Antioch Writers’ Workshop week-long seminar at the Yellow Springs campus in which you can receive credit for. This praised event brings together award-winning writers, publishers, literary agents, and other writing professionals, in which you can network with and learn from.

At only $350 per credit, you can quickly achieve your career goals while keeping your financial future intact. Students need 24 undergraduate credits in order to enroll.  

Literature coursework will explore:
• Classic American and English literature
• Contemporary writings and work by historically marginalized authors
• Human language development and the process of language acquisition
• Theories of critical analysis
With creative writing coursework, you will:
• Practice writing in multiple genres to discover your interests and strengths.
• Explore new and emerging formats such as social media, blogging, and the web.
• Learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry, from how to find an agent to crafting your writing to a specific audience.


This is a bachelor completion program.  Students must have 24 undergraduate credits to enroll or an associates degree. A total of 120 credits is required, including transfer credits.

Accreditation & Licensing

The Higher Learning Commission